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Favorite British Hero's

Thought i'd make a list dedicated to the British people in comics as they are sometimes overlooked and positively awesome!

List items

  • This scouse Magician from Hellblazer is probably the most badass British character out there. I mean how many people have tricked the Devil and Gabriel then flipped them off!? The answer is this guy!

  • Former SAS and a downright scary guy in close combat. He's killed people with paper clips and chopsticks as well as taken on the Witchblade completely unarmed.

  • The leader of "The Boys" and a complete beast. Look at him the wrong way and he'll most likely put a pickax through your head or chop it off with a shovel. Suffice to say this is one English bloke you don't want to mess with.

  • Although I was never a real fan of many Spider-man inspired characters I really liked Jessica Drew's character she's probably one of the most interesting female characters Marvel has at the moment.

  • Although she's swapped bodies I don't know how many times Psylocke was originally of British origin (not to mention the sister of Captain Britain). Wasn't really a character that interested me at all (mainly because of all the dying and body switching) but since I started reading X-Force she's grown on me.

  • Although he speaks with a French accent (to annoy people apparently) Fantomex is technically British. this guy has the ability to change how you perceive reality don't get on his bad side or you might end up seeing something you don't want to.

  • The immortal British Vampire from the "I, Vampire" series. Drinks blood, snaps necks,magic and turns into a werewolf!? This guy don't sparkle!

  • The British assassin V from the graphic novel "V for Vendetta". He throws knives and kills people what other reason do I need?

  • What do you get if you cross a Scotsman with a reality warper? Well the answer is Proteus. This is the guy who beat Phoenix in telepathic battle! Yeah he's that good.

  • How many of you guys honestly didn't expect this guy to appear on this list?

  • Brother of Betsy Braddock (Psylocke) although not really a favorite I couldn't think of another character that really grabbed me to it seemed logical to put him here!