My Favorite Warriors

Forged in the heat of battle, they are a force to be reckoned with. These are my personal favorites

List items

  • He's (maybe) basically the archetype for most of the characters featured in this list

  • Though it pains me to say it. Before there was Xena, Sonja defined the way of the warrior woman.

  • A mighty princess forged in the heat of battle. She's proven to be a badass character over the years.

  • The Champion of Greek Mythology definitely should be on the list.

  • A an Amazon, the warrior's spirit courses though her veins and defines her character pretty well.

  • This Civil War vet got what it takes to be on this list.

  • This samurai endured many trails in a desolate future.

  • Before he was a killer of gods, a god amongst men, and a servant of the Pantheon, he was a warrior.

  • He's basically a ninja solider in a never-ending battle against terrorism. Plus he likes to look like a ninja warrior for some reason.

  • The title says it all.