Excelsior True Believer

Funny story: It was my first convention at MegaCon. I remember waiting in line just to see Stan Lee and at least taking a picture with him, but I couldn’t afford that. So I decided getting an autograph would be enough until I realized I did not have anything for him to sign! Luckily I saw this amazing drawing from artist Austin Janowsky, but I turned out to be a picture of Wolverine, a character Mr. Lee did not create (but I thought he did anyways). Eventually, I got to see him the legendary Stan the Man himself. He signed the drawing, I got to take a picture of him signing it, and he smiled and I went on my way. It was such a honor to see him in my mind and I only wish I got to take a picture with him.

A good man may be gone, but the legacy of his work lives on. Stan Lee, alongside Jack Kirby, and so many others influenced my life in so many ways. The characters, the concepts, and the stories made a huge difference for so many lives.

What makes Stan Lee remarkable is that he not only cared about characters he co-created, but he also embraced fandom who loved them as well. Such love and respect is truly amazing in itself. Thank you Stan Lee for making a Marvelous impact to not just the world of comic books, but to our very lives in general. Nuff Said.

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