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♔ The Silk Nightclub: Mobile Location (CV22) ♔

• ° The Main ♔ Event ° •

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Located inside a luxury superyacht often found sitting in the Hudson River, Silk is an upscale nightclub tailored to one thing and one thing only; exclusivity. Owned by Stephen “Showtime” Slick, the Silk nightclub captures the most indelible parts of evening culture—entertainment, alcohol, and sex. It flaunts lavish interiors, exotic dancers, inimitable cocktails, and more, all catering to its wealthy and famous clientele. While rumors of Stephen Slick’s alleged ties to the Main Event Mafia garnered the attention of local law enforcement, all investigations yielded nary a grain of evidence save for disclosing his connection to Jasmine Jordan, to whom the Five Star Man offers free VIP access.

The notoriety gained from the failed investigations succeeded only in heightening the nightclub’s allure, increasing its clientele beyond New York's borders. Elevated to the status of a national hub of nighttime entertainment, Silk became a hotspot sought by everyone across the country. Although more classical nightclubs bearing its name opened in various cities to accommodate the growing demand, those longing to explore their dark desires always reserved their nights at Silk’s authentic, seafaring heart in the state of New York.

⋅◇⋅ The Silver Fox—Location ⋅◇⋅

While Silk extends its reach via its chain of nightclubs across the United States, its primary and most exclusive establishment is aboard a custom-made, 590 foot luxury superyacht called the Silver Fox. Designed with a curvy exterior colored in ivory, the Silver Fox is a vessel of stunning elegance. To match its style, the superyacht features plenty of substance. The hull, for example, is forged from a mixture of carbon allotropes in which the carbon-carbon bonds are carefully arranged through nanoscale mechanochemistry, providing hardness, toughness, strength, and flexibility superior to those exhibited by standard hull materials.

Additionally, the Silver Fox is powered by twin gas turbine General Electric (LM2500 + G4) 40,200 horsepower engines, rendering the superyacht capable of effortless cruising at 12 knots and accelerating to a maximum speed of 34. Furthermore, the Silver Fox possesses at-anchor stabilizers for exceptional comfort at sea. If the Silver Fox’s primary systems fail, backup systems are in place to ensure continued functionality. These backups include a hydrogen-powered propulsion system and a large solar panel on the superyacht’s sundeck to provide a secondary supply of electricity to all onboard systems.

Although the Silver Fox possesses a sun lounge, diving platform, luxury suites, helipads, command center, pool, etc., enabling the accommodation of hundreds of people, the superyacht is largely designed around providing an exclusive nightclub environment. Thus, much of the Silver Fox’s spaces are occupied by Silk.

⋅◇⋅ The Trinity—Nightclub Tiers ⋅◇⋅

—As a nightclub, Silk consists of three distinct tiers or levels; each one offering an experience different from the last. Given Silk’s location aboard the Silver Fox, the nightclub offers a multitude of unique amenities unavailable to most rivals. For clientele who prefer frequenting it under daylight, Silk offers a standard bar and restaurant experience alongside rarer options like renting the nightclub’s Jet Skis under an instructor’s guidance, or being taken to thrilling diving spots for a scuba experience.

However, the bulk of what Silk offers resides in its three primary tiers, ranked as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. A standard smart casual dress code is enforced in all three tiers, with entry being denied to anyone who does not meet the dress code irrespective of any purchased ticket.

Bronze Silk

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The first phase of Silk’s nightclub experience exudes pure luxury, glamor, and indulgence. With 356,000 Swarovski crystal-adorning walls and black quartz flooring, it epitomizes Stephen’s instinct for flair and extravagance. Here, world-class bartenders concoct unique blends of drinks designed to charm and please all palates across the different lounges populating the space.

Each lounge features its own singular atmosphere cultivated around the specific range of cocktails in which its bartenders specialize. While the overall experience of Bronze Silk is palatial and luxurious, pairing exceptional bartenders with equally skilled chefs to bring its restaurant sections to life, it remains a nightclub at heart.

Music and interactive light shows engulf Bronze Silk, merging with the dancefloor to create an intoxicating, high-energy atmosphere to contrast the swank and sophistication of its more relaxed lounge areas.

This tier offers Silk’s baseline clubbing experience for those unable to afford its more upscale options while also featuring a calmer alternative for clientele more interested in a lounge setting.

Silver Silk

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Here, Silk features its second tier of entertainment. Aesthetically, Silver Silk revolves around opulence from the gold-leaf bas-reliefs of people at the entrance to the oversized DJ booth and the pyrotechnic/laser-outfitted floor. In the words of its eccentric founder, Silver Silk is best experienced by booking—in advance—a table with bottle service, as doing so offers unlimited mobility and personal security to shield the reserved space from potential interlopers. Thus, clientele can glide to the dancefloor and return to their reserved space with complete assurance that their table or booth remains unoccupied.

Silver Silk is styled after the curves of the human body and is divided into three distinct spaces; the ebon, gold-enameled dancefloor and lounge, and an alternate mid-deck lounge dominated by a neon-lit pool. At Silver Silk, the lavish décor is paired with soft, low lighting, with towering windows glimpsing at New York City from across the moonlit waves as the city basks in the glow of evening lights. Silver Silk is further populated by intimate booths, bars, rotating chandeliers for thrilling, artistic lighting, and golden draping to capture the majesty of Stephen’s vision.

Exotic dancers seduce the wandering eyes of Silver Silk’s clientele from elevated platforms, glinting poles, ritzy stages, and more. Often-times, they are joined by the lifelike holograms of animals that capture the human imagination—panthers, tigers, and lions, depending on the aesthetic aimed for by the performance.

Gold Silk

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Access only by VIP reservations, Gold Silk is where the nightclub’s obsession with exclusivity peaks. Here, celebrities, couture icons, men of power, and—if the rumors hold any merit—wealthy crime lords come to spend their nights. A vintage sanctuary lined with chic retro furnishings in shades of magenta and midnight blue, Gold Silk welcomes all who seek to enjoy a mixture of avant-garde retrowave music and hip hop, complete with live performances from globally renowned artists. Access to a large deck opens Gold Silk’s clienteles to a large pool edged in polished black granite as the heated water captures the glow of holographic marine life wading through. Flanking both sides of the pool are bars stocked with the finest alcoholic drinks ranging from Russo-Baltique Vodka to Goût de Diamants.

Bottle service and private meals sit at the snap of its clientele’s fingers as they sit on the surrounding, canopied Saigon sofas. Back inside, Gold Silk features red-velvet covered sofas of its own in lounge spaces where the social elite can enjoy an enriching variety of music beyond its standard mixture of retrowave and hip hop. Furthermore, the same holographic luxuries of Silver Silk are also found in Gold Silk around the DJ booth, only greater in variety and extent. The environment of Gold Silk itself shifts according to the designs of its holographic system. At times, its appearance changes to resemble nighttime Paris or the Amazon Rainforest, complete with matching sounds as the space’s exotic dancers perform and dress according to the evening’s chosen theme.

To accommodate clientele who favor more carnal pursuits, Gold Silk offers private shows with chosen exotic dancers along with private suites for the pursuit of paid sexual escapades with one’s partner or Gold Silk’s selection of high-paid sex workers. Stephen Slick himself is often sighted in Gold Silk in the company of his clientele, rarely making an appearance at the lower tiers given his exaggerated self-image.

⋅◇⋅ The Seafaring Fortress—Defenses & Security ⋅◇⋅

—While Silk’s alleged ties to the Main Event Mafia, a powerful organized crime syndicate, dissuade most from targeting it, Stephen refused to hinge his superyacht and nightclub’s security on the strength of his reputation. Thus, the top deck is occupied by attack helicopters, while a lower deck serves as a submarine docking port. Additionally, to protect the privacy of his famous clientele, Stephen’s superyacht flaunts an anti-paparazzi system capable of detecting and disrupting digital cameras by incorporating infrared lasers to render them unstable.

For more serious security threats like rogue pirates, the Silver Fox’s attack helicopters are joined by a radar-controlled missile detection system, bulletproof windows, and the armed, onboard security team; the Glamazons. Disguised as ordinary club-goers, the Glamazons consist entirely of women for both a vain and practical purpose. Stephen reasons women are largely regarded as nonthreatening, rendering enemies less likely to engage them as aggressively as they otherwise would. However, behind the elusive smiles and supple curves of his all-female security team are lethal professionals trained and primed for combat.

The Glamazons: Onboard Security Team ༺

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As gorgeous as they are dangerous, the Glamazons comprise Stephen’s personal all-female mercenary organization. Some are disguised as unassuming club-goers, while others use their respective experience from their shrouded pasts to pose as scuba diving and Jet Ski instructors for Silk’s daytime clientele. Many, however, are positioned on surrounding boats and small yachts under the guise of ordinary civilians. The Glamazons, though, are far from ordinary. In fact, they are baseline superhumans enhanced by unknown means. Their Oct-4 and Rex2 genes are stimulated, enabling excess production of adult and embryonic stem cells.

Additionally, a mutation of their ACVR2B genes causes proteins like myostatin to be suppressed while the production of follistatin is increased in tandem with contractile proteins such as actin and myosin, exponentially increasing the Glamazons’ strength. A higher expression of their ACTN3 genes, which encodes members of the alpha-actin binding protein line, increases the volume of their fast-twitch muscle fibers, rendering them superhumanly explosive. Their LRP5 genes are similarly altered, preventing normal Wnt antagonists, resulting in denser bone formation that is extremely resistant to fractures without impairing normal functionality.

Their cardiovascular systems are similarly augmented, with their genes altered for higher production in the circulatory system, enhancing their hydration and red-blood cells to carry higher oxygen concentrations. Automatic metabolic responses are also enabled to regulate their body temperature, preventing overheating while retaining their higher mitochondrial count. This heightens the Glamazons’ stamina and endurance to baseline superhuman levels. Furthermore, their bodies produce higher concentrations of MG53 proteins, which improve their ability to heal from otherwise traumatic injuries.

As with the rest of their bodies, the Glamazons’ brain matter is enhanced exponentially. A higher production of glial cells, improved general neuroplasticity, etc., enable superior neural pathways to store memories for longer periods of time with near-perfect recall as well as rendering faster reaction times, greater strategic thinking, and instant object trajectory calculations possible. This renders the Glamazons highly efficient fighters and even deadlier markswomen. Lastly, their DEC2 genes are altered for changes in their circadian rhythms, allowing any Glamazon to function normally on fewer hours of sleep; an ability that proves crucial in their roles as security.

Beyond their physical abilities, the Glamazons possess a wealth of combat skill, both armed and unarmed. While they’re skilled in every facet of unarmed combat—striking, grappling, and ground-fighting—they frequently use their unarmed combat skills to create enough space and time to retrieve any nearby weapon, be they improvised or otherwise. In-line with their training, the Glamazons are armed with the following standard weapons:




9x19mm Glock 18, MK25


Benelli M4 Super 90, Mossberg 500, Saiga-12


M4 Carbine, CheyTac M200, M107, McMillan Tac-50, SA80, Dragunov, Tavor 21, FN F200, Steyr Aug, Springfield Springfield M1A, and Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle

Personal Defense Weapons/PDWs

FN P90, MP7A2

Submachine Guns/SMGs

PP-19 Bizon 9mm, Uzi-Pro, Colt RO635

Grenade Launchers

M203 Grenade Launcher, XM25 CDTE

Rocket-propelled Grenade/RPGs


Smoke Grenades

M18, L83A1

Fragmentation Grenades


Tear Gas Grenades

CS and CN

Flash Grenades

M84 Stun

However, they’re also in possession of a unique firearm, Nightbane. An automatic rifle that uses a 3" length of 18 gauge steel wire weighing approximately 1.6oz, Nightbane is a weapon of monstrous power. Capable of firing 3 shots per second, it propels the steel wire at roughly 2500fps, leaving the barrel. With such a staggering muzzle velocity, Nightbane’s 1.6oz steel wire carries over 13,000 joules of energy. Compared to an AK-47, which fires a 7.62x39mm round at ~2400fps and carries only 2,100 joules out of the barrel, Nightbane cannot be wielded by ordinary humans.

In order to fire its projectile downgrade, Newton’s Laws dictate that the same force must likewise be pushed back the other way; into the shooter’s shoulder as recoil. The massive recoil renders it impossible for non-superhumans to wield. Instead, Nightbane can only be fired by ordinary humans as a vehicle-mounted weapon. In a Glamazon’s hands, however, it is a vicious weapon capable of tearing through anything short of tank armor.

⋅◇⋅ Rules ⋅◇⋅

  1. As a location thread, Silk can be visited by any character provided they have the necessary funds.
  2. Thus far, Stephen Slick's ties to the Main Event Mafia are rumors. So, while your character is free to suspect his involvement with them, no metagaming anything. What you'd like your character to learn, they must actually investigate to uncover.
  3. Silk can be attacked, but don't treat the Glamazons as NPCs. They are PCs who I will control in retaliation to an attack. Also, if you'd like to attack this location, don't write your character automatically boarding the Silver Fox. I reserve the chance to try and stop YC from doing so. Of course, if an attack is not obvious and YC is utilizing a cover or stealth, feel free to board the yacht.
  4. This location thread is mobile and can be found anywhere in the Hudson River.
  5. Have fun!