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I don't think they do carry around their wallets or ATM cards, especially not on duty..

Batman: He's made of money, so he doesn't need a wallet.
Spiderman: Poor mf..
X-Men (all of the teammembers..): nah... or, maybe... I guess they're supposed to set an example to the students, and so they wont carry around their wallets and such on duty, cause who knows what magneto would do with your ATM card? On the other hand, it might be useful for them if they have to bail out a student...
Superman: Where should he put it? He's so.. muscular.. and his costume's so.... tight.. so.. no.
Hulk: Is there any pockets in those sexy, pink shorts?

so, no I don't think they even carry around their wallets and ATM cards..

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Ok. Now I've seen it. Four words: OH MY FUCKING GOD! :D :D :D :D I just loved it! It was just like I had imagened it! And Rorschach: JESUS CHRIST AND HIS MOTHER! It was like they had just made a man for the one purpose to use him as Rorschach! He..He.. he was perfect! He was like spit out of the comic! Oh my God, it was.. beautiful!

But, there was some things i didn't like, though. Like:
1: That piece of shit cinema that showed the movie could go hang itself: Four or five times the screen just went blank, and the movie stopped! It's cause they use an old school projector thing... What the fuck happened to Blueray? Jeeeze...
2: Nite Owl: The guy who played him was wrong.. or.. maybe not.. or.. I don't know! I haven't decided yet! I think I perhaps should see it a couple of times more before I make up my mind...
3: Big Figure was way too fat...
4: When we see Rorschach as a child, and he's beating the crap out of those guys who talks shit about his mother, he doesn't put out a cigarette in one of the guys' eye...
5: When Rorschach tells Nite Owl he's a good friend, they're not under water in Archie, as they're supposed to be...
6: Ozumandias costume was wrong... Didn't look like the one he wears in the comic.
7: the end...
8: SEX SCENE WAS WAY TOO...ehm... long? no... ehm... porn!
9: Bombastis ears or horns, or whatever should've moved a little more...
10: Rorschach's mask moved too much.
11: The soundtrack (Nena? Wtf?!)
12: The guy who played Ozzy was wrong (should've been Ben Foster...)
13: We didn't see Tales of the Black Freighter... Kinda missed that...
14: The only time we saw the guy who reads Tales of the Black Freighter and that guy who owns the... (i don't know what it's called in english... kiosk? anyways!) is in the end..

But except for these things, it was perfect! The best film adaption I've ever seen! Better than 300...
And, let's face it, when the things I didn't like about the movie was things like nr 3 or 4, it's a damn good movie! I loved it! I love it! :D
I think I'm gonna see it a couple more times this week :P

btw:    x) 

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of course! because of the... aerodynamic.. thing... and cause of the... badassynamic and stuff...
Fuck it, it's just... -so- cool!

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If there´s only male superheroes in the team, matching uniforms would be -so- gay! Seriously! If it´s mixed genders, it would be marvelous! All equal, and no sexism! :P nah, just kidding.. But it works better then.. X-Men and Fantastic Four´s nailed it! But without Invisible Woman: GAY! (reminds me too much of boybands...) (not that i have anything against people who are gay, not at all! It´s just that if i were a criminal, and 4-5 fit men came towards me in matching uniforms, especially if they´re wearing spandex of some kind, i don´t think i´d be that scared...) But they can´t have too different and individual looks either.. cause that would be kind of gay, too... (Village people..) 


Matching uniforms in a all-girls team: sexy! And so not lesbian at all! 

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Whenever I´m awake!

In other words, between 12 pm and 1... 

no, just kidding! I think it would be late at night/early in the morning... When there´s almost no-one awake, and those who´s awake wish they weren´t. Basically when all the bad guys have gone to bed...
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Watchmen! :D

Oh my god! i can´t wait! :D I´m counting days! (well, big deal, it´s 4...) So me and me long time partner-in-crime Mr. T are going to watch it! We thought about sleeping outside of the cinema to get tickets for the premiere, but Watchmen ain´t that big of a deal in Kristiansand, so i guess we might as well just go buy the tickets like 10 minutes before it starts -_-

But I am so exited! :D I´m actually so exited that... I DON´T KNOW! XD I´m just so fuckin exited! :D I´ve read the book like 5-10 times the last week, just cause it´s so hard to wait! jeez.. I´m actually ditching my boyfriend, who i haven´t seen in almost a week, just to go to the premiere! (well, that´s not actually that big of a deal, but anyway! x) ) oh, christ! I don´t know why i even bother to write this blog right now... i guess i´m just looking for things to make the time pass... Well, maybe not..


God, i feel so stupid! x) but i don´t care! so fob! 

I even got the button.. But all the emos think it´s just a smiley who´s cut itself in the head or something! x) 

Christ.. I can´t concentrate! 

I think i should go back to studying for my exams... x) 

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