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Favorite Comic Publisher

My favorite Publisher will most likely shift as time goes on but currently its:

Top Cow Universe
Top Cow Universe

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  • Top Cow has just managed to sneak the win over valiant because recently its been churning out some epic stuff. Although technically still a side venture of Image I choose to treat them as separate. Top Cow currently has some of the best art in comics at the moment (if you haven't read anything with Stjepan Sejic's interiors then you haven't lived) since the reboot and the re-release of Aphrodite IX as an on-going Top Cow have consistently stepped up to the mark and brought quality characters and stories every month. It may not have many on-goings but the ones it does are top notch.

  • When Valiant rebooted I picked up one of their series on a whim (Harbinger issue 1) after that I was hooked i've since tried every series they have brought out thus far and the only one i'm not following rigorously is Shadowman everyone of the other i'm either buying the ongoing for or waiting for TBP's to come out.

    Everyone needs one on-going on their list from Valiant. The quality of their work is far far better than anything currently on-going in Marvel or DC.

  • Image has a quality that a lot of comic companies seem to lack and that quality is they understand what a contained universe is and how to use it a quality lacking in a lot of publishers. Up until recently Image only really had Spawn and The Walking Dead to its name now it has so many great ones like Luther Strode, Saga, Ten Grand etc....

    If you're not buying Lazarus from Image then do it right now. It is in my humble opinion the best on-going out of all the publishers at the moment (thats right not just Image but all of them!)

  • One word.....Fathom. I loved that series and have only recently picked it up again. The Executive Assassin series that it is currently pumping out is also great too.

  • Since Superior Spider-man and the cancellation of Scarlet Spider and Venom Marvel has dropped a lot in my eyes. Fraction's Hawkeye is still good and Thor: God Of Thunder and Indestructible Hulk are still stella titles but aside from them there isn't really anything going for Marvel.

  • When the New 52 started up I jumped on and instantly fell in love with I, Vampire unfortunately that got cancelled. Since then I have gone through nearly every single DC title and nothing has grabbed me. The only title I like from them at moment is Constantine and i'm getting the TBP's for that.