Quick Reviews: 4/4/12

I had both my bottom wisdom teeth cut out this morning so I ain't feeling to well. Hopefully, what I write makes sense and hopefully my mood does't affect how I feel about this weeks releases.

Wolverine and the X-Men #8: 4/5 Stars Bacholo comes back to do the art and we get to see the true nature of the Beast!

Action Comics #8: 3.5/5 Stars A great conclusion to an arc that was up and down. However, there are a few pages toward the end where the art is AWFUL!

Red Lanterns #8: 2/5 Stars Meh. Still seems like a pointless series.

The Amazing Spider-Man #683: 5/5 Stars COMIC BOOK OF THE WEEK! The new Spidey suit rocks, the Avengers rock, the action rocks, the two page spread rocks, and Spider knocks out Al Gore! Great issue! Loving this story line.

Detective Comics #8: 2.5/5 Stars Sigh. Will this series ever get better? I like the art, but the comic just isn't very good.

Batwing #8: 4/5 Stars Great ending to this arc with great artwork by Nguyen. Hope he continues to draw the series more! Also love the revelation of Massacre and hope to see more of him!

Green Arrow #8: 1/5 Stars WTF was this issue about? What is this crap? When the comic got a new creative team it was supposed to get better. Well, it got worse.

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