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Best Looking Super-Soldier Armor

Some of the best looking armor in comics and beyond! (i'll update as I remember more).

List items

  • Gabriel's Paladin armor looks awesome. While not the best in terms of stats its sleek black design is something to be envied.

  • Kharn's demonic power armor is a very imposing sight as well as a force to be reckoned with.

  • The guy may be a mass murdering psychopath but he knows what looks awesome!

  • While not the most durable or indeed the most powerful the Killer's armor is very versatile and has a very assassin-like quality to it.

  • Master Chief's Mjolnir armor is one of the most well known armor in Sci-Fi and with good reason.

  • Like him or not Deadshot has style.

  • New-52 Deathstroke's Nyth Armor is not a sight you want heading your way.