StormShadow_X's Top 10 Characters with Anger Issues

Top 10 Characters with Anger Issues

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  • The Poster boy for Anger Issues if of course Number 1.

  • Killed His Wife and Daughter. Then had to kill the rest of his family full of pricks? Yeah. I'd be angry.

  • Pretty Much Leads the Corps of Anger.

  • Every one has those days and unfortunately Everyday for this long living mutant in one of them.

  • Being a T Rex I guess him having anger issues shouldn't be much of a surprise.

  • I guess you eventually get anger issues when you die and get brought back to life again and again...and again.

  • Pre-52 Jason Surely has some anger issues. Getting beaten half to death with a crowbar and blown up will do that to ya.

  • The Ninja Turtle's resident Hot Head.

  • Rorshach gets points for only being mad when you do something like you know...Feed a kid to dogs. Not much

  • Don't Call this little Guy a Raccoon or else.