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Watchmen! :D

Oh my god! i can´t wait! :D I´m counting days! (well, big deal, it´s 4...) So me and me long time partner-in-crime Mr. T are going to watch it! We thought about sleeping outside of the cinema to get tickets for the premiere, but Watchmen ain´t that big of a deal in Kristiansand, so i guess we might as well just go buy the tickets like 10 minutes before it starts -_-

But I am so exited! :D I´m actually so exited that... I DON´T KNOW! XD I´m just so fuckin exited! :D I´ve read the book like 5-10 times the last week, just cause it´s so hard to wait! jeez.. I´m actually ditching my boyfriend, who i haven´t seen in almost a week, just to go to the premiere! (well, that´s not actually that big of a deal, but anyway! x) ) oh, christ! I don´t know why i even bother to write this blog right now... i guess i´m just looking for things to make the time pass... Well, maybe not..


God, i feel so stupid! x) but i don´t care! so fob! 

I even got the button.. But all the emos think it´s just a smiley who´s cut itself in the head or something! x) 

Christ.. I can´t concentrate! 

I think i should go back to studying for my exams... x) 

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