Darkness Rises and the Fandom to Meet It

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I have been really starting to question myself as a fan of comic books, video games, and movies lately. I do not know if it is because I spent too much time on a comment section or hanging out with people of a fandom. Nowadays, I keep hearing people complain about how TV shows and movies are not appealing to what they want. At first, I thought it was just a normal thing that happens most of the time fandoms but now it is becoming a common ritual to be upset when people do not follow the source material. Worse, the toxic part of fandom has really grown in strength and nobody seems to do anything about it.

Well in some cases they're right and wrong. What I mean is that since then, the big head honchos at the TV corporations (I don't know what to call them, but they're the people in charge) realized that they want to keep up with the times and try to appeal to a more expansive audience including people who are not fans this material. By the time they featured new shows that made the old generation pissed off, they realized that they were doing a good job and decided to stick with it. Also, they wanted money cause seriously people this is what America is mainly about. I feel that these guys are starting to be lazy and really making poor decisions. It does not help equally that the fandom responds with hostility.

Examples include the Flash, Star Wars, and various others. Season 4 of the Flash is criticized for focusing more on female characters and overarching plots. Star Wars movies are criticized for being too nostalgic then pulling 180s on the content they just featured. The tug of war is getting out of hand and I am starting to become concerned at this.

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The fans have become too spoiled with the content they have are taking this way too seriously. It is reaching to the point where it reaches to the point of bloodlust. There is also a growing amount of racism and sexism showing up as well which is reaching to the point of causing various individuals, directors and actors for example, to exit social media. Whether it has something to do with the current politics or otherwise this part of fandom is becoming way to noticeable and not being called out for how it is making things difficult for people who want to be part of the fandom.

However, I do see the difficulty of trying to root out the good from the bad because if fandoms are called out for this behavior then it becomes a Social Justice Warrior madhouse. It is not like there should be PC police monitoring every fandom and condemning those with rude comments but there must be some people who encourage a more constructive approach to speaking out an opinion. Another benefit is if fans of their respective material would be more acceptable to change and not take things with a grain (more like a cup) of salt. Not everything is going to go the way you want it to go, plus as the old saying goes: life is not fair, deal with it. It is just hard to locate a majority in fandom that can bring a more positive influence especially within social media.

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Not every franchise is going to follow the original content word for word, it was meant have fun and have something completely new and different than the original story. Yes, they lack in some aspect and needs work but the geek in me still enjoy these shows and movies all the same, and I'll be looking forward to the future in how they develop.


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