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Best Batman TAS Episodes

He is Vengeance. He is the Night. He is Batman, and he has got some great episodes. Here's a list of my top 10.


List items

  • To me, this is the best episode mainly because it shows how the war against crime can take a toll on people, even Batman.

  • Villains tell their tales about how they nearly caught the Bat. Hell, even Catwoman tried!

  • This episode was like the first time I've experienced a "WTF?!" Moment when watching a TV show.

  • The dark and tragic origins of Harley Quinn was truly great storytelling.

  • The origin story of the villainous Mr. Freeze in this episode that is both compelling and heartbreaking.

  • I'm counting both episodes. Like Mr. Freeze, this origin story about Harvey Dent's fall to the dark is nothing but amazing.

  • Batman on trail by his own enemies. So much craziness, so much fun. Note: Why would anyone have Joker as a judge?!

  • Note to self: If the Joker ask you for a favor, don't take it. This is a favorite of mine that provides a good lesson of not succumbing to road rage

  • Batman teams up with his childhood hero(voiced by Adam West might it I add!) to fight crime and save the day. What's not to love?

  • What's it like to be the man who killed the Batman? Well this episode provided it all.