StormShadow_X's Top 10 Favorite Heroes

My Top 10 favorite heroes of all time.

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  • My Number 1 favorite character of All time is Dick Grayson AKA. The First Robin AKA Nightwing AKA At one point the Freaking Batman. I just love his story from being adopted by someone of Batmans stature and continues on to become his own man. He's also possibly the best Leader DC has to offer pre - 52. I just love Grayson and can't wait to see what his future brings after the events in forever evil.

  • By far my favorite X-Men and Leader in comics. I'll admit lately Scott has been kind of a Tool but overall he's just a cool character. His rivalry with Wolverine and relation ship with Jean Grey or Emma Frost are just iconic. He's such a amazing leader he led the X-Men and Avengers at once into Battle.

  • Not exactly the best Ninja in comics and even amongst his Brothers isn't the most skilled, but I thank its safe to say without him the Turtles would be dead and gone. He's on the level on characters like Tony Stark and Reed Richards with it comes to pure brain power and isn't to shabby of a fighter. The best things about him other then his amazing machines are his hard not to love relationship with his younger brother Michelangelo. Did I mention in the Original Comic he killed the Shredder?

  • Snake-Eyes. The coolest Character in the GI Joe franchise. He's defiantly in the top 50 most skilled comic book characters and the fact that he never talks just gives him that cool factor that he already had. If the GI Joe franchise ever die out I think Marvel or DC Should buy this guy. He'd be a epic Avenger.

  • Prince Adam apart of the Royal Family of Eternia. Little does anyone know that he is actually He-Man the Mightiest Man in the Universe. I remember watching his series from the early 2000's and fell in love with the character. He's like Superman and Thor mixed together with a kick ass team of fellow Heroes and his trusty Companion Battle Cat a Half dragon/Tiger

  • I'll admit. I prefer classic Dante which is the one I am referring too. He just had swagger. He had a epic sense of style that was unmatched by any other gaming character. If only he lasted a little bit longer.

  • My favorite anime hero. Unlike other main stream anime characters he isn't a hyperactive food lover but is actual similar to western comic heroes who was found by fate to become a hero similar to characters like Peter Parker, Jaime Reyes, Hal Jordan, and Barry Allen

  • The only hero from a Live Action series that will be on this list. Similar to the characters above he is a overall Good Brother with a few issues and unfortunately has to deal with his family and their problems. Not to mention his best friend is a Angel.

  • My Favorite Autobot simply for being a even more badass version of Bumblebee. In his one shot he literally has the decepticons running from him just from his description. The only reason he's not a mainstream character is because he's just that awesome.

  • Most likely my favorite C list hero. I feel like he deserves to be given more attention in the DC Universe. Hopefully he will appear in future movies or the Constantine Series.