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Best Hand to Hand fighters in comics (imo)

Both hero'sand villains included!

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  • Taskmaster is the best hand to hand fighter in the comic-verse. Anything he see's he can replicate perfectly. He has the combined skillset of Iron Fist, Wolverine, Captain America, Daredevil, Elektra, Spider-man and many more. Unfortunately he is a notorious jobber and is often low-balled by writers but without plot to hold him back Taskmaster is the pinnacle of what a hand to hand fighter can achieve.

  • Mantis definitely takes second place due to her knowledge of not just human martial arts but also Alien ones too.

  • Being 3 thousand years old of course adds to your fighting ability however Backlash was able to beat people who are vastly older than him in hand to hand and is credited as being the best hand to hand fighter in Wildstorm and with characters like Midnighter and Zealot running around thats a big achievement.

  • Wolverine fighting skill unfortunately suffers from him having a healing factors as most writers tend to forget he is actually a very accomplished hand to hand fighter and tend to just treat him as a tank.

  • By far one of the best fighters in DC if not the best.

  • Batman is definitely the top hand to hand fighter by human standards. He's taken it upon himself to learn nearly every type of fighting style under the sun.

  • Danny Rand is definitely one of the best fighters in Marvel and deserves this spot.

  • Cap is the peak of human perfection and has fighting ability to match it.

  • If New 52 had not happened I would have put DS above Batman however it did and for the moment we have not seen the same deadly hand to hand ability that DS is famous for although he is still very lethal.

  • Deadpool is often underrated and like Wolverine his skill is ignored in favor of his healing factor however Deadpool is most likely the 5th or 6th best fighter in Marvel so putting him on here seems fair.