Favorite Marvel heroes.

My Favorite Marvel heroes. DUH

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  • Kiss My Arse X-men Movies. Cyclops is the real X-Men. Suck it Wolverine. Scott always proves himself to be a interesting character let it be with Frost or just Fighting the AVengers for the Mutants. I love Scott and hope someday he can be used to his best on the Big Screen

  • A Character that got me more interested in Marvel. Coolest Backstory and Stories that rival that of The Caped Crusader himself. His Connection with Elektra and Bullseye will always be unforgettable.

  • The First Avenger himself. Arguably the Best Leader in Comics with one of coolest Weapons and has one of the Best Comic Movies ever to grace my eyes.

  • A very Complex character who has been punked out of the Ant Man movie that should be His! Screw you Lang!

  • Daniel Rand has of late become one of my favorite Characters. His Powers, Character are just to awesome to ignore. This guy can be my Bro anytime

  • Love me some Archers. That Coupled with his Awesome Personality makes him a favorite

  • Coolest Woman of the X-Men. Marvel really pushed her down our Throats quite a few times. it Was worth it.

  • Ok. Sure He's Ultimate only but he's the best thing from the Ultimate Universe. If it's true that Marvel is rebooting there comics they should bring Miles Back.

  • The Bosses known as Rocket and Groot. Never was into Guardians of he Galaxy that much but from what I've read and seeing how I loved the Movie. Rocket and Groot are just a Pair to awesome to put separately

  • Why is Logans Daughter/Clone not in a movie yet? Seriously >:(.