Heroes who need Series more then a Movie

10 Heroes you would do better on the small screen (HBO, Netflix,etc). This List has no order and is forever growing. Note that some I'd want to have series are already getting them such as Iron Fist Nightwing and Daredevil

List items

  • Screw Josh Brolin and that Jonah Hex Movie :(. Give Hex a Show on HBO. Nuff Said.

  • What can I say? love the Question.

  • Arrow... is just not that good. Season 1 was decent. Season 2 was awesome but Season 3... has sucked save for the crossover's with Flash. If it was me i'd have Arrow never made and instead a Show actually called green arrow. This Green Arrow wouldn't be a Batman Clone and his costume would be similar too his new 52 costume and personality to that of the DCAU with JLU and his animated short. This would connect too the DCCU and be like its Daredevil. Its tone would be different from its main universe but still dives into the Serious Conflicts that the DCCU will push.

  • Netflix or HBO this show would be awesome. I'd either call it Jason Todd or Red hood with the first season centering around his revival and adventures around the world which leads up to him becoming the Red Hood. Then a Batman solo film centering around Bruce and Jason only for that movie to lead into Season 2 for Jasons dealing his own kind of Law in a City.

  • Wasn't always a big fan of his but liked some of his movies and his character. Not to mention his Series from Rucka. What a read. Marvel should make this connected with the MCU. Netflix it and have a badass crossover with DareDevil!

  • Blade. Loved his first two movies. He is the perfect kind of character too fit into a HBO Series. Chopping off heads and nudity? could be as good as the Original Spawn Animated Series.