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Favorite Manga/Anime

These are my favorites so far. I don't spend much time reading manga and watching a lot of anime but I will soon when I have the available time. Descriptions will also come as well.

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  • Anime and Manga. It should be no surprise. One of the most badass and action-packed series of all time!

  • Anime. Amazing series. Yeah there may be some anime that surpass it but in the end the adventures of these intergalactic bounty hunters are a real treat for anime fans.

  • Movie. The first time you see this movie it is a visual beauty. The moment you watch this film to the end, you are captivated by this story. Possibility of this being live action...not really.

  • Anime and Manga. The epic series about the upcoming pirate king and his crew of unique characters. Long story arcs, various characters, over the top fight scenes, and amazing sets of music. It makes you wish you never want it to end...well almost.

  • Anime and Manga. A dark fantasy which defines the the term hardcore s#!t. Guts is a (literal) beast! Griffith...still despise him. The Golden arc, well...Anyways Berserk is a great series hope to see the rest of the chapters in anime form.

  • Anime and Manga. Goku, Kenshin, Alucard, and various other strong manga characters have meet their match. The greatness that is Saitama is awesome and the rest are pretty good too. The anime is truly a spectacle as well.

  • Anime and Manga. It may not be accurate to the portrayal of ninja but who cares?! I love this series when I first watched it. Just seeing this young shinobi accomplish the impossible is an enjoyable read or watch or both

  • Original anime series. Grew up with this first series and will forever love it. Kind of hard to keep up with the sequels after this one (especially when it features the same plot. Then again this is anime).

  • Anime

  • Anime and (Sometimes) Manga

  • Anime

  • Anime and Manga

  • Movies

  • Anime