Technique Teachers

List items

  • Angry Explosion

    Wall of Defense

    Consecutive Energy Blast

    Full Power Energy Blast Volley

    Super Back Jump

    Super Front Jump

    Turn Retreat

    High Tension Turn

    Instant Rise

    Meteor Crash

    Meteor Blow

    Meteor Strike


    Rolling Bullet

    Explosive Wave

    Break Strike

    Spirit Boost


    Brave Sword Attack

    Brave Sword Slash

    Z-Spirit Kamehameha

    Attacks 21

  • 3x Kaio-ken Kamehameha

    4x Kaio-ken Kamehameha

    20x Kaio-ken Kamehameha

    Afterimage Strike

    Friend Kamehameha

    Fusion Dance

    Kamehameha Boost

    Kaio-ken Kamehameha


    Spirit Explosion

    Super Kamehameha

    Super Saiyan

    Super Saiyan 3

    Warp Kamehameha

    Attacks 14

  • Ascended Super Saiyan

    Big Bang Attack

    Final Flash

    Final Shine Attack

    Finish Breaker

    Flash Strike

    Galick Gun

    Shine Shot

    Super Galick Gun

    Counter Burst

    Super Saiyan Blue

    Super Vegeta

    Super Vegeta 2

    Attacks 13

  • Death Ball

    Death Beam

    Death Crasher

    Death Meteor

    Death Slash

    Death Slicer

    Death Storm

    Double Death Slicer

    Emperor's Death Beam

    Emperor's Sign

    Psychic Move


    Turn Golden

    Attacks 13

  • Evil Ray Strike

    Evil Rise Strike

    Evil Whirlwind

    Explosive Assault

    Full Power Masenko

    Justice Pose


    Spirit Slash

    Super Dragon Flight

    Super Saiyan 2

    Attacks 10

  • Evil Containment Wave Reflection

    Evil Explosion

    Evil Flight Strike


    Hellzone Grenade

    Ki Blast

    Light Grenade

    Namek Finger

    Special Beam Cannon

    Super Explosive Wave

    Attacks 10

  • Angry Shout

    Assault Rain

    Dimesion Cannon

    Ill Flash

    Ill Rain

    Mystic Ball Attack

    Quick Sleep

    Vanishing Ball

    Attacks 8

  • Burning Attack

    Burning Slash

    God Breaker

    Change the Future

    Heat Dome Attack

    Shining Slash

    Future Super Saiyan 2

    Sword of Hope

    Attacks 8

  • Instant Transmission

    Kaio-Ken X3

    Kaio-Ken X4

    Kaio-Ken X20

    Kaio-Ken X50

    Spirit Bomb

    Super Spirit Bomb


    Attacks 8

  • Become Giant

    Crushing in Hands

    Evil Roar

    Mouth Cannon: mid-range

    Mouth Cannon: short-range

    Mouth Cannon: long-range

    Unlock Potential

    Attacks 7

  • Absolute Zero

    Ice Cannon

    Ice Claw

    Ice Field

    Freezing Beam

    Maniacal Blinding Slash

    Attacks 6

  • Solar Flare

    Volleyball Fist

    Dodon Ray


    Spirit Tri-Beam

    Neo Tri-Beam

    Attacks 6

  • Scatter Kamehameha

    Destructo Disc

    Chain Destructo Disc-barrage

    Orin Combo

    Solar Flare X100

    Spread Shot Retreat

    Diffusion Blast

    Attacks 7

  • Giant Storm

    Arm Crash

    Bomber DX

    Genocide Shell

    Break Cannon

    Murder Grenade

    Rage Power Up

    Attacks 7

  • Dynamite Kick

    Rolling Hercule Punch

    Miracle Kneel

    Eek! Waaaah! What'll I do?!

    The Savior Has Come

    Present For You

    Attacks 6

  • Burning Kamehameha

    DIE DIE Missile Barrage

    Victory Cannon

    Galactic Donuts

    Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

    Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack 5 Ghost Finish

    Attacks 6

  • Energy Charge

    Full Power Charge

    Kai Kai

    Maximum Charge

    Potential Unleashed

    Attacks 6

  • Energy Nullification

    God of Destruction's Anger

    God of Destruction's Rampage

    God of Destruction's Wrath



    Sphere of Destruction

    Attacks 7

  • Energy Dome

    Future Super Saiyan

    One-Handed Kamehameha mk.II

    Sonic Rush

    Super Explosive Wave

    Attacks 5

  • Ki Blast Thrust

    Fake Death

    Wolf Fang Fist

    Neo Wolf Fang Fist

    Spirit Ball

    Attacks 5

  • Double Sunday

    Saturday Crash

    Shining Friday

    Vacation Delete


    Attacks 5

  • Majin Kamehameha

    Pearl Flash


    Super Vanishing Ball

    Teleporting Vanishing Ball

    Attacks 5

  • Blaster Meteor

    Blaster Shell

    Gigantic Meteor

    Gigantic Omega


    Attacks 5

  • Maiden Blast

    Maiden Burst

    Feint Shot

    Dancing Parapara

    Prepare to be Punished

    Attacks 5

  • Power Ball

    Rebellion Spear

    Riot Javelin

    Saiyan Spirit

    Tyrant Lancer

    Attacks 5

  • Burning Spin

    Burst Attack

    Burst Reflection

    Dragon Burn

    Fighting Sun

    Attacks 5

  • Prelude to Destruction

    Strike of Revelation

    Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan

    Symphonic Destruction

    Ultra Instinct

    Ultra Instinct Omen

    Attacks 6

  • Mach Punch

    Mach Kick

    Mach Dash

    Blue Hurricane

    Space Mach Attack

    Fighting Pose D

    Fighting Pose I

    Attacks 6

  • Android Kick

    Infinity Explosion

    Galick Beam Cannon

    Phantom Fist

    Serious Bomb

    Attacks 5

  • Final Kamehameha

    Force Shield

    Split Finger Shot

    Spirit Sword

    Pressure Sign

    Attacks 5

  • Finish Buster

    Double Buster

    Victory Rush

    Final Cannon

    Armored Boost

    Attacks 5

  • Thunder Eraser

    Drain Field

    Flash Bomber

    Shocking Death Ball

    Attacks 4

  • Elite Beam

    Elite Shooting

    Hero's Pose

    Super Elite Combo

    Attacks 4

  • Dual-Destructo-Disc

    Power Blitz

    Deadly Dance

    Endless Shot

    Attacks 4

  • Afterimage

    Evil Containment Wave


    Lullaby Punch

    Attacks 4

  • Telekinesis

    Time Control


    Psycho Escape

    Fighting Pose C

    Fighting Pose H

    Guldo Fighting Pose

    Attacks 7

  • Spinning Blade

    Crusher Ball

    Crusher Volcano

    Fighting Pose B

    Fighting Pose G

    Attacks 5

  • Power Pole

    Power Pole Combo

    Power Pole Pro

    Scissors Paper Rock

    Attacks 4

  • Eagle Kick

    Hawk Charge

    Justice Rush

    Justice Combination

    Attacks 4

  • Side Bridge

    Super Electric Strike

    Freedom Kick

    Energy Field

    Attacks 4

  • 100x Big Bang Kamehameha

    Big Bang Kamehameha

    Bluff Kamehameha

    Vanisher Guard

    Attacks 4

  • Milky Cannon

    Body Change

    Fighting Pose A

    Fighting Pose F

    Attacks 4

  • Kamekameha


    Stone Bullet

    Attacks 3

  • Drain Charge

    Super Drain

    Hyper Drain

    Attacks 3

  • Fighting Pose E

    Fighting Pose J

    Fighting Pose K

    Final Pose

    Recoome Eraser Gun

    Recoome Kick

    Ultra Fighting Bomber

    Attacks 7

  • Energy Zone

    Masked Future Warrior

    Position Shift

    Time Bullet

    Attacks 4

  • Dragon Flash Bullet

    Minus Energy Power Ball

    Whirlwind Blade

    Attacks 3

  • God of Destruction's Menace

    God of Destruction's Roar

    Attacks 2

  • Perfect Kamehameha

    Energy Barrier

    Attacks 2

  • Harem Jutsu

    Sexy Jutsu: Transform

  • Giant Rasengan



    Tailed Beast State

    Toad Summoning

    Walk on Water Technique

  • Evil Eyes

  • Chidori: One Thousand Birds


    One Thousand Years of Death

    Lightning Blade

    Tree Climbing Jutsu

    Wind Style:Rasengan

    Wind Style:Rasen Shuriken

  • Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu

    Shadow Clone Jutsu

  • Sauzer Blade

  • Rakshasa's Claw

  • Hero's Flute

  • Sage Mode

  • Fire Style:Fireball Jutsu

    Shadow Clone Jutsu

  • Ninja Art: Shadow Possession Jutsu

    Ninja Art: Shadow Strangle Jutsu

  • Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll

  • Summoning Jutsu: Reanimation

  • Healing Jutsu

  • Eight Inner Gates

  • Qi Sense

  • Bankai

  • Flight

    Namekian Language

    Lookout Move South

    Lookout Stop

  • Flying Nimbus!!

    Ki Sense

  • Don't think I'm the Same as before!

    Revenge Death Ball

    Revenge Final Flash

    Attacks 3

  • Feint Crash

    Shadow Crusher

    Fake Blast

    Supernova Cooler

    Attacks 4

  • Kill Driver

  • Super Black Kamehameha Rose

    Super Saiyan Rosé

  • Reverse Launcher

  • Eight-Arm Fist

  • Fire Kick

  • Full Power Dodon Ray

  • Dodoria Launcher

  • Elegant Blaster

  • Chaos Ball

  • Photon Wave