StormShadow_X's Top 10 ComicBook Animated Series

My top 10 Comicbook Animated Series. Yeah I know a lot of X-men.

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  • The Best Animated Superhero Show I have ever seen. The Animation, Voice Acting, Plot , and action are what we comic book fans love too see rolled into one. Sure it went downhill a little going into its last seasons but it still takes my spot for being the best Animated Cartoon from any Superhero ever made.

  • The best DC series to date in my mind and the series that got people into comics. Not to mention this series attempted to help aquaman from his time in Super Friends and made him a complete Badass. I remember every morning waiting to see Would Bruce and Diana ever be a couple or which favorite character would we see go next? This SHow was soap opera level at times. This Also Includes the original Justice League Series.

  • I know. The Original Batman Series at number 3? Well I still loved the series and it's movies were some of the best movies DC has ever had. It also gets points for jump starting Dc's superior animated series for years too come.

  • A series based on the younger years of the X-men and the Brother Hood. It was a take on the X-men that I liked a lot and felt like in a way a prequel to the 90's series even if they had no connection.

  • The latest X-men series that showcased Wolverine leading a broken team of X-men. If it had a Season 2 it would be a little higher.

  • It was either this or Teen Titans. Teen Titans may have lasted longer but this series had incredible Aniamted and some of the best story telling in a animated series since the Batman the Animated Series and X-men the Animated series

  • Avengers has never had any luck on television until this show which pulled of the vibe of the Avengers perfectly. It unfortunately go canceled to introduce a new series which is horrible much like what happened to Spectacular Spider-Man.

  • The best Spider-Man Series that unlike other series introduced Gwen Stacy as his Original Love interest. The Voice Acting was perfect and felt like the perfect Spider-man series.

  • In my opinion The best Ninja Turtles Series made. It kept to there original Roots while having a bit of comedy here and there.

  • My Favorite Transformers Series. Action Packed with a good story