Top 10 Super Powers I'd want

A list Of who's powers I'd Love to have and I'd really want.

List items

  • Just Super Speed in general but why not the combined Speed Powers of My favorite Speedster?

  • Healing Factor, Enhanced Senses, Adamantium Bones and Claws. Doesn't get much more epic then that.

  • Making Constructs and Flying In general. Course Hal's my favorite character that can do that so...

  • Turning into Animals and most creatures. just hope I don't end up like Bambi...

  • The ability to absorb Material. More like Kevin Eleven but absorbing man will do.

  • Kinetic Charging like a Boss

  • Size Manipulation and Insect Control... Got to tell these guys I don't like them in the house

  • Master Of Magnetism. Remote TO ME

  • Just Possession. I Still kind of want to live...