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My Favorite X-Men of All Time

Mutation: it is the key to human evolution. This list features the best X-Men who represent it

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  • Was there ever any doubt bub? The Canadian Badass is truly a crowd pleaser. The ultimate Hero or Anti-Hero and fan favorite X-Man.

  • Also one of my favorite female superheroes, Storm's reputation in the X-Men is a tremendous as the storm she creates.

  • One of the X-Men's greatest enemies and (often at times) allies,the Master of Magnetism is a powerful mutant and cunning adversary to those who oppose him.

  • The founder of the X-Men has often made the toughest decisions and sacrifices when it comes to human and mutant coexistance. However, he remains a powerful example of what being an X-Men is all about.

  • Watching this teenage hero grow to become of the most renound memebers of the team is quite*ahem*...astonishing.

  • A true man of faith with quite of demonic appearance. Kurt will always hold a special place in my heart. Keep BAMF-ing away young Nightcrawler

  • She may be one of the X-Men's constant big bads, but she does turn out to be a good guy...sometimes. The whole point is her complicated family history, her relationships with her allies and enemies, and her ability to shapeshift and kick-ass makes one of the best modern femme fatales in comics. Who wouldn't love that?

  • An powerhouse that, whether it be X-Man or X-Villain, is really be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

  • He's the time-travelling son of Cyclops that constantly works his ass off to not just save the future of mutantkind, but everything else in general. Nuff' Said

  • Techically he is not really an X-Men(unless you count Genesis as one), but it would seem unwise not to include one of the very first mutant born and speech-master extrodinare (cause he sure likes to make a speech)