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Eww. 3

Ok to start off this review I'm going to go ahead and give my rating. I'm giving this comic a 1.5 out of 5. There is just alot that is wrong with this.  Pros While there was not very many good things about this comic, the fact that they attempted a crossover with these 2 groups is nice. The execution? Not so much. For the most part, the way the characters where shown in this comic was true to the characters of the shows. The action in it was enough to at least make me finish the comic. I also li...

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There we go! 3

I know I am writing this a little late, but you guys will just have to deal with it.  I enjoyed the issue quite a bit. Tomasi really showed how being a Batman villian can make you intelligent and cunning. Tomasi does a great job with Mr. Freeze by showing the ruthless side of him. Another positive about this is the fact that it shows Black Lightning's tie to the JLA. I appreciate the fact that Tomasi keeps that in mind while writing. Also Tomasi does a great job of showing Jeff's powers. He prov...

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