Top 10 Comic Book Family Feuds

Title says it all. Top 10 Battles between siblings, parents and child , family by bond.

List items

  • 1 . Hands down go too not just The two most famous Skywalkers but the two most famous Father and Son Duo maybe in pop culture. Even down the line the Skywalker family is just one big feud in the extended Universe.

  • 2. The most famous Brothers in Comics. Maybe its because of animation or probably those not that good Thor Movies :p even so I can't deny seeing these two together is just a good watch.

  • 3. Magneto and his kids. What Can I say. Their just a really weird and unstable family that seem too just want too be better then what they are. Magneto is always considered a terrorist. Quicksilver has a daughter in a failed marriage and Wanda lost both kids and caused the death of some of her friends. Through it all they still try and every now and then come too blows. (Still think its stupid how Mags is no longer their Daddy)

  • 4. The Sons Of The Bat. The Robins. The Brothers. These Bros are either the best of friends or always at each others necks. The combinations are endless of the bad blood (Pre 52) Between these guys. Dick/ Jason, Jason/tim, Tim/Damian. They seem to be getting better in the new 52 but they were a mess before. I guess all being adopted by the Batman is bound to have some "Who's his Favorite" moments.

  • 5.Yeah. Zeus is a Dick. Pretty much why Kratos had to give him them hands. Seriously these two are just horrible too one another.

  • 6.Let it be The reboot or not these Brothers do love one another but have no problem with ending the others life for their goals. These two also always have a epic Brother fight. Sucks being twins with your exact opposite.

  • 7. Sword Brothers. Always end up on different teams and always come too some seriously badass fights. Storm took Snake into his family and along with his family they learned the ways of the Arashikage.

  • 8. Not because of Origins. Its always been hinted at through their shared history they may be related. Victor played with logan and made him think he may be his Daddy. More and more they may be brothers or somehow related. Even if they aren't they don't have to be related too be Bad Blood Brothers. The feud between these two literally spans for generations and I love it.

  • 9.As much as I hate too say it Arthur and his Brother are literally just like Thor and Loki but to be fair Ocean Master seems to really have Atlantis best interest the same as his brother. Can't wait too see these two in the Aquaman Movie.

  • 10.The Two eldest of the Turtle Brothers who always have the need too challenge one another. Let it be for Leadership or who's the better fighter, or maybe just for Splinters Love. These two always go at it but unlike pretty much anyone else on the list they will never cross the line and kill one another.