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Name: Stephen Ray Greenslade

Nationality: Jupiter Colonist

Height: 6'1

Age: 22

Hair color: Orange red

Species: Human/Newtype/True innovator

Occupation: Soldier/Mech Meister

Affiliation: The 4th Order

Language: english, some German, Russian, some Japanese

eye color: Brown


Aimbot like accuracy

Stephen will nearly always hit a target he is aimed at.

Marksman mastery

Technically a master of all range weaponry but he rarely uses any other gun then his own.

Mech mastery/Mech Mechanic

Stephen knows how to both repair and operate his Mech in maximum capacity

Martial Arts Mastery

Stephen knows all Martial arts and will incorporate them if need be.

Proficient with Blades

Stephen is proficient with all bladed weaponry such as knives and swords and the like.

Master of Stealth/Espionage

If need be Stephen can sneak into most places undetected and place bugs or gather intel or in the rarer cases silently take out a place if need be.

Master Hacker

Stephen can quickly hack into most things and jam radio frequencys aswell as hack mechs and cause them to go haywire as we as hacking A.I's and being able to counter hack.


Enhanced Defense

While Stephen is Human he has sub dermal inplants to allow him to shrug off being put through several walls.

Does not feel pain

While he is aware of damage he does not feel pain due to his implants, making it easier for him to pop limbs back in place or ignore the pain that causes people to quit a fight.


As his awakening of a Newtype human exposed to space battles and space he has developed the ability to see significantly into the future.

Supercomputer like Brain

As his further awakening from a Newtype to a true innovator his brain processes information like a supercomputer via his quantum brainwaves allowing him to process actions or information far faster then normal humans.

Enhanced reflexes

Works on partial with his precognition along with his implants he is able to dodge significantly faster then any bullet putting his preception around near lightning timing.

Enhanced physic

Stephen has implants that enhance his physic to allow his body to fire his special gun with very little recoil even on the highest setting aswell allow him to dodge without tearing his body to pieces.

Immunity to mental pollution or mind control

As Stephen's brain is pretty much a supercomputer it will immediately eliminate any outside suggestion in the process of it registering the best course of action making mind control or mental attacks moot.

True innovator

As a envoy of the next step of evolution in humanity it's trailblazer if you will, Stephen can Mentally communicate with alien species via using his quantum brainwaves to convert there languages to human Language this way no physical words need to be spoke but Mentally.

Natural born Immunity to diseases

Stephen was born on jupiter strangely enough he has never gotten sick when examined it shows that his bloodcells have took a step in evolution to were they quickly nullify any virus or disease that enters his bloodstream.

Basic magic/Knowledge of magic

After seeing it in action several times Stephen can now comprehend how magic works and even use the basic kind of it such as Fire, ice and Lightning etc can also bond a heroic spirit to him or regular spirit though he may not be aware of it because of his implants his affinity for magic is extremely high so any spirit bonded with him will have an exceptional influx of power several times what regular humans with just training can give them.


Bulletproof G-Force dampener suit

While in his mech Stephen wears a bulletproof G-Force dampener suit so his body doesn't get tore to pieces by the amounts of G-Force he deals with while pulling crazy Movements and if he is forced to abandon his mech.

Kevlar radiation protected military fatigues

Only dons these for sneaking missions or if he is forced to fight on the ground either with Mask that has a rebreather and thermal/Nightvision built in or maskless the Mask is to keep out toxic fumes and Radiation and usually equipped with an Opsat.

The Fourth Order Storm Fox Exosuit

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Very rarely ever used unless in great crisis mostly because the danger that comes with wearing it in the form of the sword that is sheathed, the Storm Fox Exosuit amps Stephen's strength and defense by tenfold aswell as allowing him to run peak human speeds without tearing ligaments and finally boosting his reflexes to Realvalistic the Exosuit is the first of it's kind it's made out of Metatron to specifically house and protect the user from the phase 2 of the sword that has been sheathed that comes as a pair, while it's a indestructible Exosuit blunt force trauma and magic can still effect the user inside if it's capable of bypassing the physical material of Metatron, the suit will shutdown and lock itself down if someone other then Stephen were to try to use it lastly it's immune to radiation.

The Mech



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Found on Jupiter in mint condition the only one of its kind, only uses it in space so he doesn't have to worry about so much collateral, capable of engaging warp drive to reach Earth or jupiter in 30 hours.

Handheld weaponry

Gravitational Beam Emitter(GBE)

Is a prototype handgun made of a rare Material called Metatron found on jupiter the gun itself is indestructible it does not fire bullets however something much more terrifying with the founding of Metatron allowed Space and time to be compressed within the metal itself, the GBE works by gathering massive amounts of space and time which then fluctuate within the gun to create a singularity that pulls in Atoms that are then Quantumly compressed along with the singularity which then has an electromagnetic laser split the atoms and decompress the singularity upon firing the result is the firing of a contained beam of space time fluctuations that mimic a plasma laser as it will burn a hole through anything in it's path along with pulverizing it with Fluctuations of space-time, it has 3 firing modes at level one it will leave a hole as big as a 9mm round in the desired target, at level two it will leave a hole as big as a 50 cal round in the target, at level 3 it will burn and pulverize the complete upperpart of a human body, the length on the shot is 70km long it will burn through and pulverize anything and keep going as long as the trigger is held down, the gun itself has unlimited ammo due to it's properties however it is I.D locked so only Stephen can wield it however it has one hell of a recoil if it was shot by a normal human they would be launched into a nearby wall and their arm shattered to pieces. (a truly terrifying weapon dubbed his great equalizer) contrary to what may be thought it is not a one hit kill weapon especially at it's lowest setting, also will only use if he feels it necessary otherwise he will regularly use Nightshade.

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Nightshade Pistol

The Nightshade is a customized pistol which is based on the M1911 & Beretta 92 9mm handguns. Here are some features of the Nightshade compared to its original M1911/Beretta 92 version.

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Extended Clip Capacity - The Nightshade contains 20 bullets per clip as compared to the M1911's/Beretta's only 15 bullets.

.357 Bullets - The bullets are replaced with .357 caliber bullets resulting in increased damage.

Sleek design - The design of the handgun was altered from a normal M1911 handgun to fit its sleek properties

Improved muzzle - A new design for the muzzle that allows increased accuracy, also affecting its sound.

Added Compensator - A compensator was added in order to reduce the recoil and heat effects of the gun while fired.

Design Cosmetics - The design of the handgun was customized at its various parts; grip, muzzle, clip, and sides. It has also some engravings.

Stainless Steel Plating - The plating of this handgun was made of an alloy of stainless steel, which has been painted with a black color.

Advanced stopping power - The gun is customized for single-shot purposes only. This feature provides a delay time between one bullet and the next in order to focus the strength of the bullets fired.

Metatron Gravity ion Katana

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A truly fearsome and terrifying weapon to both the user and the victim of the sword, the sword itself is made of Metatron which allows for it to have a quantumly compressed singularity that is within the blade itself that does the same as the Gravity Beam emitter in the form of space time distortion but rather using that effect regular the sword itself has 2 levels or phases as you will, because of what Metatron does on the regular the sword itself cuts on the atomic level so wielding it without the suit is unwise and extremely dangerous as it severs Atoms with each swing, like the Suit and GBE it's indestructible and also only one of its kind aswell as being ID locked like the GBE.

Phase 1: the sword will merely behave as a sword but will slice on the atomic level.

Phase 2: a nightmare is unleashed upon enacting phase 2 the true purpose of the suit is made clear the Sword itself will unleash a constant torrent of Space time fluctuations covering the blade and extending out from the blade 70 meters long at this phase the sword blade itself will not need to touch you however the fluctuations of space time will pulverize anything that is near it this is why the sword must be used in tandem with the suit and it's only used in circumstances of major priority, much like the GBE's 70 meters range it slightly differs, the area of effect is much larger if caught in the Space time fluctuations it will cover the whole body and the last thing the victim will see is a eerie vortex like crimson void before they are pulverized

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Stephen has to get full clearance from the Fourth order before being allowed to activate phase 2 because of the potential collateral damage that will occur the sword can be used in tandem with the Gravitational Beam emitter, Stephen fears the use of the sword and having to don the suit. (his 2 great equalizers are this and the Gravitational Beam emitter)

Backstory: Stephen was raised since birth to be a Soldier and mech pilot under a secret organization of the 4th Order in it's jupiter colony, the colony itself is a Megastructure that is huge though technically publicly the 4th order does not exist they gain funding by selling material they find on Jupiter to other planets, Stephen himself is the only known operative and he is so good they cannot afford to lose him but they have extreme faith in his ability to take action as such Stephen will not speak of the Order's existence but rather when questioned he will simply reply he is merely a grunt, Stephen will rarely be seen with his mask off the reason for this is actually unknown on the off hand occasion his mask is off his face is hidden, for anyone guessing his face could be scarred to hell or he could be very handsome he also goes to earth from time to time to help or meet people.

Fun facts: his favorite color is Black camouflage, his profession in the Government files are marked as Soldier but does not specify for what unit or company, he is actually allowed to work in cooperation with other organizations if they require his assistance, he is probably considered more dangerous out of his mech then in it.

Personality: friendly, Sarcastic, playful, angry, sadistic ,quiet ,Serious

Likes: Stephen likes the idea of coexistence with other races aswell as talking with people he also watches TV and plays games aswell as listens to music and trains his skills from time to time.

Dislikes: condescending people, B.O.Ws, people lacking common sense, the cliche villan act, loud annoying people, most abominations that lack a mental process, completely insane people, people touching his mech without his permission.