10 Characters I'd want to adopt me.

These are 10 Characters I'd want to adopt me into their lives. If I had powers.

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  • The ideal Superhero team that anyone would want to be adopted into. I'd have a father figure in Reed a Mother figure in Sue, a cool Uncle in Ben and a older bro in Johnny.

  • If I was ever brought into the Gl corps I'd like to think that Hal would be the ideal father figure. Fun yet strict at times. Hell I could just have powers not even of a Green Lantern and I'd still prefer this cocky test pilot as my would be Dad.

  • I don't have to be a mutant turtle to want to be apart of this family. Being trained in the ways of Ninjitsu. Love for pizza, pretty much the perfect family of Brothers along with their father a wise master.

  • If I was born into a world of Mutants as a Mutant what better team/family would I want to be apart of? Only Problem is my chance of surviving are not always the best.

  • Who wouldn't want to be a Robin? Even if you knew one or more died I'd think it would be a good experience. Being the most iconic sidekick wouldn't hurt Best part is I don't even need powers just be a peak human. No bigie right? Oh and I am kind of rich.

  • Goku's Family Seems like a fun bunch of people. With or without powers they'd be a hell of a family. Not to mention Chi CHi's cooking :3

  • The Far by Best Teacher of the ways of the force and Jedi in the Star Wars Universe. The only down side about being adopted him is his way of speech which I myself am already accustomed to.

  • Like Bruce I get to be rich and highly skilled if he trains me. Difference? I get a fun rich dad. Course I still have to worry about the whole dying thing.

  • Ezio may not be my favorite assassin but he has proven to some how be able to balance a family and being a hero better then most comicbook characters without forcing them to mix

  • She may not be able to take me to theymiscira but I can say for a fact that she would be the best mother in the world. Other then the one I already have :3