StormShadow_X's Top 10 Favorite Villains

My Favorite Fictional Villains of All time.

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  • The very definition of a Villain you want to win. No Spoilers but his entire Journey to cleanse the world of Evil is one of the best stories I've had the honor to read. I'm glad too say it doesn't get continued. They would find a way to Mess it up.

  • My Favorite DC Villain who fits my favorite kind of Villain. The Villain who believes he is the hero. A Former mentor to one of the greatest Heroes in his universe and now the leader of one of the most dangerous forces in DC.

  • The Villain of The Ninja Turtles who is by far is one of the most Bad Ass adversaries in fictional History. His Hatred for the Turtles Master and his incredible fighting abilities give him 3rd spot. Not to Mention he's the leader of a Ninja Army. No Bigy

  • The Best Mercenary in Comics. The Arch Enemy of my favorite Hero Nightwig and one of the few people too out match Batman without the use of any abnormal powers and even beat a B list version of the Justice League.

  • By Far one of the best female Villains of all time. Her Obsession with the Joker and backstory is in my option a good way of showing even the normal everyday people can be corrupted.

  • The Twin Brother of Dante from the Devil May Cry Series who has tried to destroy the world and unlike his brother accept his Demon heritage too the fullest. He's on this list for being a slick Badass who at the end of the day is torn between his love for his Brother and His Lust for power.

  • He's the only villain on this list who is really just a minion who follows orders too a letter. My favorite Decepticon and one of the most powerful, Soundwave has shown you don't have to be emotional to be a good Villain.

  • Tommy Oliver/ Green Might Morphin Ranger is on this list simply for the Nostalgia. He May have later became a hero but I still remember as a kid seeing a Ranger but with a Twist a Evil Ranger who was a match even for the Might Red Ranger.

  • I personally prefer Ultron over his alleged DC Counterpart Braniac. In my book he may really be the Ultimate Villain for any Superhero Team. Made by Hank Pym to be more of a Good Guy to become the most signature Villain the Avengers have to Offer. Even more then Thanos

  • One Of The Most Iconic Arch Nemesis in Comics. Osborne is in a way a mix of Batman and The Joker. What's not to love? He also pulled one of the most iconic acts in comic book history when he killed or had a hand in the Death Of Gwen Stacy