Good-bye Buck Rogers: your series will be missed (by me, anyway)

Back in December I wrote about under-appreciated titles. Apparently the five or six people who read that did not spread the word (shame on you!) and one of the books I mentioned has gotten the ax: Dynamite has cancelled Buck Rogers as of issue number 12. I can't say I'm surprised, but I am disappointed. Scott Beatty did an excellent job on writing duties and the art was very solid. Sadly, I just don't think the name "Buck Rogers" does anything for younger readers. I actually wouldn't have given it a chance myself if I hadn't been in a shop one day and seen the 50-cent 0 issue preview book. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Just remember that only you can save your favorite overlooked books. Buy them (don't download those scans off the bit torrent sites; that's illegal and aliens will eat your face) and spread the word to get people to do the same (buy them, not---you know what I'm saying).
And that's all I've got to say about that. Good day-----I said good day!


Recommended, underappreciated titles (my X-Mas gift to you ;) )

Merry Christmas to all, if you are so inclined. My yule log is magnificent in it's splendor and I just felt in the giving mood this morning. So my gift to you is a list of under appreciated, under-read title that I enjoy and you might, too. (Thank me later; it's better than getting socks!)
1. BUCK ROGERS: No, really. I really hate it when people do those "if you like (x) then you'll like (y)" comparisons, but it won't stop me from doing something like that here, anyway. If you are a fan of Hal Jordon/ Green Lantern then you owe it to yourself to check out Dynamite's new take on the original. Hal Jordan is Buck Rogers with a ring; the test pilot with nerves of steel and a cavalier attitude who is always up to the challenge. And writer Scott Beatty has been up to the challenge of making Buck new and relevant for a whole new generation. Forget Gil Gerrard in the white jumpsuit and everything else you thought you knew about Buck Rogers and pick up this title. 
2. GREEK STREET: Sex, violence, intrigue, and all of the other stuff you'd expect from a Vertigo title, all taken from stories thousands of years old and set in modern England. Peter Milligan has made this one work, but with all of the other great stuff out there right now I feel like it's gotten lost in the shuffle.
3. SUPERGOD: This Avatar Press book written by Warren Ellis explores what the arms race between nations would look like if, instead of rockets and nukes, the nations all had to have their own super-powered agent. Of course, these  "supergods" don't follow the script their government masters have laid out for them and this book explores the results. Awesome story, great art, well worth checking out.
4. TINY TITANS: I figure I'll end my list on an up note after those last two heavy titles. This book is funny, fun, well drawn, and well written. If you want some light-hearted reading, then you could do a lot worse than Tiny Titans.

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Batman and Robin and my Saturday of frustration

I didn't think much of it when I saw the solicitation for the new Batman and Robin series. I like the cover image. I've always enjoyed Frank Quitely's work and the image is a nice/odd mix of new with a retro feel reminding me of the 60s TV series (note that classic Burt Ward stance by Robin). Morrison's hit-or-miss for me and I wasn't sure if this was just a gimmick title or the real deal. The high praise by some people I know with opinions I trust made me re-think my decision to pass on this book and set out on Saturday to try to actually find  a copy. That's when the frustration began.

My main shop is usually well-stocked on anything new and potentially popular, so I figured I'd grab a copy on my way through town and get on with my day. I went in and found a blank spot where the book should have been. Apparently they sold out on Thursday. Well, they weren't QUITE sold out. They DID have one copy with the JG Jones variant cover selling for $25. Other than the fact that the variant cover pales in comparison to the standard, there's no way I was paying an extra $22 just to read this book! So I ventured across town to the other local shop.

The owner of the second shop in question's been in business for over twenty years, he knows his stuff. There's no way he under ordered this book. Well, I went in there and again, blank spot where the book should be! Not so much as an over-priced variant left in the store! Then, real kicker: the guy behind the counter tells me the dude who was walking out as I was walking in had just bought the last copy! I didn't think that actually ever happened in real life, but I was obviously wrong! Two strikes, but I still have one option left.

My weekend plans were taking me to a town with a pretty decent, if a little small, shop that's just out of the way enough that it should have a copy left. So, another forty miles down the road, and I get to my last hope for the weekend of finding this book. I walked up to the shop and there was a sign stating that the place was CLOSED Saturday June 6th due to last-minute business and would re-open on Tuesday as usual (like a lot of independently run shops these days, the place is closed on Sunday and Monday). Three strikes and I'm out!

Long and short, I didn't get the book, I haven't had this hard of a time finding anything in so long I can't remember how long it's been, and the only way I got a chance to read the thing was through the kindness of my brother who let me read his copy on Sunday (after hassling me about not putting it on my pull list to begin with). Needless to say, it's been added to my list, I have learned my lesson, and I will be able to (hopefully) avoid a repeat of this ridiculous scenario in the future.

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