Is it time for the Skywalker End? My Review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

"When you bring new things into a society, you can either set the balance to the force. You can either use for good or you can use it for evil and what happens when you bring something new, people have a tendency to overdue it." - George Lucas

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Okay, it is time I really express my real opinion about Star Wars: Last Jedi. The movie is a double-edged sword for me. Mark Hamill is amazing in his performance as Luke. Carrie Fisher shines in this movie and this represented a wonderful sense of closure for all the fans of Princess Leia. Rey was great, Daisy Ridley is amazing. I personally felt that the Finn and Rose scenes felt more like Star Wars while Poe and the Resistance parts were a bit impudent. The story is overall okay except for this one thing: the dishonor they brought to the Skywalker legacy.

The storyline featuring the Resistance felt very disjointed. I mean the disputes between Holdo and Poe just seemed out of place especially during chase. Why didn't she just tell Poe and several of the members that way the characters didn't have to pull a mutiny later on? It was those scenes that made me wonder it there is a SJW agenda that they were trying to express. The Canto Bight storyline should have been cut short. I think Finn's arc was repeating itself and felt that Rose should have been introduced differently. I had no problem with the character but felt like she should have been written in a way that didn't overuse the character. I actually liked how Phasma was done, at least she had some screen time.

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The storyline that they did for Kylo Ren was pulled straight out of the original idea for Return of the Jedi which then I thought didn't make sense. Here in this movie, I kinda liked that Kylo\Ben choose a different path because I didn't believe he could be redeemed especially after the whole Han Solo situation. I am just saddened by the fact that the Skywalker story line is going to end in tragedy once again. Also the whole Reylo thing going on during the movie.....okay. I was also hopping that Rey was the long lost daughter of Luke (and probably Mara Jade) and she would bring back redemption for the family. Instead the writers, directors, or Disney, whatever or whoever was behind this decided to pull twist and turns along the way.

I also want to give my personal analysis on the Force and how it was used in this movie. Leia using the Force though space was actually pretty cool. It was nice to see the Force use differently in a movie. The fact that the fans were not happy about this was just ridiculous. There were many individuals that were capable of using the Force to life objects, read minds, summon lightning, control animals, become spiritual beings and create projections. So is it really impossible for someone to use the Force to survive space? Sometimes I don't understand the logic of some fans.

Another problem with this movie is that the idea of a continuous arc really brings a lot of complications, especially after the passing of Carrie Fisher. I think making the trilogy one whole story sets a lot of restrictions and inconsistencies in the distant future. It makes even people who are not even Star Wars fans even more confused.

This hurts me a lot. I have always believed that the episodes of the Star Wars saga was in some way about the Skywalkers and the individuals that were along their journey. Plus Many fans knew that there would be 9 episodes chronicling the legacy that would be told. I was optimistic that the new trilogy would feature a new group of Jedi, Sith, Mandalorians all involved in a new conflict. That the heroes of the Original Trilogy would pass the torch the new generation. A Skywalker would be involved in the journey even if that character did not have the last name of Skywalker. Finally the story board group in Lucasfilm would use the Expanded Universe to influence the new era like how Marvel has done with their movies by using the comics to inspire their stories. Instead they give us this. What is worse is that now the fandom is becoming very toxic and there will be a lot of pressure for episode 9 to really give some closure and resolution.

My faith in this franchise has been shattered and I don't know if it can be restored. I am not sure if I want to watch Episode IX. I will support Star Wars: Rebels, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and any other animated projects from Dave Filoni and the people in the animated department cause at least they know how to push the franchise in the right direction. However for the movies, mainly the episodes....I am not sure.

Honestly, I thought BB-8 saved the movie. Definitely one of the best things to come out of the New Trilogy.


So that's my personal review of the movie. Hope it makes sense or doesn't. :Peace

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