Ranking The TMNT Films(Live Action)

Ranking The TMNT films. only Live action... So no Turtle forever. Which was awesome

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  • The one that started it all. Has the action,comedy,Emotion, and made it pure fun. A Insta Classic. Watched it over and realized why I didn't like the newest film after the first watch. Most definitely in my top 10 favorite comic book movies of all time.

  • A Classic. A Awesome follow up too the first. Only lower because it didn't have a scene that had me emotionally invested. ... Huh just like The Avengers :p

  • Epic Action. Okay story (Something I'd expect from a comic). Biggest problem was how heavily it focused on Raph and Leo and shafted Mikey and Donnie. Also it being CGI isn't a bad thing.. if its just the turtles.

  • Liked it more when I first saw it but its a 5-7/10 at best. Hate the turtles designs. The action is ok but they aren't the cool Ninja action I've loved from the turtles. Shredder looks too robotic. Back to desgins the turtles can't be Ninjas we're there soo big. Gave Raph too much spotlight and didn't split the turtles on all equal levels.

  • No. Just No. The Batman and Robin of the TMNT films.... Just no