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This account will be used in RPGs as an Umbrella account for all Alternate versions of Feral Nova/Stephanie Ardor with the exception of Main CVnU Feral Nova and of course Dude Nova (Stephen Ardor).


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Name: Stephanie Ardor

Age: Starting age: 22/Current Age: 36 (physical appearance appears to be in mid 20's)

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5'5

Nationality: Hispanic/American

Everyone has a story, this is mine...

Stephanie Ardor was kinda your typical American girl, she lived in Union Gap, Washington with her Aunt Priscilla for most of her young life. This was because both her parents (Mark and Adriana Ardor) were two of the worlds greatest Vulcanologist, and because of their travels, her parents decided it would be best to keep their only child in a stable home, while they went off to work, only seeing her daughter every other month, for only a weekend at a time. While staying with her Aunt she also went normal high school, where she wasn’t a very popular girl, and was actually picked on by the head cheerleader of the school, Brittney Star, and her gang of ‘cheersluts’ as Stephanie called them.

Because of this, the young teenager often got into trouble, fighting with the squad of blonds constantly. This caused her parents to take action, and on her 16th birthday, the two of them had decided to allow their teenage daughter to travel around the world with them, what they didn’t know, is how this would change her life forever.

Mayon VolcanoDuring a trip to the Philippines at the Mayon Volcano, they where given a new device to try out by one of their major sponsors, This was a fully body armor that allowed the wearer to be able to get closer inside a volcano than ever before, this suite was called N.O.V.A. X

The N.O.V.A. X (Nanotech, Overview, Volcanic, Analyzer)

Abilities that the wearer would acquire while wearing it.

• Become fully submerged in magma, while staying cool and safe

• Shoot cooling agents from its hands (To cool small areas for others who arnt inside a suit)

• Heat level detection (To help see where the hottest point of the volcano is)

• Super Strength (In case of avalanche while still inside volcano)

• Oxygen purifier (To clean out chemicals from air)

• Extreme durability (In case of avalanche while still in volcano)

And as soon as Stephanie saw the suit, her parents told her NOT to touch it. They knew their daughter, she was curious on how it worked, and wanted to try it out herself.

That night she snuck out of her trailer and to the equipment shed that they made for the excursion. Opening it her emerald eyes went

straight for one object… The N.O.V.A. X. Her mind whirled with questions as she stood before the machine, deep with red detailed markings, as well as a small golden tribal like symbol of a bird like creature. Her small fingers glide across the symbol as both hands grasped upon the helmet, twisting it off and setting it aside. As soon as the helmet came off, the suit immediately opened up, the back folding downward as the front part leaned forward, leaving a space for her to step into the legs of the armor. Slowly stepping in she then leaned forward into the suit, slipping her arms into the arms of the armor, as soon as that happened, the outfit began to move back into place, the gears tightening the suit on her until it fit her like a glove.

Looking at her hands she smiled as she wiggled her fingers, moving her arms with ease as the suit itself felt as light as paper. Walking around was so simple as she lift the helmet, slipping it over her head as the blue screen suddenly lit the inside, her face filled with excitement as numbers ran down the screen,

Inside the N.O.V.A Xthen the screen cleared, allowing Stephanie to see around herself. Wanting to see the outfit in full action she rushed towards the volcano, Mount Mayon. It only took her a few minutes to reach the top, where the opening of the volcano was dim, no show of activity what so ever.

Remembering the abilities of the suit she jumped down into the mouth of the volcano, landing on the extrusive igneous rock. The solid ground beneath her feet was a disappointed to her as she tapped the ground with her left foot. Walking along the floor however, it crumbled beneath her suddenly, catching her off guard as she screamed on the way down, and falling into the magma, the suit beeping as she began to submerge into it. Realizing everything was still alright, she opened her eyes to see the magma completely surrounding her, the brightness of it almost too much to handle as numbers began to run on the right side of the screen, displaying the temperature and pressure inside the volcano. Everything was going fine, for about five minutes, then the suit began to beep again, this time… nothing good. The screen began to flash red, a large ‘WARNING’. In a panic she began to try and swim to the top only to have the suit shut down on her, the screen going black and her body unable to move. The heat slowly started to melt through small cracks of the suit, making its way towards the girl inside it, the heat became so intense for the girl, she passed out from the heat.

The WakeningUpon awakening, she found herself in a strange white padded room, with herself in a white suit. The room was rather small, big enough for her to walk about five steps all around, no windows or doors visible around her. Becoming fearful to where she was, she began to panic, calling out to anyone who might hear her, but as soon as fear filled her, her body began to burn once again, as if she was still stuck inside the volcano, going down to her knees she let out a painful cry, as she fell to her side, her insides feeling as if they were about to melt. But as soon as she thought she was about to pass out again, the padded walls then slightly opened up and a bluish spray hit her body, instantly cooling her body down.

Dr. StingStill laying on the ground, trying to figure out what was going on, one of the padded walls lifted up, as a man in a blue body surgical suit walked in, and introduced himself as Dr. Sting, the one who invented the suit. He began to explain what happened after the suit shut down her; it turned out that the lava wasn’t what felt as if it was burning into her skin, it was the suit itself. It was a ‘safety’ precaution, the suit would fuse some parts itself to the wearer if it were to shut down while in the middle of being submerged in the magma. This meant one thing, parts of the suit that she was once wearing, was now fused inside her own body.

Upon reaching the facilities, they did extensive surgery on her, the fusion didn’t go as smoothly as they hoped and left Stephanie weak, and her body unstable. He said that they could help her, as long as she

The unknown blue chemicalwould stay with them, to try and ‘cure’ her. Well the young 16 year old agreed to stay there, and was there for four long years, her after day after day of being injected with a strange chemical daily, causing some minor daily symptoms of shortness of breath and mild headache (and unknown to her mental damage) to her. As this accrued she began to question the motives of NOVA Industries, where they really trying to help her? Did they even care about her well being? What ever happened to her parents? Did they know that she was still alive? Or where they simply having her stay there, having her test her powers daily in order to make her into some sort of weapon?

It was only by accident that she found out what their real intentions where, it turned out that they were keeping Stephanie there, to work out all the kinks in her powers, and help her develop them to their highest peak, then in about two weeks was going to be shipped off to Washington D.C. for even further more detailed experiments, and from there, would be brained washed for use in war. She also found out that her parents believed she was dead, which is why they have never tried to contact her rather than the ‘They cant see you for their own safety.”

So that night, right before they would take her back into her room, she turned on the guards, burning them to a crisp as she used her powers to fight her way through the underground facility. She could hear yells echoing through the hallways “N.O.V.A. X has gone feral! Repeat N.O.V.A. X has gone feral!” her heart was pounding in her chest as fear ran through her veins, she was cornered to a wall with security all around her, pointing guns at her. She then did something that she was always told not to do… go into her ‘white fire’ mode, her most powerful fire form she could reach.

Crouching down she began to yell, her body bursting into red flames that changed to orange, then yellow, a more golden color and then, they became so hot and bright, that the flames could no longer be seen by the naked eye. The men all around her cried out in pain as their bodies were turned into ashes almost instantly as she shot up to the roof, breaking through every floor level until she reached the top in a blazing display of fireworks, but she didn’t stop, or slow down once she reached the top, she shot off like a rocket, as fast as she could without looking back.

Now Stephanie travels around the world, running away from the N.O.V.A. Agents who are constantly on the hunt for her, to gather her dread or alive and ship her back to N.O.V.A. Industries. At the same time, she is struggling to find a way to change her back to her normal self, so she could return home to her parents after all these years. But until the 20 year old finds a way to become ‘Stephanie Ardor’ again, she shall be known as… Feral Nova.

We Are Legend

While on the run from N.O.V.A. Agents, she stumbled into the city of Los Angeles, where she ran into a group of heroes who fought as one to try and bring peace to the world, a team that went by; We Are Legend. After seeing her display of powers while helping to stop a bank robbery, she was immediately offered a spot on the team to become a ‘WALlie’. But she only agreed so she could try to stay hidden from N.O.V.A. Industries. After a few months, she fell in the love the group of people she worked with, considering them all family, a family she is willing to sacrifice for. While on the team, there have been any heroes and villains alike trying to bribe the fire goddess to their team. But because of her extreme loyalty to WAL, up to this day has refused every offer handed to her from teams such as Zero Squad, ICE, and Hellfire Club, unless the team is allied along with We Are Legend.

While on the team for over a year now, she is now the only original WALlie left on the team when it first started out. Most people say that she is the face of We Are Legend, and even stepped up to the plate when WAL needed a new team leader after Bio Guyver was presumed dead upon a mission after a building the team was in exploded. So the team voted and instead of one leader, there where now three co-leaders; Uchiha NeVann and Obi Wan Kenobi, and Feral Nova. While NeVann was the strategist and brains, Obi Wan Kenboi was the commanding voice and promoter of the team while Feral Nova was the voice of the team. The three made a fantastic team, and the nickname ‘The Big Three’ was given to them. But as everything, the team came to an end.

The Death and Rebirth of a Flame

During her fight with Sha (for the protection of WAL and the world), Stephanie knew she wouldn't live through the battle. So in a last attempt to save herself from certain destruction she sent a beacon out to N.O.V.A Industries, the place that caused her to become Feral Nova. After being brought to death at the hands of Sha, the N.O.V.A. agents came into the battle field just in time to retrieve Feral Novas body before anymore damage could happen to the now lifeless body. However... instead of just deciding to throw the body away, Dr. Sting decided to give Stephanie one more chance as him wanting her to be 'The ultimate fighting machine.' So instead of scrapping her and starting from scratch he put her back together. But this time... stronger. He completely removed the metal armor that was within Stephanie and replaced it with a stronger indestructible metal, a metal that was thought to be impossible to receive. He infused Stephanie's body with True Adamantium, the metal that is even stronger than the Adamentium that Wolverine himself has inside his body. This was the only metal that would have been able to not only withstand the temperatures of Stephanie's body but also keep her

Getting upgradesinternal organs and bones from breaking or being destroyed by her powers. He has also figured a way of doing nuclear diffusion the breakdown of nuclear atoms rather than fusing them, causing them to produce a heat hot enough to reach the temperature of 1,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit. He then placed a radar sense inside her, this will allow her to see not only body heat of anyone around her but if anyone has a temperature that is too low for even her heat sensors to detected they would be picked up by this. She can now also move at the speed of sound while she is covered in her flames. But all of this new power and stronger ability's came with a price for Stephanie. During all of this, the dark minded Dr. Sting, took this opportunity to completely erase all the memories, thoughts, emotions and pretty much the free will of Stephanie. Anything that made Stephanie Ardor, Stephanie was now gone. Everyone and everything she held

Nova Xclose to her was now gone in her mind. All that is left is a weapon that is to do what it is told, the one thing that Stephanie feared to become when she received her powers in the first place. After about a week of missing in action Feral Nova was unleashed into the world once more but this time, was left in the hands of a group called, 'The Death Syndicate' to work along side with them. Her only orders that are programmed into her mind are to receive as much information on The Death Syndicate as well as on the group leader Sha and her demon within her Chaos Black and do anything they tell her to do as long as it didnt involve destroying N.O.V.A. Industries or any of its workers and allies.

(Part of the NeVann vs Nova battle, before the 'upgrade')

"I got her online!" A female voice called out. "Vital signs are back online but are very unstable."

"Dont let her crash, do you understand?" Another voice yelled out. But this voice... this voice sound more familiar than the others.

Stephanie slowly opened her eyes to lights flashing around her, everything she saw was nothing but a blur. Her eyes burned with pain, she couldn't even close her eyes without them having to hurt. "W-wah..." She struggled to get out, only to have blood come up to mouth. She started to gag as she started to drown in her own blood.

"Damn it, someone suction that up now!" The same voice shouted out.

She then felt a hand place upon her shoulder, a cold, rough hand, and right then she knew were she was, and she knew who it was who was talking.

"D...doc..." She said as she tried to focus on the figure before her. She knew after feeling that mans hand she was right were she knew she would end up, at N.O.V.A Industries.

"Shhh..." The Doctor patted Stephanie's shoulder, causing a wave of pain to surge through her body. "Your home now." He said as she lift her hand from her shoulder.

"Doctor Sting, we have the memory extraction ready as well as the True Adamantium ready for you whenever you wish to begin." The female said.

"M...emoRy..." Stephanie struggled to say, she knew from hearing that, whatever it was they were going to do to her was bad... very, very bad.

"Nova X, you need to relax, you will be put to sleep shortly and soon, all of those silly little memories of your 'family' and 'friends' will be gone and you'll be yourself once more." The doctor said as four pair of hands held her down. One pair on each arm and leg. If Stephanie was so beat up from the fight with Sha, she would have tried to fight them off, but it was no use, she felt the gas mask be forcefully placed on her face. The smell of sleeping gas filled her nose and into her lungs, she coughed trying to get it out but it was no use. Her eyes felt more heavy than they already were, her mind started to drift off, she knew the next time she woke she wouldn't be the same person she was now. She knew she would be a captive in her own body.

A Warrior Traveling HomeAfter about a month of being a pawn for the group

NeVann and Nova'The Death Syndicate' and doing their bidding, Uchiha NeVann from the group We are Legend fulfilled his promise in bringing back Feral Nova back to her own state of mind. The battle that was fought between them was brutal and fierce and almost cost the life of her dear ninja friend, but none the less he managed to bring her home. Even though she was brainwashed by N.O.V.A

Industries she was still aware of what she was doing, all the memorize of what she did was embedded inside her mind, for the rest of her life. She killed mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, all for the name of Death Syndicate. She can still hear the cries of those she killed at night, screaming in pain and crying out for mercy, only to receive death. After about another month of finally somewhat being recovered from her battle with NeVann he gave her a gift. This gift was a type of sword that was made specifically made for her and her powers. It was a nano tech sword, made out of vibrainum, the only metal that was stronger than her true admantium. This sword would only work upon her command, if anyone would try to whiled her sword they would receive a massive wave of electricity shot through their system. Before she could name her sword, NeVann said it already had a name, 'The Honoo Tachi.'

The Unkillable Ninja vs The Fire Goddess

Not only did she receive a sword but to her surprise NeVann told her that he also managed to program her to have some basic fighting skills, this would help her if for some reason she was unable to use her fire power. Nova knew that with her current powers and skills, she would most likely be an unstoppable force.

Love for a Ninja

Although always having feelings for Uchiha NeVann after he saved her from herself, she never could tell him how she really felt. She was afraid that if some how some thing would develop between the two, that it would conflict the work with each other. But to Stephanie's surprise NeVann too had the same feelings towards her. The two spent about a month going out behind the teams back, not wanting the others to know just yet that the two were now a couple. But after talking about it, the two came clean and told the group that the two of them were now together. At first they thought the two becoming a couple was a joke, a ninja with a cybernetic fire girl. But even though the two were different in many ways, they were also the same. The two would talk about random things, taking over the world together, running away, making chocolate scented toilet paper, whatever it was, they talked about they would for hours at a time. When the time came for them to officially become a couple the two knew that the bond they created between the two was real. She deeply cares for him, as he does for her, and knows that if the time came for it, she would sacrifice herself to safe him. They officially became a couple out in the open back in May of 08 and the two still go on strong, their love for each other growing every day.

During their time together NeVann even managed to train Nova with basic martial arts and even taught her how to fight with a sword that he made just for her.

Update: 3/2012: Since NeVann's disappearance years ago, Stephanie has tried to stay faithful to her long time relationship, but has decided that it was time to move on.

The Power of L.O.V.E

The team L.O.V.E was an all woman's team that was lead by a man named Timothy the 3rd but was commanded by Sha. The team at first was very successful, not only were Feral Nova and Sha in the group, but other friends such as Taki and Angelic Reaper were also in the team. During this time she also made other friends, this is were she met Primavera, a powerful young girl who had powers that Feral Nova could only dream of. The team was a strong one, and brought many of the women, heros and villains alike, together. Showing them that we could all work together, that not only men could wear capes, but women as well. Sadly, this team wasnt to last, shortly after Sha left the group, seeing that it wasn't developing too well, the team slowly began to fall apart, until nothing was left of it. Even Feral Nova herself left the group towards the end.

Even after the first team disassembled, the team every once in a while would come back, always getting in contact with Feral Nova to do 'one more mission' along with her sister in arms, Sha. Even though the two worked well together every time, the team was never set to take off again, but Stephanie is still on their list of people to call when something bad goes down.

The KOV #2 ( King of the Vine)

The KOV crown: Aug 15 2008

Wanting to not only represent WAL but also to prove to others that she wasnt a joke, Stephanie joined up in a tournament that was said to attract only the best of the best in the world. This tournament was called; The King Of The Vine. Stephanie as well as some of her close friends such as, Angelic Reaper, Sha, Obi wan Kenobi, Soul Taker, Aztek, and many other mighty warriors also entered this competition to prove once and for all who was the best fighter in the world. Her first battle was with Rated R Superstar, one that she won and was able to show the other competitors that her joining in this tournament was no joke, she was there to fight, and win. Her next battle was that with Soul Taker, a good friend of the team WAL. But the two didnt allow this to distribute there battle, they both fought forcefully and when all things seemed lost, Stephanie once more managed to win. Her battle with Sha was one she was most feared about. This woman was one that Steph looked upon as a sister, and was having a hard time getting her mind the battle. But with luck, she also managed to win this battle too. Her last fight was one with Morte, the living weapon. But sadly, she wasnt able to fight him, dude to things that are unknown to her. So Stephanie ended up being crowned 'King Of The Vine' or more like what she likes to call 'Queen Of The Vine'. She know currently holds the title, however with fighters constantly wanting to have the title themselves, her journey is still yet not over. In order to hold her crown, she has to accept any fight that comes her way to defend her crown, if not, she must give it up. Which is something she's not going to do any time soon.

The Death of an Angel

Stephanie Ardor, aka Feral Nova, and Kat, aka Angelic Reaper, were close friends and both loyal members of the We Are Legend team. They were one of the first members of the team when the group first developed and almost immediately became the best of friends. As time went by the two became more than friends, and more like sisters, they both treated each other as if they were sisters even though they were no way related to one another. They would both talk about their problems to each other, and would try to offer each other advice, even though Steph almost NEVER had anything to offer Kat. Kat was always the one to know what to do in sticky situations and always knew what to say at the right moment as well as get everyone pumped up for a fight, or settle them down after an argument. The entire team respected her, even others who were not on the team. This caused the young 19 year old to quickly become second in command of the group and the right hand of the team Captain. Not only was she wise beyond her years, but she was also a powerful fighter. Having some powers of both an angel and a demon, she was also feared by many villains and also heroes, the power that lied within her was one not to be reckoned with, but when it was, all hell seemed to literally cut loose. This was because of a demonic spirit that lied within Kat, known as ‘The Reaper’.

Steph didn’t find out about this power till one day when she went on a ‘Reaping Rampage’ in the WAL HQ after a encounter with the one called Jigsaw, whom she saw a friend. He managed to drive her crazy and allowed the demon to cut loose into the world. The demon was so powerful that it knocked down Steph in a heart beat and even almost killed the Captain of WAL, if Kat wouldn’t have regained control once more; she would have surely been lost in her demonic powers and killed the Captain in a heart beat. Since then, her demonic powers grew and grew and because those powers grew, her own strength to

contain the demon became weaker and weaker with every battle she participated in. She was slowly losing grip of who she was, the one known as Angelic Reaper was slowly becoming just ‘The Reaper’. Even her guardian known as Orifel tried to help her in her times of need, but not even his angelic powers could help her. It seemed that Kat was alone in this, but even though she was, she never let anyone know about her situation.

Stephanie had noticed that Kat had been weaker than usual. She was more tired, stressed and had a major loss of energy.

Every time Steph would try to ask her what was wrong, Kat would simply smile and shake her head softly. “Nothing is wrong Steph.” She would say in almost a whisper. Even though she would speak those words to her, Steph knew better. Steph noticed that her body was slowly growing cold, not right away but for the past few months. Little by little her body would lose its energy heat, this is what caused her to grow weak, or so Steph thought. It wasn’t until recent that Steph knew what was really going on.

One day after a massive battle the team was in, she noticed Kat was weaker than usual. While everyone went up to their rooms, Kat went up to the roof, with Steph in toe. She then saw it, she saw for the first time, Angelic Reaper, the one she looked up to and respected, suffering in pain. She saw her fall to her knees and wrap her arms around herself, crying to herself as the tears went down her face and drip down to her lap. She was whispering a small prayer to God, to give her the strength to carry on, to give her the power she needed to make it through another day, to give her just enough to make through another battle without putting her team, her family in danger. Stephanie wasn’t one to be religious at all, in fact, she didn’t really believe in God when the first two met.

When Kat was done she slowly stood up, wiping the tears from her now red eyes and regained her posture as she slowly turned around, only to face Steph. Nova didn’t know what to do or say, she stood there for a moment, they both looked at each other for a moment and then Steph slowly walked up to her, their eyes never moving from one another as they were now face to face. Nova saw fear, pain, sorrow, and suffering coming from Angel’s eyes. Without a second though the two sisters embraced each other, for the first time, Steph really felt like she didn’t know what to do for the one she looked upon as her sister. She truly felt at a loss. But what did all of this mean? Would she have to go into intense training with Ori? Go to the spiritual realm for a few months till she regained strength? Absorb some souls? Receive some spiritual energy? What?? Whatever it was Steph would be willing to help. That is until Kat told her what needed to be done.

Angel began to tell Nova the only way to truly get regain to take control of herself once more, was to get rid of the demon that slept within her. Stephanie blinked her eyes a few times as she heard this, because as far as she knew, the only way get rid of the one called ‘Reaper’ was to kill Kat herself. Kat then explained to Steph that there was no real way for the demon to be killed, but locked away inside a powerful spiritual item, that item was her very own demonic scythe. Nova then knew what that meant, Angel was going to have to sacrifice herself in order to seal away the demon inside her scythe so that it would no longer be able to set foot upon the earth again. Nova blurted out against this, she became angry and frustrated as she heard the words that Angel spoke. There was no way that Steph was going to allow Kat to sacrifice herself for something that she never even wanted in the first place. She swore to Kat that she would find another way for her, she didn’t know how but she swore she would find another way. Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to win the argument, Kat simply nod her head to agree with Nova.

Stephanie finally figured out a way to try an get that demon out of Kat without her having to sacrifice herself. She had done some research and even spoke with Ori himself and found out that the most likely way to get rid of the demon that was inside of Angel was to suppress it by using the power of the ArchSword. The same sword that Kat herself had been looking for so she could use the power to kill off ArchDevil, the one who placed the demonic soul within her. As much as Nova begged Ori, he would not give her the location of the sword, even though he knew of the situation that Kat was in. This upset her so much that she ended up not speaking to him from then on. After all, what kind of ‘guardian’ would allow one of his faithful followers and workers to suffer the way Kat had been? She didn’t understand and was filled with anger because of it.

Deciding not to tell Kat just yet of what she found out, she instead kept it to herself. Since that day they spoke to each other on the roof neither of them told anyone else on the team. The two kept it a secret; they didn’t want to cause a stir in the team about Kat’s ‘condition’. But for some reason… this one week, she seemed to be spending more and more time with each member of the team, talking to them, going out to hang out, or just to relax with them. Stephanie thought for sure that Kat must have been feeling better the way she was speaking to each of them, seemed like her old self. Nova smiled, she then figured, there was still enough time to do this on her own, to find the ArchSword for Kat and to get that demon out before it would cost her, her life.

For being summer in Los Angeles that night was a cold one, the thunderclouds covered the skies as rain fell upon the Earth. Thunder was heard from a distance as lighting strike down upon the city. Nova woke up in surprise; she hated the sound of thunder and even more the sight of lighting. She was going to go over to NeVanns room that is until she saw a figure walk down the hallway. Nova quickly got up in her red and black pj’s and followed the figure to the door. She then took a closer look to find that it was Kat, dressed in her Angelic Reaper uniform and ready to walk out of the door.

“K-Kat?” Nova called out.

“Steph.” Kat said as she turned to face her sister.

“What are you doing? Its two in the morning! AND its raining!” She whispered loudly inside the building as she walked up to Kat.

“I… I know, but I…” She paused for a moment. “I got a message from Ori, there is a soul Reaping in the middle of the Redwood Forest.” She said with a faint smile.

“Redwood Forest?” Nova asked. “Well hell, they deserve to get their soul reaped if there out there at this time of night.” She joked. “You want me to wait up for you?”

Kat shook her head with her smile still upon her face. “No need to Steph.” She said as she stood there for a moment, still looking at Nova.

“What? Do I have some drool on my face or something!?” Nova blurted out as she began to try and wipe her face from whatever was on it.

Kat laughed. “No, your fine. Go get some rest ok?” She said as she then leaned in and gave Steph a hug. “I love you sis, don’t you forget it.”

Steph stood there for a moment. “You ok?” Steph asked as she slowly pulled away from Kat and looked down at her.

Angel simply nod her head as she gave a small sniff and wiped her nose. “I’m fine, I’ll see you later ok?” She said with a smile as she then teleported out of the building.

Little did Nova know that was the last time she was going to see Kat alive.

Stephanie now stood in front of her best friends… no… her sisters coffin. The one known as Angelic Reaper, Kat to many, passed away that night she left to ‘reap’ the soul. Only thing she didn’t tell Stephanie was that it was her own soul she was to reap. When they found her body it was bloody and dry streams of tears leading from her eyes were seen. Nova was the one to find Kat lying on the ground, in a large puddle of water. However, when looking upon Angel’s face, it wasn’t pain, sorrow, regret, fear or any sigh of suffering. Instead it was replaced with peace, an almost smile was formed upon her face as if she felt free, for once in a long time.

Stephs head jerked up as she looked upon the Captain of the WAL team, he was finishing up saying some words, as Nova tried her best to hold back the tears that were ready to fall. She could feel her hands tremble at her sides as she looked upon her friend’s final resting place. Yes she knew that Kat was better place, but… Steph promised her, she PROMISED Kat that she would find a way to save her, so this wouldn’t have happened, and she failed to do so. Because she failed at this, Feral Nova vowed to become what Angel felt she never could become... a hero. Because this was a new step for Feral Nova, she had asked help from other heroes around the world, all friends of hers that offered her guidance and training of all sorts. She swore to her sister who now lied in heaven to never go back to just staying as a being with just powers and did nothing productive with them, and swore to never turn against her friends. She would be everything that Angelic Reaper wanted to be, and hopefully more. For Angel's death... was not going to be in vain...

Enter the KAS

Shortly after the fall of L.O.V.E. Stephanie went back for a while back to her team, We Are Legend, were she began to do her own thing with the team. But one day she got a call from her good friend, Sha, about a new team that is to be arising. A team called, The Kick Ass Squad. Not even having to say another word, Stephanie jumped upon the opportunity to once more work along side her friend, as well as some other team members from WAL and a couple of former members of L.O.V.E. So far the team is very successful and has a rather large roster of heroes and neutrals, all at the command of Sha. With pride Feral Nova stands strong behind this team, ready to jump into any battle with them. As long as it doesnt conflict her work with We Are Legend. But just like teams in the past, this one too unexpectedly dissemble, allowing Stephanie to focus on fighting along side We Are Legend.

The fight of Champions, Sha vs Feral Nova

As soon as Feral Nova's time came to have to fight against someone in order to keep her crown, it was no surprise that Sha was the first to step up to the challenge. The two faced off once more in battle, this one marking the fourth battle against each other since they've met. The two fought fiercely and with all of their might, taking one blow to the next, it seemed as if Stephanie was going to lose the fight. Bloody, bruised and tired, she once more barely beat the mighty Ninjan power house princess. Having the personal score between the two at 3-1.

KOV Battle for the crown: Feral Nova Vs Taki

After her first battle as KOV champ, Feral Nova was starting to feel a little confidant with herself. Sure she had to fight the one she called sister, Sha the Ninjan Princess, but she won, by the skin of her teeth as always. One month later, it was time for yet another battle to come to play. Getting the call of having to fight someone at random Stephanie hit the high skyscrapers of New York City, to meet her opponent. It turned out to be none other than her former teammate in L.O.V.E. Taki, the deadly ninja girl. Her display of power and skills were known much through out Asia and Southern Europe extending even over to some parts of the United States. She was a hero, hunting down those who committed crime, but after some time, she too turned towards the side of darkness, going into the field of becoming an assassin for hire. Once she heard about Nova's crown, she knew it was time to face her once and for all. The two would tease each other about fighting one another, but no one ever made the first move. Now was time, and Taki wasn't going to give it up. Nova was surprised to see Taki standing before her, ready to battle it out for the Crown of KOV, but she didn't let her friendship slow her down... too much. While Nova was busy with her display of fire power, Taki was busy on the defense most of their battle, but also having her punches in. The two battled for what seemed like hours. Using her Ninja skills she managed to create a mist like energy that froze the air around them, causing Nova not to be able to use her fire power. And even with this handicap The Fire Goddess still managed to succeed in the fight, but still held onto Taki's friendship, hoping one day the two would once more be on the same side again.

KOV Battle for the crown: Feral Nova Vs Kiara Sullivan

Only a month after her stressful fight with her former teammate and friend Taki, Stephanie was called yet again for another battle. This time however, it was with none other than the mighty spiritual warrior, Kiara Sullivan. Having the reputation of being one of the most evil women in the underworld cause the young fire goddess to become nervous. Their battle ended up taking place around a small village in Mexico, away from large cities and civilization. The two fought it out, and while Feral Nova had fire power on her side, Kiara had Hell Fire, something that Nova herself couldn't control. Not only did Kiara surpass her in fire control skill, but she also controlled the air around them, sucking away any oxygen around Stephanie, causing her to be unable to use her fire power. Having to rely on only her brute strength and sword fighting skill, Feral Nova still prevailed. Winning the battle yet again and still holding onto her title as King of the Vine.

KOV Battle for the crown: Feral Nova Vs The Rider

As another month rolled along, it was once again time for Stephanie to defend her title as King of the Vine. The young fire goddess was starting to become tired of having to battle month after month with some of the strongest fighters in the world and underworld. This time her battles took her to the City of Sin, yes... Las Vegas. Where every turn around the corner was something waiting to try and corrupt the innocent. Just walking around the city reminded Nova why she hated it so much... and also figured why the guys liked going so much. Wondering around the city she then ran into her fourth opponent for the KOV, it was none other than the legendary, The Rider. She had heard about him, but had never seen him in the flesh before. The older man had the look of a biker, sitting upon his trusty motorcycle as he found her. While he was pleasant to talk to for a minute, her fight with him was one that would give her scars for a life time. Not only did she have to worry about herself, but the safety of the thousands of people around her, trying to observe the fight. The Rider proved to be that of a worthy fighter, and once more, his power just like Kiara was that of hell fire. Stephanie struggled just to stay standing as one by one he threw his attacks at her, moving swiftly around the city as he tried to bring the KOV Champ down. To hers and many others surprise she managed to outlast The Rider, but just by only a few moments, allowing the young fire goddess to win her fourth KOV fight

Return of the KOV Reign: Aug 15 2008 - January 6 2009

Even though Feral Nova fought some of the toughest warriors to keep her title as King of the Vine, Kurrent ended up announcing that around three for the KOV was to return. Excited, Feral Nova quickly signed up, egar to defend her title as the KOV champ. Many other warriors from far and wide joined up in the tourney. There was Kurrent, Hawk, Man of Forever, Gambler, Hayden Miles, Precise, Slinger, Revan , Rain Man, Vesigrea, Midnightist, T.J. Magnum, Roulette, Kado and Feral Nova were the fighters. Round one seemed promising, Feral Nova could already see some of the outcomes for each battle, but the one battle she never expected was the one she herself was in. With surprise, her first opponent was none other than The Electric One, Kurrent, leader of Veritas Inc. She knew that this battle was going to be the toughest yet, with his electrical powers, and expert in tactics and strategies, the chances of her losing were great. Their battle was that on Lanai, Hawaii, a beautiful small island. Not wanting to give Kurrent the upper hand, Feral Nova rushed out, being the first to attack, which may have been her undoing. The battle was fearfully fought, the two masters of their elements, electricity versus fire, an epic battle that was having the island shake in fear. After becoming blind, and almost unable to move, Feral Nova lost the battle. But not without making Kurrent a permanent right hander by slicing off his left hand. With no sign of regret or anger, Feral Nova congratulated the him, hoping to fight him in the near future if he were to win the KOV.

Indigo Tribe

During the Light Wars, Feral Nova was blessed with the Indigo Ring of compassion by her old mentor, Renegade Lantern. While others chose to go with the Blue, Yellow, Red, Green and Violet Corps, a majority of the WAL team backed Stephanie up, becoming Indigo Lanterns as well. These included, Bio Guyver, The Wanderer, Jay, Matezoide, Cly and Ion Prime. While moving strong and together the Indigo Tribe made its way into the Light Wars, ready to make an impact in one of the largest and most complex wars that have ever faced this universe. While the Indigo Tribe went off to New Oa to go and help the Green and Blue Lanterns, Feral Nova ended up going to Japan, to assist Nighthunter who was facing King Hyperion and X-23, the evil counterpart of Talon, member of the Wolf Pack. Teleported to a dead plant that X-23 had come from, in the beginning of their battle, the real Talon showed up to the fight, and began to attack X-23. During their battle, Talon became severely wounded, and was about to be killed by X-23. Nova seeing this, went out on the attack, and ended up sacrificing herself in order to save Talon.

But somehow the indigo ring that she wore, managed to keep her alive long enough to teleport her back to Earth and to the WAL HQ, where Nurse Hope was there, and surprised by the sudden arrival of the bloody and half dead Feral Nova. Doing as much work as she could, she ended up putting Nova in a chronic healing tube so Nova could heal on her own time, without disturbance from the world. It has been said that Stephanie will be out of commission for the next two to three months, depending on how fast she is able to heal on her own time.

Trial By Fire

A month after Light Wars, Stephanie was still in a coma, her body almost (but not completely) healed from the extensive wounds thanks to X-23. And while in this condition, she was kidnapped by none other than Mr. Sinister, to be used as a pawn in one of his games. Her, along with the other leaders of teams (Kurrent, Andy, Hunter and Chaos Agent) where all placed deep within underground sewer pipes. The only way to get out... was to go into combat with one another until only one stood victoriously. Mr. Sinister woke Stephanie up from her coma, and the confused and weaken fire goddess roamed around the sewers not knowing what was going on, until she ran into the (at the time) rouge hero Kurrent. The two fought in the sewers, but because of all the metal that surrounded them, Kurrent managed to get Feral Nova right where he wanted her and gave her two choices. Choice number one, was for him to kill her, right then and there, or two, to be in his dept, and do a single favor for him, no matter what it was, and no matter when he needed it. Stuck and humiliated she agreed to this, and Kurrent allowed her to live, leaving the area as Nova ran in the opposite direction with fear for her life. She then ran into Andy, Hunter and Chaos, and the four of them managed to escape the tunnels by using a combination of their powers, but the dept to Kurrent was hanging in the back of her mind.

Secret WarsPrologue

Planet Ninjeta

They say that the greatest trick that the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. The same could be said about of Darkchild the most villainous men that have ever walked the Earth. Over the years their history has left a trail of blood that many have tired to clean up and only few had succeeded. One craved absolute power in the subtlest of ways while the other found chaos as the only fruit that could satisfy his hunger. Yet still with such different minds the two have been able to see the same way of how they wanted things on Earth to be but they would not go uncontested. With the rise of the Heroes on Earth, the planet seemed to shine brighter then ever. It was thought to have been through the hard work of those that fought for justice that Earth was now flourishing but the harsh reality was that it was simply allowed to happen.

Both Gambler and Darkchild's ambitions lead them off of Earth two years ago to a planet called Ninjeta to meet with Hayden Miles a powerful Ninjan warrior. Together the three devised a plan that would benefit each of them in their own way while still given the Earth men the freedom to work on both planets. The first part of the plan was to

Gambleroverthrow Ninjeta and have Hayden take control. That itself happened very quickly when the three gathered their forces in secret and began their assault on a planet that showed courage but was simply overwhelmed.

In the end after the planet fell leaving Hayden as its Queen taking her place in Ninjeta's capital city with rule over all the planet. She had also split the planet leaving the cold north for Darkchild to command and train a new army of slaves using his chaotic approach. The murky south was left to Gambler's command with the same arraignment as DC but his troops were trained in a more tasteful and artistic way of killing. This continued on for months and both sides had brainwashed and trained soldiers of Ninjeta while still letting their presence be known on Earth. Those that opposed tried to continue to fight setting up small units around the planet but if caught by either faction they were met with death simply

Hayden Milesbecause taking prisoners was not beneficial.

While the planet fell a Ninjeta resistance was formed to fight back but with the new factions and Hayden still around it seemed hopeless. With a severe daily loose of man power and lack of proper leadership they decided to call upon the heroes of Earth. By using frequencies that were gathered throughout all the times that Ninjans have served in different teams on Earth a distress call was put out urging for help. The hope was that the great champions of Earth would come and aid the innocent people of Ninjeta and restore order once again to the terrorized world.

Return the FavorIt had been months since Trial By Fire, but Stephanie still had what happened in those sewers burning in the back of her mind. It was suddenly this time Kurrent got in contact with her and called back on the favor. Go to the planet Ninjeta and help his team, Ice Dragons and Wolf Pack help the rebels of the planet and give freedom to its people. Without hesitation Stephanie got the members of We Are Legend and got on a one way ticket to Ninjeta. While there the team split up, going to different major cities on the planet.

Taking Constantine, Closure and The Wanderer with her, she wen't to the biggest city of them all... Farwick city where the Castle was at and, where both Ziccarra and Hayden were told to be. She knew there was only going to be one outcome upon arriving to the destination... either she was going to kill one of them... or she was going to die.

(Post in secret War)

Farwick City

As the war raged on Feral Nova's eyes focused on one thing, the Farwick Castle, where Sha was said to be at. She charged forward as the other Sigma soldiers were busy keeping her small army at bay, leaving the entrance wide open for her. Rushing into the royal building she quickly made her way around, running into room after room inside the massive the building only to be disappointed every time she opened the door. Until she reached the fourth level of the castle, pushing the door open she found what she was looking for.

"Sha!" Nova blurted out as she saw her friend standing over what looked to be a large holographic map along a circular table. She was wearing Ninjan armor, yellow and white.covering her from her feet up to her neck, her head uncovered as her helmet rested upon the table. But... it didn't seem like Ninjan Princesses was in any distress. Her crystal blue eyes hoovered across the room, to where Stephanie stood, breathing heavily as she stood there a moment longer. "Y-your alright!" She jumped up as she rushed towards her best friends' side and hugged her tightly, only to never have the hugged returned.Instead, Sha stood still, her body tensing up as the hug was given to her.

"Feral Nova... its about time you get here." she spoke in a cold voice. "And why wouldn't i be alright? I'm home." She gave an evil smile as she pushed Nova away, shoving her down to the ground.

The young hero looked up at her friend in confusion. "Sh-sha? Whats going on here, I'm here to HELP you! To take back Ninjeta!" She said as she stood up, dusting herself off as she heard the door being pushed in, ten Ninjan Sigma Soldiers surrounding her with their spears and swords.

"Help?" Sha laughed. "Does it LOOK like I need help from YOU?" she rose her right arm up to show the soldiers to not to harm to the fire goddess. "I'm here, standing in THIS room, trying to figure out how to take all of you heroes and neutrals out in one fatal sweep." she knew Nova wouldn't understand so she began to walk closer to the emerald eye hero. "I'm working WITH Hayden, Stephanie, and because I see you as a friend, I'm giving you a chance to take whatever WAL members you have and leave my planet NOW."

Stephanie stood there in shock as she heard what the Ninjan Warrior said. "Y-your working WITH Hayden!? Why!? Sha! This doesn't make sense!"

"Stephanie, GO and dont come back, if you do, I WILL kill you."

Nova stood there, the Ninjans still surround her with their weapons pointed towards her neck. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes as she shook her head. "Sha... I didn't want it to come to this... again." her voice a bit shaken as she rose up her head, anyone could tell that she was currently torn. "I don't want to fight you Sha, but that doesnt mean I wont."her body is engulfed in a fiery aura, causing the ten Ninjans to jump back from her deadly flames.

With a wicked smile Sha lift up her helmet and slipped it over her head, a thin clear lens covered her eyes but the lust for blood could still be seen in them. With a snap of her finger the other Ninjans finally backed off, pulling their swords away from Nova, even though they couldn't touch her, and stood across the room.

"Don't forget Nova, I killed you once... and I can do it again." Sha said as her right hand began to power up with a bright yellow energy.

The co-Wal leader saw this and immediately powered up her left hand, then at the same time, the tow threw their blasts at each other, the two colliding with each other dead center between the two. As contact was made, the two energy balls suddenly created an explosions forcing Nova to slam into the wall, causing her fire to go out as she fell down to the ground. As the blinding light finally cleared the entire room was turned inside out. The ceiling was gone as gravel was seen all around Nova. Standing up she looked across the room to see Sha already rushing towards her, grabbing her by the forehead and smashing her head into the marble like building, making a massive crack in it. With a grunt Nova shot up her right hand, grabbing Sha by the neck only to get a hand full of metal she couldn't crush.

"You don't think I came to this battle unprepared Nova." She then grabbed her wrist with her left hand and pried it away. "This armor

is made of a rare Ninjan metal that can only be found in the coldest region of the planet, its stronger than than your adamantium, AND its able to withstand your fire temperatures." She then jammed her free fist into Nova's abdomen, causing her eyes to bulge out in pain as the impact caused her to heave over in pain as Sha allowed her to fall to her knees.

Looking up at Sha, the hero quickly jumped up towards the Ninjan as her body burst into its golden flames, spear tackling the Ninjan right through the marble like walls and outside into the battle that was still raging on. The two smashed into the ground, Sha's back making impact on the cemented ground as a small crater was formed, causing her head to bounce from impact.

Still on fire, Stephanie put both of her fists together, quickly bringing them down over Sha's chest as hard as she could, the impact so great that the ground shook underneath the two. There were even a group of Ninjans who had to pause for a moment, turning to see the two rivals start their fight with one another. The group watching could tell, that in this fight, only one would live to see the end of this war.

Rattling Sha inside her armor, Nova's flames seemed as if they were trying to engulf the Princess, but with a evil chuckle the NInjan warrior's eyes began to glow white. As Stephanie was about to pound on her rivals face, her fist stopped just inches away, her body growing completely stiff as she struggled to even breath.

'C-crap...' Nova thought to herself. In the heat of the battle, Stephanie forgot one important power that Sha had over her... her power of magnetism. Fear could be seen sinking into the fire goddess face.

Without hesitation, Sha threw her hand forward, sending Stephanie flying, crashing into another building where a small group of citizens could be seen rushing out in fear. Laying there for a moment Stephanie slowly got up, shaking her head as she put out her flames. She was going to have to conserve her energy in this fight. But as soon as she got up, a fist smashed into her face, causing her head to whip downward and to the right as blood spew from her lips, stumbling a bit she grabbed into a wooden table as her crimson fluids continued to pour down, without hesitation she gripped the table and threw it in the direction the fist came from, the table flew and smashed into Sha's

armor, but causing no damage or even making Sha move an inch.

"You've lost your urge to fight Nova, whats wrong? Have you grown soft?" She cracked her knuckles as she walked a bit forward, Nova not making a sound as she turned her body to her direction of Sha. Her chest rising up and down as she wiped the blood from her lips.

Making a fist with both hands, Stephanie's eyes began to glow a fiery red as she yelled out, slamming her fists together in front of her body, as soon as impact was made, a blinding wave of fire filled the area, not to do arm, but to temporarily blind Sha, which semi-worked, Sha quickly shaded her eyes as the lens of the helmet did most of the protecting as Stephanie charged up her hands, fire blaring out from them as she shot downward at the ground, causing her body to shoot up, through the ceiling and into the air. While still rising she then powered up her hands with her fire, taking a deep breath as she then yelled out, shooting a massive beam of fire into the building, causing it to explode upon impact, the entire building and the one's surrounding it, leveled down as the power of the blast caused her to shoot up another twenty feet into the air, as she then slowly began to free fall back to the ground. Her eyes glowing white she focused on Sha's body heat, seeing that she was now knelt down on one knee. 'That HAD to have done some damage.' She thought to herself as she made a fist

with her right hand, concentrating the fire to a fine point so that it was in the form of a torch. But when only about ten feet away, Nova's radar blared out, Sha was on the move again, and right towards her, emerging from the dust that was still trying to settle down, the Ninjan

armor was glowing with energy as Sha's right arm was extended out, making impact with Nova's neck as a laugh could be heard coming from her 'friend.'

With her head whipping back, Nova struggled to breath as the metal hit her neck, for a split second that they were near each other she could feel the energy building up inside Sha, it was as if, fighting on her home planet, was giving her some sort of extra boost in power. Thrusting her arm forward, Sha used all her strength to throw Nova away, and as the cyborg fire hero was soaring towards the ground, Sha's body began to glow as her right side of the body glowed a dim, almost black color, and her left side of the body glowed a bright white color. The two energies claiming each side of the body as she extended her arms to each side of her body, the energy's forming into her

hands as she yelled out, thrusting both arms forward, the energy bursting towards Feral, not having much time to react, she burst into f

lames, forming a tight fire shield like cocoon around her body as the light and dark energy made impact into her shield, causing a massive explosion that covered the sky's.

Seconds later Nova's body smashed into the ground on her back, her body rolling along a now grassy plane with ruins sticking out from the

ground all around her. Her body finally came to a stop as her back smashed into a broken stone pillar, her body screaming in pain from the attack as she struggled to get up.

Once up on her feet she could tell that she was now no where near the city she was in, but now, in a random field of grass, with the old ruins surrounding the area. Cracking her sore neck, Stephanie looked around for Sha, and found her slowly landing on the grass just to her right, on top of a pile of stones. She watched as Nova struggled to stand, she could tell she didn't want to fight her, which annoyed her.

Battle after battle it was the same thing, trying to get Stephanie to fight her seriously, was almost impossible. There was only one way to get her to take her seriously, to make threats to the one's she loved.

"You know, once I'm done, I'm not stopping here, I'm going to go back to Earth with Hayden, and take over the Earth with her, and do you know who the first group of people I'm going to go for?" She paused as she jumped down from the rubble and in front of Nova. "Young WAL, their so small, fragile, not fully developed yet, so easy to either manipulate or kill, don't you agree?"

Glaring up at Sha, Nova grabbed a hold of her blade, pulling it out as the sun's ray's reflected off of it. It

was her duty to protect Earth, the people on it and especially her team. "Sha... your giving me no choice, if you want a war.... SO BE IT!" Nova blurted out as she burst into flames and rushed towards Sha, flying at ground level. When only a few feet away she trust her blade forward, as her own blade was smashed into another. In less than a second, Sha had summoned her Ninjeta Blade, a Legendary Sword that would only let the most worthy Ninjan wield it. Now standing toe to toe with Sha in battle the two glared at each other as their blades struggled against each other while Nova's fire surrounded the two as their eyes were locked. The two pushed each other away as they managed to get a good distance between each other, then went into combat yet again.

The two exchanging deadly blows back and forth, massive energy beams shot out with even deadlier accuracy as the two warriors where pushed to the edge. Ninjeta rumbled beneath them as their battle became more and more intense with every second that went by. But while Stephanie was losing power quickly, Sha was still standing tall, her armor still shining in the sun. It seemed that whatever Feral Nova was doing, wasn't good enough to bring the Ninjan Princess down. After over an hour of fighting, Stephanie now laid on the ground, her body bruised, bloody and broken, with Sha's armor, she was even able to break Stephanie's jaw, and smash in a few ribs. A pain that the fire goddess hadn't felt in a very long time. However, even though Sha seemed to take no damage, inside her armor, she was sweating, breathing heavily, becoming exhausted from the energy needing to use the armor. Even though she didn't have even half of the damages that Nova had, she was just as tired.

"Still breathing Nova?" Sha said as she held tightly onto her blade, her armor having scorch marks all over but still shone brightly.

Lying on her side she spat out some blood as it was now a strain breath, cuts so deep upon her skin that one could see the sun gently reflecting on her inner metal. Her cloths tattered, and her body slightly slumped she let out a chuckle. "You know me..." she grunt as she struggled to reach out for her sword that was a foot away from her. "It takes more than that to bring me down." Grasping onto her blade she was about to get up until Sha's foot stepped onto her wrist. Biting her lower lip, Stephanie looked up to see Sha looking down at her, her blade pointing down at her neck.

"Your done Nova, just accept your fate... you've suffered long enough." She rose her sword up, and aimed down at her chest as she began to bring it down, until she stopped, her breathing becoming irregular as her heart began to pound in her chest . "N-no!" She yelled out as she backed up, her body heating up inside her armor, it was as if she was stuck in a massive oven.

"Was saving that one... for a while." Steph said as she managed to get to her knees, her left hand extended out towards Sha as she continued to rise the heat inside her armor. Sure, she was safe from her fire, but she wasn't safe from her power to inject heat into a living organism. "Bet your wishing your weren't wearing your armor now." Struggling to stand up on her shaky knees, her eyes never left her. 'Just... need to get that damn armor off of her.' she thought to herself.She knew it would only be a matter of time, and just as she

thought, within a minute, Sha tore off her helmet, throwing it on the ground as she struggled to get the armor off her body, her skin a crimson red from being baked inside her own armor. As she finally got everything off, she was now only wearing her inner armor lining.

"Doesn't matter..." she looked down at her now bare wrist that held some sort of small remote like watch. Pressing a button a blinding flash covered her body as she was now dressed in her blue and red outfit with her legendary 'S' right in the middle of her chest. "I don't need that to take you down." Her cape gently waved in the light breeze that went across the battle area.

"Hehehe... always a bad @ss..." Nova laughed as she rose up her blade, her body struggling to even stand.

"You can barely stand, just give up Stephanie, and I'll allow you to live, all you'll have to do is serve Hayden for the rest of your life."

Steph couldn't help but chuckle. "Are you out of your mind? Did I cook you in that armor for too long? ME give up?!" She stood up, trickles of blood still coming from her body as she pointed her blade towards her friend. "You cant bring ME down. Dont you know who I am? I am the Fire Goddess of Total Awesomeness!" She laughed as she twirled the blade in her hands, annoying Sha with every word she spoke.

With that she rushed towards Sha, swinging her blade at her neck, only to be counted by Sha's own blade, but to Steph's surprise, Sha grabbed Nova by the wrist and flew right up into the air, and then let out a yell as she threw her higher into the air. Bursting into flames Stephanie struggled to keep them going as she stopped herself in mid-air. Right as she did, Sha rushed towards her, moving faster now without her armor as she smashed a dark energy beam right into her chest. Screaming out in agony she pushed her flames out and downward, the two fighters now making a one way crash course back to Ninjan ground as Nova's flames surrounded Sha, the burning of flesh filling the air as the two smashed into the grassy field, a cloud of dirt filling the area as there was a sudden sound of what seemed to be two boulders colliding with each other as the light of fire could be seen from the dirt cloud. Nova's fists were smashing into Sha's face, while burning her body at the same time until it seemed that Sha finally passed out from the intense heat and beating, blood streaming out from her nose, mouth, even ears.

Putting out her fire Stephanie stood up, her legs giving out as she picked up her blade from the ground and turned back to Sha. Her hands were gripping onto the sword tightly as she stood over her friend, holding the sword right above her neck. Her eyes a fiery red as she continued to stand there a moment longer, she knew what she was suppose to do... but... could she?

Raising up the sword Nova let out a feral yell as her eyes began to water, bringing the sword down, it smashed down, making impact into, the ground, right next to Sha's neck. Nova fell on her knees as she lowered her head in shame, she couldn't do it... she couldn't take Sha's life. Even though she made a terrible choice in siding with Hayden, even if she threaten to kill her and the one's she loved... she couldn't do it, she couldn't take the life of a dear friend.

Right when she was about to pull out her blade from the ground, a forceful impact to her jaw was made, making Nova's head whip over to the left, blood spewing from her mouth as her body seem to go limp as soon as it hit the ground as darkness slowly began to cover over her. Her blurred eyes looked upward to see a Sigma soldier standing over her, her armor covering her body from her toe to her neck, and had a helmet on that covered from the top of her head to the back and down to the eyes. Struggling to see what was going on, it seemed that the soldier was checking on Sha, making sure she was still alive as she then turned to Nova.

"You human scum." She said as her hazel eyes burned with hatred towards Nova who was still in a bit of a daze. "You come to OUR planet, help the rebels, go against our high princess Sha and Queen Hayden, and then try to kill our princess!" She growled at Nova, spitting on her body. "I will not allow that to happen, YOU will die!" The woman pulled out her silver sword as she held it high above her head, ready to strike down upon Nova's chest. As hard as she tried, Stephanie just couldn't move, it was like... her body was finally saying 'enough is enough', giving up on the final round before it was over. Laying there she watched as the blade came rushing down towards her, closing her eyes Nova held her breath, reading herself for the sting of the blade, but... instead... a gasp of surprise could be heard followed by the feeling of warm fluids coming down on top of her body.

Slowly opening her eyes, they suddenly widen in shock. Sha was knelt over on all four's on top of Stephanie, shielding her from the blade and taking the hit herself. Face to face the two friends stared at each other in shock. "SHA!" Nova blurted out as her friend began to cough up blood upon Stephanie's wounded body.

The Sigma Soldier quickly pulled out the sword, causing Sha to gasp in pain, as she finally collapsed on top of Nova, her crimson blood covering Steph's body. "NO!" Stephanie quickly sat up, now ignoring the pain she was feeling, she quickly laid Sha upon the ground on her back, the wound was going from her back, and right through her own chest. "Sha, sha!" Nova yelled out.

"N-nova..." Sha whispered as her blood began to pour quickly out of her body. "You didnt think I was going to let someone else have the joy of killing you... did you?"She chuckled, only to have more blood come from her lips.

"Stop talking, your going to freaken drown yourself in your own blood." Nova began to panic as tears began to build up in her eyes. "I... I can get someone to heal you, you'll be fine, just fine, just... dont move, dont talk-"

"S-steph..." Sha struggled. "Shut up... I've been... trying to kill you... since you've gotten here... and yet, you still want to save me? Your... such an idiot... just let me die."

Stephanie looked down at Sha with confusion, "No! Sha, I dont care what kind of crap you try to pull, you should know by now, no matter what the hell you do, you will ALWAYS be my friend, how many times do I have to say it?" She looked around a bit in a panic. I can get someone to heal you, Kurrent and them cant be too far away, I know it!" She pulled out her communicator. "Nova to anyone who is willing to freaken listen! I need a frekaen healer!" She began to sob. "Get me a healer now!" Her hand was then pulled down by Sha's bloody hand.

"..no.." The Ninjan spoke as her skin began to grow pale as she began to talk more slowly. "This... this is... my destiny... I knew... this day would... come... its... my p-purpose... to sacrifice myself for my friend... for you."

Nova's eyes were no longer able to hold the tears back as the trickled down her cheeks. "No... Sha... you cant leave me too... your... your my friend, my best friend, you cant... DAMN IT SHA YOU CANT DIE!" She held onto Sha's hand tightly.

"There is no other way... I would wish to die." she said as her body began to shake, going into shock from the trauma.

But... who's going to look out for me?" She joked, while the tears were still coming. "Who's going to make sure I dont accidentally run into a pack of rabid cheerleaders while on a cookie hunt? Or... or teach me the 'Woo dance'?"

The two laughed for a moment as Sha smiled. "You'll be fine... I... have... faith... in... you... Do what... yo-u do.. best.. Light up..the darkness-..." with that, Sha's head tilted to the left as her last breath escaped from her lips, her eyes closing as her body became heavy.

With that Nova began to cry as she held Sha close to her, face berried on top of her now deceased friend's golden locks.

"SHA!" Nova roared out in a feral yell as her body burst into flames once more, but this time... it was her white fire, her most powerful level that could only be reached, when in extreme anger.

The Sigma soldier was still standing behind Nova the entire time, now eyes widen with fear at what she realized she just did.

"YOU!" Nova yelled out as her head whipped over towards the soldier. "YOU KILLED HER!" She stood up, carrying Sha in her arms, as her flames were waving wildly around her, the raw energy burning anything and everything around her with the exception of Sha, even the ruins were quickly desintergrate under the power of her white fire.

"P-please! Forgive me, I didn-" before she could finish her sentence, her head blew up into a bloody explosion, that quickly evaporated into the air, leaving the body to hit the ground without its head.

"You... will ALL DIE!" Nova yelled out as she burst into the air, flying quickly towards Farwick where the battle was still raging on. Hoovering above the middle of the city Nova stood tall as her glowing white eyes glared over the battle area. "Rebels, and citizens flee the area NOW!" Nova yelled out as the rebels quickly began to run from the area as Nova's flames began to eat away at the fallen buildings around her, her eyes looking upon every Sigma soldier there was. All of them with swords in hand with their armor upon their bodies, ready to fight against her.

"SHE KILLED PRINCESS SHA!" The pointed to the fallen Ninjan in her arms. "KILL HER!"

They all began to rush at her, but before they could even get within twenty feet of her, their armor began to melt, burning into their skin as they all began to yell out in pain. Without even moving Nova closed her eyes, and as soon as she opened them, all the Ninjan's fell to the ground, passed out by the intense heat that Stephanie injected into their bodies at the last possible moment. Within seconds, Stephanie took care of any Ninjan Soilders, good or bad, within Farwick.

Exhausted from what she just did, Nova quickly landed on the ground as she fell to her knees, her white fire going out as she slumped forward, still holding onto Sha's body, struggling to keep her own body from lying on top of hers. As she stayed there, she began to sob to herself, her swollen red eyes shut closed as she didnt feel the need, or want to fight in this war anymore.

With pain coursing through her body, the fire goddess leaned into Andy as he assisted her out of the room. Every step she took caused her broken ribs to push into her lungs, and every time she tried to grit her teeth to hold the pain in, her broken jaw only wanted to make her cry out in pain. It wasn’t until she finally made her way out of the palace that she realized just how messed up she was.

"The rest of Ice is just outside. I had them create a perimeter in the courtyard. We get there and I can get you the medical aid needed. Arcana will be able to use her magic to help some of your wounds, and rejuvenate your body. If you can reach Wands on the communicator and get a hit on his location. We can send Octagon to him and then he can teleport them both back to us. Reenforcer can help scout things with his speed if needed, I doubt many of them will be able to keep step with the crafty speedster".

She nod her head at Andy as she struggled to speak. “Thank you Andy…” As soon as they left the building, she could see that the battle was still raging on as Ninajn forces continued to fight and Lantern Crops seen around the area. ‘I guess I’ve been out of it longer than I thought…’ she thought to herself as the group made the way towards the jet. Walking into it she was immediately placed in a bed as her body finally began to rest. She then saw Arcana come to her side, Nova’s eyes looking upon a card that was placed on her body as a sudden blue glow covered her body. The energy was warm, soothing, and helping her to relax, but her mind never wandering too far off from the fact that she left Sha behind.

As her body began to heal she could still feel something burning in her veins, something that wasn’t natural. She took a deep sharp breath as she made a fist with both hands, trying to keep the pain to herself as she closed her eyes, doing her best to relax. ‘Something is wrong…’ she thought to herself, as she could feel her heart beat irregularly, breathing becoming a strain as she kept her eyes tightly closed, her fingers digging into the bed as the burning sensation went throughout her body. In a split second she then sat up, the card falling off her chest as she held her hand over her heart.

“Oh god…” she heaved forward as blood began to drip from her nose, there was only one thing that could be happening to her that she could manage to think of. When Sha got in the way of the blade that was to kill Stephanie, the Ninjan’s blood dripped into the wounds of her body, causing the different races blood to mix with each other. Another thing was that Sha’s blood had a special chemical in it, that was deadly to humans… and now ;it was running through Nova’s veins. Throwing her body back down on the bed she struggled to breath as she yelled out in pain, as she arched her back, her muscles becoming to stiffen as she kept her eyes tightly shut, gritting her teeth as she felt her body slowly growing cold.

The Unlikely Successor

After the battle with Sha on Ninjeta, Feral Nova was told to have been poisoned by the woman she killed. With Ziccarra's blood filled with Xechellum, a substance that was deadly to humans. Day by day she was slowly dying, her powers growing weaker by the day. The only way she would be able to overcome this poison was to be able to raise her body temperatures higher than they already were, which meant she had two options.... wait for a cure by We Are Legend scientist, or learn how to control hellfire. But she didn't know how to control hellfire, or how to go about controlling it. Lucky for her though... someone who had been keeping an eye on her did.

After being contacted by a mysterious person, Stephanie found out to be Darkchild who had sent out an S.O.S signal to her. It turned out he too was dying, but without a cure, he wasn't left with many options.

"I know what it will take to cure you, and so do you." closing his hand into a fist the hellfire disappears and he walks forward putting his weight onto the cane the energies from the island slowly flowing into his suit on a constant basis. He gets close to her an stands upright "I have something to tell you about your condition. By the decay your body has begun to go into and the rate your powers have been slipping away...you have two weeks." He says this without a ounce of emotion coming to his face and he continues "So I have one question. Will you continue fighting the good fight for two weeks, and then abruptly die in a shower of immense pain. And in the process of dying most likely take out an entire city block around you, and being that your a family woman that would include the two lovely children I saw earlier at the WAL base let alone your husband who so tragically has been cursed with blindness. With such blindness wont see the burst of energy erupting from within you in time to save himself and your children." He pauses for a moment letting this knowledge sink in "OR Will you train with me for one week and learn how to control hellfire. And after your training I ask of you one single thing." He steps closer to her cupping her chin "The remembrance of who gave you this power and to leave me ALONE!" the last of the sentence was said in a strong tone. "After this all you will advice

your team AND your husband to leave me be. Because if you do not, I will tell him who his beloved wife came to in her time of need. To save his life and the ones around you, you came to the very same man who took his eyesight away. Thats all I ask for, now what is your answer Firefly?"

This was the deal they made, Stephanie quickly agreed, training with hellfire for leaving his remaining time on Earth at peace. She was desperate for help, more so than she thought to be, because this gift... was going to turn out to be nothing but a curse.

Send me an Angel

(Side note, I wasnt around during All Hell... or the Foundations rpg so I wrote this out to explain what happened to Nova and where she was at during those two Cannon rpgs)

Stephanie stood on the top of We Are Legend HQ, her eyes looking down at the city her and her dear friends had sworn to protect with all their powers. She couldn’t help but smile as she pulled out her Ipod that was given to her years ago from her first friend she had made on the team, Angelic Reaper. “Just like I promised you, I’m going to keep this city safe, till my last breath.” She traced the engraving that read ‘To The Fire Goddess of Total Awesomeness, Happy Birthday! Love, Angelic Reaper.’. Just then a deep rumble could be heard from the earth below her, her eyes widen as hundreds of portals opened up all around the city. “What the hell!?” she blurted as roaring could be heard, demons, massive demons all shapes and sizes flew, ran, crawled their way out. Chills ran down Nova’s back as she quickly tucked her ipod back in her pocket, and pulled out her WAL communicator.

“ALL WAL MEMBERS-“ before she could finish something grabbed the back of her shirt and jerked her into a black portal, causing her to drop her communicator on the ground, the portal closing right behind her. “What the hell!?” Nova yelled as she looked around, an eerie grey cloud all around her. “Where am I?” she asked herself, fear beginning to build up inside her.

“Don’t worry, your safe.” A soft voice could be heard from behind her, a… rather familiar voice.

Whipping her head around Nova’s eye’s widen in shock as she saw the person standing before her, it was Angelic Reaper. She looked different... but she could tell, it was her. “A-Angel?!” Nova blurted out, falling to her knees as her jaw shot open.

With a smile the raven haired girl nod her head and floated towards the young hero. “Don’t worry, your safe here.” Stephanie was so confused, she didn’t understand what was going on, so many questions where going through her mind, and she didn’t know what to ask first. “First, yes, I am real, in a way.” Angel spoke, it was the same soft sweet voice she remembered. “This is the spiritual realm, remember, where I take the souls to be judged?” Nova simply nod her head. “I’ve been here, doing my duty in making sure the souls reach there safely, and watching you and the rest of the team.” She knelt down next to Stephanie. “You look good, its been… quite a while.”

Stephanie nod her head. “I’ve… missed you.”

Angel’s smile turned into a slight frown. “I’ve missed you too, all of you.”

Angel began to explain the situation on Earth to Stephanie, and how Rina had opened multiple portals from not only hell, but alternate worlds where demons and monsters of all shapes and size roamed. Nova’s hair stood on end as she heard everything, and her mind began to worry about those she cared about, and loved.

“Angel, I have to go back, WAL, NeVann, the twins-!” she started only to have be cut off.

“Whom will all be fine.” Her voice was firm. “I know this might sound… weird, but I received a vision, everyone will be fine Stephanie, but you…” she paused. “You wouldn’t have been.”

Her eyes narrowed. “What do you mean?”

The soul receiver sighed. “In all the chaos you try to take on as many demons and monster’s on your own, you will manage to kill some, but in the end…” she looked at the hellfire gloves that Stephanie wore. “The demon blood within you takes over, and in trying to prevent yourself from turning and harming those you care about, you sacrifice yourself.”

The fire goddess stayed silent, she knew the ‘gift’ that Darkchild gave her would come with a price, she just didn’t know it would end up being her life, so quickly. “I see…”

“Trust me when I say, your safe here, and everyone you care and love will be safe as well.”

Stephanie nod her head, of course she trusted her dear friend, but that didn’t stop her from worrying about everyone. “So… what now?”

Angel stood up, and helped up Steph as well. “We train, I’m going to help you with your training, so that hopefully, you’ll never have to do what I did, to get rid of the evil within. I want you to become stronger, to be able to push back the demon blood when you activate your hellfire powers, because lets face it… there will be many times in the future, you will need that power.”

Stephanie had a look of sorrow in her eyes, she remembered the pain that Angelic Reaper had everyday, the struggle she had to endure, and now, she was going to have to face the same thing. “Ok.” The Co-Wal leader nod her head.

For months the two trained for endless hours, within the Spiritual Realm, Stephanie never felt the need to sleep. Meditation however was a big part of the training, doing this helped Stephanie to control the demon blood while using the hellfire, and became such a master of it, the gloves where almost not necessary anymore. When the time came to go back into the Physical Realm, Stephanie was now stronger than she had been, and would be able to control the demon within.

“I’m proud of you.” Angel spoke as the two returned where the portal opened that allowed Angel to get Nova.

“Thanks, I tried really hard during our training.” Her bright smile covered her face.

“I mean… I’m proud of you, for continuing to light up the darkness. Even after everything you’ve gone through… so many times you could have just given up, and yet… your stubbornness pushed you through.” She then snapped her fingers and a box appeared in her hands. “Here.” She placed it within Nova’s.

“W-whats this?” Stephanie looked at the box with amazement as she pulled on the red bow that was on top.

“It’s a little ‘good luck/happy late birthday/congratulations on leading WAL/happy WAL anniversary/Merry late Christmas present.’” The raven haired woman giggled.

“Oooooohhhh!” Nova flipped the box open, to see red, yellow and sliver armor sitting inside. “Oh… oh wow!” She quickly took it out of the box. “This- this is awesome!” She turned to Angel and gave her a huge hug that ended too soon.

Angel gently let Nova go and with another snap of her fingers, the Armor was on Stephanie, and her cloths were inside the box. “This armor, will keep you safe from the harsh elements of the Earth, and it will keep you safe from things such as holy water.” She winked at the end as Nova chuckled nervously. She never thought about it… holy water and crap like that was going to be a factor for her now.

“Thank you so much Angel, I… I wish I would have gotten you something.”

As long as there is light, there is hope.Angel shook her head. “Just you being here with me, was a gift in itself.” She then waved her hand in front of the two of them and a purple portal appeared, the roof top of We Are Legend could be seen once again. “Oh and… please, give Sha a hug for me.”

Nova kept her head lowered, she never told Angel what happened to their Ninjan friend. “A-angel…” she whispered.

“Just when you see her, give her a hug for me, that Ninjan is stubborn, I’m sure she’ll be back one day.” The two hugged once last time as Stephanie didn’t want to let go. “You have to go now."

Stephanie let go as she nod her head. “Cant… cant you come with me though?”

Angel chuckled. “I’m just a spirit now, if I leave here for too long, I’ll vanish, and that would be very bad.”

She knew this, but she had to at least ask.

"Oh and Nova." Stephanie stopped, half her body already through the portal. "Dont forget, no matter how dark the day's ahead may seem. As long as there is light there will always be hope..”

On top of the WAL HQ a dark purple portal opened up, and stepping out in a red, yellow and silver armor was none other than Stephanie, holding onto her sliver helmet with her right hand. A small smile on her face as she turned to the portal to meet the eyes of Angelic Reaper who had cared and trained with her for the months of her absence. Waving bye the portal closed leaving the Fire Goddess alone, and with a tear running down her face. She knew more than ever, she had to keep the promise she made, that long time ago.

King of the Vine #4

During the fourth King of the Vine Tourney Feral Nova was set up against some of the most difficult warriors she could ever face. Fighters such as Ferro Vida, Kurrent, Hayden Miles, Charmix, The Hunter, Talon, Eclipse and Slight were just some of the people the self proclaimed Fire Goddess was going to have to battle in order to take home the crown yet again. First round she fought against the Hydro Hero, Slight, second round the deadly Ninjan Hayden Miles, third round with the Mistress of Magic Charmix, semi final round was with none other than the Electric Ace Kurrent and the final round was against her former team member and 3rd KoV champion, Precise. The battle was taken place in Caracas, Venezuela, crime capital of the world. The battle raged on for hours, the two heroes and former team mates exchanging blow after blow, until the battle took a turn for the worst. Feral Nova activated her demonic powers, using hellfire to try and even the playing field with the powerful Mage. Unfortunately, while attempting to scare Stephanie out of using her demonic powers, Precise opened a portal to hell, forcing the pyro hero to be sucked into it. Precise, filled with regret as soon as he saw the fear in Stephanie's eyes, chased after her. Due to both fighters being taken down into hell, there was no official winner.

Into the depths of hell and back againStephanie was trapped inside hell for roughly half a year. Living in the demonic ran world made the Fire Goddess loose part of her humanity. Her mind became twisted, her demonic powers overwhelming her and taking full control during her time there. It wasn't until a L.O.V.E Squad made up of Mistress Redhead, Ziccarra, Charge up, and Primav3ra went in to save the hero only to almost get killed themselves in the process.

It took Stephanie about five months to partially recuperate from her traumatizing experience in hell, and even then, she realized something, that her demonic powers were stronger than ever. She was able to stay in control of herself for the most part, but one day, during a mission to save a kidnapped Sha, Stephanie felt it inside, the demon pushing forward. Afraid she was about to put her entire team in danger, she fled the mission.

The hero ran off, afraid of what she had become since her return she fled to the jungles of Peru (during the Embrace Change RP) where she ran into the Shadow Squad of Champions of Peace. There the demon managed to take full control of her, fighting the hero squad and almost killing one of their members. But thanks to the tactful and powerful ways of Sovereign Son, she was taken down, and brought back to the Champion of Peace facilities.

With their help she was able to suppress the powers of the demon through sheer will power, but even then... it was clear that it wouldn't be long until Feral Nova would lose her ability control herself again. Just a few months after her rescue thats exactly what happened. Her mind snapped once more and the evil demonic powers overpowered her when she was weak. The now rouge hero roamed around the world, doing what pleased, killing the weak for her pleasure.

Return of the Fire Goddess(Blog post)

Deep within South Korea

The air stood still around the crazed fire goddess, her rabid eyes looking downward at the burnt corpses that laid before her. The demon had taken full control over the once beloved hero, mind and body. Pulling its blood coated hands over its nose it took a deep inhale, taking in the sent of its prey. The smell was almost like ecstasy for her, the most delicious and beautiful scent there has ever been. Pulling her hands away it began sniffing around her blood stained nose, and began to walk around the small town like as if it was looking for something, or hunting for someone.

It didn’t take it very long to finally stop in front of a small straw home, taking a sniff at the door way it gave out a toothy grin. Feral Nova leaped through the door, breaking it with no problem, landing in a crouching position as she sniffed the staled air. Making her way deeper into the small home, she began shoving furniture out of the way, chuckling to herself as she reached a small corner closet. Ripping the door open she took a deep breath and looked downward, a child, about the age of 4 sat in a fetal position, his eyes closed tightly as his small body shivered with fear. Licking her lips with hunger she began to reach downward with her claw like fingers towards the little boy, ready to consume the little life he had.

But before she could reach downward a shift in the air suddenly was felt. The demon whipped its head around to find an rather familiar woman standing before her. Her short dirty blond and black armored outfit that thread 'WAL Blops' to the right side of the chest. She knew who this was… Cover, We Are Legend Black Ops member.

Feral Nova hissed at this woman, not happy to see someone who was interrupting her dinner. Cover stayed silent, never flinching a muscle as she slowly began to reach behind her, grasping something. With a feral roar Nova leaped at the woman like a cat to a mouse, only to have her body fly right through her, as if she was a ghost. Landing on all four the demon looked annoyed, tilting its head to the side as it spun around, looking back at the silent fighter. Standing back up it began to circle her opponent, as if examining her, only to stop to the right of the woman. It then shot out a hellfire ball at the woman, who then vanished in a blink of an eye and appeared right behind Feral Nova, jamming a dart into the base of her neck.

The demon roared as it threw its arm out, slapping Cover across the face and forcing her to the ground as the demon began to stumble. Her vision became blurred and became harder to stand. Her body began to tilt to the left until she finally slipped on a puddle of blood and landed face first into the floor. Walking up to the now disoriented demon, Cover withdrew her baton, and slammed it against her face. Knocking the demon out cold.

THE NEXT DAYFeral Nova's eyes fluttered open, her head throbbing in pain as a soft groan escaped from between her lips. But when she went to go place her hand upon her head... she realized she was strapped to a table. In a panic she began to wiggle her body, trying to get herself free as she realized another thing… SHE had control over herself. She blinked for a moment as she saw a figure standing not too far away from her, in the shadows.

“Who are you?” Stephanie’s asked, her voice a bit raspy.

Taking a few steps forward showed a young woman with a black blindfold across her eyes. “You can call me Sight.” Her voice was soft, almost soothing.

“Where am I?” She began to relax a bit, letting her guard slowly down.

“The underground portion of We Are Legend Facilities in Los Angeles.” She answered, slowly walking up to the Fire Goddess.

Confusion swept upon her face, We Are Legend disbanded… again, now their back? “Is this some sort of joke?”

A door suddenly swept open, causing Sight to jerk up a bit and back away, her had tilted downward as a man with a military uniform came into play. “Does this seem like a joke to you Miss Ardor?”

“General Bartholomew.” Chills when down her spine as she saw the man step forward, she figured he would be dead right now. But looking at him and his thick head of gray hair and defining wrinkles… he was getting there. “How are you-?” before she could finish her question, Bartholomew interrupted her.

“You are in no condition to be asking question Miss Ardor.” He spoke in a cold voice towards her. “You only have TWO options here, be held inside the We Are Legend underground facilities for the rest of your unnatural life OR…” he paused for a moment, walking up closer to the captive fire goddess. “You can re-join We Are Legend, and become the hero you once were.”

Nova’s eyes widen, but then began to chuckle. “I’m broken General, or have you forgotten? I’ve been ‘fixed’ before over at Champions of Peace, but look what happened a few years later?” she gave a broken grin as tears began to build up in her eyes. “I’m no good… no matter how hard I try… I CANT be the hero I once was.”

“Miss Ardor, can you tell me exactly HOW you are able to think so clearly right now?” Bartholomew asked.

She cleared her throat for a moment. “What?” she then thought about for a moment, this entire time, she had full control over herself, the demon… no where to be found in her mind. Her eyes widen as she looked over at him. “How-?”

The young blond haired girl stepped up.

“I believe you met ‘Sight’” Bartholomew motioned to the blindfolded girl. “She’s a powerful telepath that we came across about a year ago. So far she’s been able to suppress your feral demon mindset. But she’s also useful for other things as well…”

“So what? Your going to have her follow me everywhere to make sure I don’t snap?” she chuckled.

“No, we’re going to erase your memory right before the point of your downward spiral into darkness.” There was a chill in his voice. "We are going to erase everything, and bury your demon within the deepest part of your mind where it will never be found or set free.

Stephanie laughed, erase her memory? But when he didn’t laugh… “Wait… your SERIOUS?” Stephanie stopped laughing. “That’s insane, you would have to go all the way back to-“

“The Secret War… yes I know.” General Bartholomew spoke as he stopped walking. “The world needs more than just ‘heroes’ Feral Nova. There are plenty of ‘heroes’ running around. The world needs a savior.” He turned back around. “You need to be one of those savior’s but in order to do that, you need to go back to how you were BEFORE you were engulfed in darkness. The time when you were… for lack of a better word ‘pure’. Think about it, you won’t remember the demon, you won’t remember hurting those you caused harm to, you won’t remember EVER being a villain and you’ll be able to live your life the way you were SUPPOSE to, like how you WANTED to, as a Light In the Darkness.” He cracked a smirk.” Its not as if you have a say in the matter anyways, its either this or keep you held underground for the rest of your life, and you would be so useful NOT being held against your will.”

“So instead your just going to erase my memory against my will?” Stephanie’s heart began to pound in her chest as anxiety began to sweep over her.“YOU CAN’T DO THIS!” she yelled out, her body was about to erupt into flames, but… something held her back. She looked over to Sight, who had a gentle smile on her face. “F@CK!” Stephanie yelled out, struggling to break herself free.

“Next time we meet Feral Nova… you won’t remember any of this.” With that General Bartholomew walked out.

Sight then walked forward, outstretching her hand as it gently pressed against Nova’s forehead, covering her eyes. “Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit.”Then… the world around her went black.

Two day’s laterStephanie sat in front of a mirror, her hair was shorter, only going down to the the lobs of her ears. Running her fingers through it she scrunched her nose, maybe this WASN’T a good idea. She never cut her hair this short before. But then again… she figured it time for a new look. Getting up she walked out of her room, walking into the underground facilities of We Are Legend, she had been here for the past two day’s recovering from a long time Coma that she has been in for… well… years from what she understood. Ever since her battle with Ziccarra on Ninjeta, she had been out, sleeping soundly in a air pressure chamber until her body was able to fully heal itself back to health and just two day’s ago she woke up.

But since then she has been going through crash courses on the current world events. Andy was now dead, Ziccarra died… again, New France, Utopia, Champions of Peace, The Trinity, Mistress Redhead missing, so many things wen’t on while she was asleep! Not to mention now there was some chick running around trying to kill her! …who’s name escaped Stephanie for a moment… but anyways… ALL OF THIS WAS INSANE! And soooo much to learn, it was like being in high school all over again… only without the popular kids… or cheersluts.

“How are you feeling Miss. Ardor?” a voice asked from a distance. Looking upward she saw General Bartholomew.

“I’m doing great General! When do you think I’ll be able get some action!” She said throwing her fists in the air, acting as if she was hitting someone.

“Soon enough, we just need to make sure you’re-“

“Up to speed on world events and back to full power… yeah, yeah.” Stephanie rolled her eyes as she walked into a room where her ‘teaching’ sessions were held at. “See you later!” she said as she closed the door behind her.

With a grin General Bartholomew walked away, the hero the world once loved, was back.

Walking into another room General Bartholomew stood in front of multiple military personnel, all who used to support We Are Legend when the UNSC was still in control of it.

“So, General, how are we going about releasing Stephanie Ardor back into the public? Obvious we can’t send Sight to everyone in the world and wipe their memories clean.” A older looking man dressed in military attar spoke.

“So glad you asked.” Bartholomew grin as he stood before all the men. “Its simple, we simply say after Feral Nova went into her coma after the war on Ninjeta (Secret War), protocol 732C, also known as Protocol Switch-off was commence.” The rest of them were silent for a few seconds.

“Your talking about the clones that the UNSC made of all the second generation WAL members.”

With a grin he nod. “Exactly. Those clones were created to take the place of the WAL members if they were to be killed or go missing. So naturally when Feral Nova went into her coma, the clone was accidently activated and went about the world pretending to be the real Feral Nova. Now, we can state that because of the clones interactions with Darkchild, the clone went rouge, and we have been unsuccessful on containing it, until now. We were also able to bring the real Feral Nova out of coma and she is now ready to action yet again.”

“And what about the actual clones? Someone is surely going to start poking around our facilities and files in attempt to find more information on them.”

"Well after our little… incident (When Clones attack rp) we had to discard the clones, but the public is unaware of this. As for the files on these clones, the only one’s that are left are held at Washington DC.”

“This is brilliant General.” The men began to stand up from their seats. “We’ll make the announcement to the public this week.” With that they all began to walk out of the meeting room, the plan was now set in motion.

Stirring the Ashes(Blog post)

Grimm City

Faint footsteps could be heard from a distance followed by an echoing scrape after every other step. It had been too long since Hotaru had been seen or heard by anyone, as soon as her mother passed away, she began pulling away from everyone, isolating herself, until slowly she was just no where to be found. Watching you're mother sacrifice herself to try and better the world, only to realize that her sacrifices were in vein would drive any teenager to the brink of insanity. Paper pushers of WAL began whispering behind her back, echos of the alternate world (Eternity Crossroads) that was almost destroyed by her own hands were said to be coming into this world by the way she was acting.

But her mission wasn't to make people feel safe, oh no, right now it was to find a way to bring her mother back. Searching through the internet, books of the old, magic, and even into alien races, she found many ways to bring back her mother, but none of them seemed to be physically possible for the young woman to achieve on her own.That was until she spoke to her life long family friend, Wando. When Izaiah found out the only thing left by her mother at her death site, was an Azurian Artifact, he began speaking to her about it, how it had potential properties to horde the former users soul to increase its power for the next wielder of the item.

Using the Library in Helioplis it was found that Stephanie COULD be brought back to life using the amulet with another acient item that hadn't been talked about for a while... the Lazarus Pit that Ziccarra used to bring herself back to life all that time ago. It was shown that a resurrection could be performed if both of them were used together.

The only downside to that, was the fact that a living body would be needed for full restoration of mind and body, but with Stephanie's body no longer physically around... She would need to find a body that would be able to house not only the soul of her mother, but one that would be strong enough to handle her raw power, this is when things began to become darker for the princess of pyro. The soul of the body that would be used for Stephanie would be sacrificed, killing off the being and allowing Steph's own soul to be replaced.

Everything came at a price, and if it meant to kill someone in the process to bring back her mother, so be it. This is the part that took the longest for the Fire Princess to figure out, who would be the 'sacrifice'? Who's life would Hotaru forfeit to bring her own mother back? It was finally brought to attention that one of Ziccarra’s cousins, Zeon Liafador, Queen of Xiox, landed upon Earth many, many months ago looking for her cousin for unknown reasons, but was now simply causing a ruckus around the world. The Uchiha took this as a sign, as ironic as it would be, her mother's death was partly due to a Ninjans action and now she would be brought back as one.

As soon as she found out exactly where Zeon was at, she went on a full assault on her, no real reason behind, Hotaru called it 'early justice', saying she was going to prevent another 'All Out Assault' by stopping Zeon before she became like her older cousin. Killing all of the Royalty Guards she took the Queen to where the living pool was to be located at, Grimm City.

Hotaru’s exhausted body was seen dragging a large white body bag of with a chain wrapped multiple times around it, the young ninja holding the other end of it. Sweat ran down the temples of her face, her body covered in scrapes, bruises, and dry blood as she saw the glow of the life giving pool. Standing around it were the Cardinals she had managed to 'gather', this is was another thing that took time, trying to track them down and basically kidnap them. Each of them chained to the ground so they couldn't escape, wearing black hooded cloaks.

Finally stopping she unzipped the body bag, the young Ninjan laid knocked unconscious, her face bruised and disfigured from her battle she had with the Princess of Pyro. Picking up her body from the ground she let out a grunt, throwing her over her shoulder as she walked up the steps of the Lazarus pit, the raw energy of the pool could be felt as she laid the Ninjan down along the edge of he pit. Reaching to her back pocket she pulled out the only thing left of her mother, the Azurian Artifact. Not even a scrap of ash was left of her after her final attack on Arrow.

It was time to begin...

“I give you Lazarus, a living sacrifice...” Her dark emerald eyes glared over at the cloaked men, each of them jerking a couple of inches in fear, as they began their eerie chant in a foreign tongue. “as a vessel for Stephanie Ardor, and as a anchor for her soul, accept this amulet.” The amulet gave off a soft golden glow, something that Hotaru sought as a sign that this was going to work. “To combined the two into one, I give my blood, the daughter of the deceased.” Reached behind her she grasped onto the hilt of her mothers blade, The Honoo Tachi. In a swift motion pulled it from its sheath as the light of the pool gave off a reflection from it. Opening her hand that held the amulet she used her mothers blade to slice into her flesh, her crimson blood filling the palm of her hand as she pulled the blade away, setting it down as she covered the artifact in her blood. The chants of the Cardinals began louder as the pool began to boil and Zeon's eyes slowly began to open, finally regaining some conscious. Crouching down next to Zeon she shoved the amulet in her mouth with one hand, she pulled out tape from her back pocket with the other, taping her mouth shut. Zeon's eyes widen, as if she realized something bad was about to happen. "LAZARUS, ACCEPT MY OFFERING AND GIVE US STEPHANIE ARDOR!"

With that, Hotaru's foot slammed into Zeon's chest, shoving her into the pool as it began to sizzle, the stink of burning flesh filled the area as Zeon's body could be seen thrashing back and forth, unable to scream out in pain as the entire pit gave off a blinding golden flash. A gust of power surged through the area, forcing everyone on their back, including Hotaru. The fluids of the pool stayed still for almost thirty seconds, almost giving the impression that the legends were false... until-

A hand reached out of the green fluid, followed by the naked body of a woman that... didn't LOOK like Stephanie but it wasn't Queen Zeon. Her body was bare as she rose out of the 'waters' her blond hair slicked against her scalp as her sky blue eyes glowed with power. Hotaru quickly stood up, getting up from her feet, she then realized something... this WAS her mother!

"M-mom?" The young kunoichi spoke in a surprised voice, realizing that all of her hard work to bring back the hero actually pulled off! Grasping a tattered rag on the ground she wrapped it around Stephanie as best she could as the glow in her eyes suddenly faded, causing a wave of fatigue to rush over her.

"H-hotaru?" Stephanie whispered, dropping her knees as she looked over at her teary eyed daughter. She was alive... but.... she was dead... the war... the desert... Final Arrow... what did Hotaru do?

"Y-yeah mom." it was the first time in a long time that Hotaru smiled, hugging into her mother tightly.

Just then her eyes focused on a few strands of blond hair hanging before her eyes, this wasn't hers... looking down at her body, her eyes widen even more, this wasn't HER body. Fear began to sink in, Hotaru called her mother, but she wasn't .. her. "What happen-" But before she could finish speaking, rushes of images began flashing, many that weren't her own, memories of Zeon were flooding her mind like pollution. Stephanie quickly jerked away, trying to organize her thoughts. "What is this!?" She didn't know WHO'S memories these were, but they were of a NInjans, they ran through her brain as if they were her own, trying to grab a hold of who she was... who Hotaru was... it was becoming difficult. Letting out a frustrating yell she stood up, wrapping her hands around her head.

Lavish palaces, armies standing before her, ready to fight for her was seen in her mind as he slammed her body against a wall. "Who am I?" At that moment everything stopped, her mind stopped going at a million miles a second and instead, and intense feeling overwhelmed her, as if something was PULLING her somewhere. She couldn't understand what it was, but for some reason... in a strange way, it felt so familiar to her. Her eyes looked upward towards the ceiling, she needed to get out of here.

"MOM WHATS GOING ON!" The Kunoichi yelled out as she began walking towards the confused hero. Fear began to build inside the teenage ninja, what did she do?!

Walking up to her mother she tried to grasp onto her shoulder, only to have Stephanie suddenly glare at her. The fire goddess' hands instantly grasped around her daughters neck, her eyes filled with pain, anger and confusion as a 'snap' was suddenly heard. Hotaru's body became dead weight as she let go, the young woman's body dropping to the ground with a loud 'thud', no sign of movement, or even life.

Without saying a word Stephanie began levitating off the ground, without her signature flame, the powers of the Ninjan body kicking in as her eyes focused upward. The newly reborn Ninjan shot upward, crashing through the ceiling and into the dark city skies, heading West where the energy was leading her. Right now things weren't making sense to, but one thing was, wherever this feeling was leading her, it had answers of some sort.

TibetThe chill of the atmosphere around her stung against her skin as her body rocket through the air, leaving a sound breaking boom behind her wherever she went. She was so close now, the pull was stronger than ever as she approached what seemed to be some sort of temple. Her keen eye sight could spot several men that surrounded the building, guards no doubt, and they seemed to have already spotted the powerful woman, pointing upward at the sky.

Without even taking time to think she felt a familiar burning at the pit of her stomach, gritting her teeth her eyes glowed yellow as she burst into blinding golden flames, crackling around her as she used them to speed her up, now going downward towards a specific section of the building where the pull was the strongest. Now just a few feet away from the ceiling she flipped her body, going feet first into the buildings roof as if it was paper, landing forcefully on the ground, creating fissures all around her, her flames died out, leaving the reborn woman in a crouching stance. Raising her head she saw a woman kneeling before some sort of series of shrines around her. The woman's raven hair ruffled due to the chaos that Stephanie just brought in.

Guards voices could be heard rushing towards the doors as the bewildered fire goddess parted her lips to speak in a foreign language a part of her seemed to have known. "Please... help me." was all she could say as she lowered her head, her blonde hair covering her face as tears of frustration began to fill her crystal blue eyes.


Quintus Knightfall vs Feral Nova


Feral Nova, even though she does have her fire power and super strength she still decides to carry a weapon with her at all times.

The Honoo Tachi Her first and only weapon she constantly keeps with her is none other than the sword that NeVann gave her after his short training with her. The Honoo Tachi. This is a double bladed katana made from vibrainium, the other metal known to man that is stronger than Nova's inner metal true admantium. It is also a nano tech sword, which means the sword will only work only upon her command, if anyone other than herself were to try and whiled it, they will receive a massive wave of electricity shot through their system.

Powers and Abilities

Pyrokinesis- Her main power and rather more deadly than the young hero thinks it is, Feral Nova is able to control any form of fire and heat, as well as create fire from her body. Her flames can also reach up to the blazing temperatures of 1,000,000 degrees F. With this power she is also able to absorb heat from any living thing (Causing them to freeze to death) and non-living thing (bombs, video games systems, cars...etc). She is also able to place heat in items or living things, causing them to over heat, and/or explode. Her powers tend to be tied in with her emotions, the more upset or passionate she becomes about something, the stronger her pyro abilities become. Since her rebirth as a Ninjan this as been displayed as Ninjan's are very passionate warriors, her fire abilities are not only more under her control, but have become stronger.

She is also able to construct her flames into solid objects by pressurizing the fire molecules tightly together. As of right now, she is only able to create things such as domes, walls, shield.. etc. The fire does NOT need to be extremely hot for this to work, meaning, she is able to shield people with her flames without them getting burned. Nova is able to use her flames under water by pressurizing and drastically increasing the temperature of the fire.

Flight- Is able to fly by use if her pyrokinesis. She can reach up to fly up to the speed of sound, Mach-1. UPDATE!!!! 2012 After Stephanie's resurrection as a Ninjan, she longer needs her pyrokinesis to take flight and is still able to reach up to Mach-1 speeds. However if she does use her powers she is able to push her flight up to mid Supersonic speeds.

Infrared Vision/Keen eyesight - Can visually see heat radiating off of objects or living beings. By using this, she also uses as a type of 'night vision' being able to seek out humans through their body heat. UPDATE!!! 2012 Ninjan powers allow her to have Keen eyesight. This includes being able to see as far as up to a mile and is still able to see and measure people's and objects heat.

Durability- The suit that fused with young Stephanie was made out of adamantium, the same metal that is lined with wolverines skeleton. Because of this, she has a thin sheet of the metal surrounding only her bones. While she is not fully bullet proof, slamming a car on her, wont break these bones.. UPDATE!!! 2012 Because Nova was resurrected as a Ninjan, she no longer has Adamantium bones HOWEVER, she does have the durability of a Ninjan. Ninjans are tough enough to take a good 4 hours of straight punishment before falling. While her bones are able to be broken now, she is still much more durable than the average human.

Hand to hand Combat- While Feral Nova was never really trained in hand to hand combat, her boyfriend and other co-leader of WAL at the time, Uchiha NeVann gave her private lessons on how to defend herself if for some reason, cant fight with her powers. She mostly concentrates on Muay Thai and Mix Martial Arts, but she is quick to pick up other types of fighting styles. UPDATE 2012!! Because of her years of experience and countless battles, Stephanie has become a well rounded martial artists. She is not limited to one specific forum of martial arts and is able to combine her knowledge to create her own fighting style that incorporates her fire ability.

Swordsmen Ship- Has SOME training with the sword along with NeVann. Since then she has developed her own training method and is very skilled with the blade. UPDATE 2012!!! Stephanie has trained countless hours with her many teammates, friends and even enemies with the blade. While sword fighting isn't her strongest point, her years of wielding the blade has allowed her to become more deadly than before.

Super Strength- With her mechanical implants, Nova is able to lift up to 65-75 tons. This also makes every strike she plants on her opponents, just that more powerful. She usually holds back her punches, when fighting others who are weaker than herself, but she wont hesitate to smash someone's skull in if she's in trouble. UPDATE!!! 2012Ninjan super strength- Ninjans can lift up to 200 tons, allowing Stephanie to be more stronger than she ever was before.

Hellfire Gloves- these gloves were made by Darkchild to handle the extreme temperatures and power of Hellfire. The gloves are also able to stretch out along her body to protect her from the hellfire if she tries to use a large amount of it.

UPDATE! Since her trip to hell (KOV 4 Final Battle with Precise) Stephanie no longer needs the use of her hellfire gloves in order to summon hellfire. Upon coming back she locked her hellfire gloves inside a secret safe in WAL HQ, only she knows were the box that contains the gloves are at.

UPDATE 2012 Because the hellfire was seared into her soul, even after death and her rebirth, Stephanie is still able to use her hellfire abilities.

Demon withinDemonic Blood/spirit- During the hellfire training with Darkchild, Feral Nova was required to have some of the Son of Darkness demonic energy transferred into her in order to prevent the hellfire from taking over. If her demon part is allowed to be in control (this would have to happen by means of Nova being knocked out while using her hellfire, or Nova calling upon the demon herself), her strength grows, her hellfire is amplified and her agility and speed is increased dramatically. All wounds will be allowed to be healed, and her senses will be greater than before. She will be able to do minor teleportation, control darkness energy and even be able to call upon fellow demons (lower level than herself) to do her bidding if needed. While under the influence of the demonic spirit, Stephanie becomes more feral than she had ever before in the past, causing her moves to be unpredictable. (UPDATE!) Since her KOV5 1st Battle with Charmix, Feral Nova now has full control over herself while using her demonic powers.

UPDATE 2012- Same with her hellfire, because the demon had become one with Stephanie, even after death, the demon was able to come back with Stephanie during her rebirth as a Ninjan.

Chaos Entity: During the battle of Chaos Black vs Feral Nova, in the last attempt to completely rid the dark beast from Ziccarra, while in demon form, Stephanie managed to absorb Chaos Black into her own body, allowing the two who have been captive inside Chaos, to become free. Because of Stephanie's strong willpower, the essences of Chaos as only little effect on her mentally. However, when the powers of chaos are activated the following powers come with this:

Darkness Manipulation and AbsorptionNegation of powers: This also includes all allies around her. She is able to Negate powers of demons, angels, mutants, aliens, and or chemically enhanced powers. (Of All levels)Healing/Resurrection: This can only happen when Stephanie's demon blood is activated at the same time as the chaos essences. She cannot heal herself, or resurrect herself but she can do so for others. She can heal just about anything with the exception of wounds made with holy weapons. As for resurrecting someone, she can only do so if the being has been dead for less than ten minutes, and their heart and brain must be intact.Chaos Force - using fear, torment- and misery to gain strength. UPDATE 2012- Yeah yeah explanation same as the last two, Nova still has Chaos powers.

Spiritual Armor- This armor set was given to her by none other than the deceased Angelic Reaper. This armor allows Feral Nova to be able to fully control her demonic powers, as well as keep her safe from all elemental attacks (Water, electricity, ect...) and from holy objects that could now harm Nova with the demonic blood. The only way her demonic form can be allowed to take over is if Nova is knocked out while fighting. (UPDATE!) Since the KOV 4 battle with Slight, this armor is now destroyed..


Areas with low oxygen levels- While water might sound like a good weakness for Feral Nova, its not, her main weakness against her fire power, are areas with low oxygen levels. This is because, just like building a fire, she needs oxygen to create it. The less amount of oxygen around her, the less powerful her natural fire power is. Now this doesnt mean its just high elevations, anywhere there is a lack of oxygen, her fire power WILL BE weakened, and if there is no oxygen around at all (such as space) there will be no fire power. HOWEVER this does NOT work for her hellfire, as it does NOT need oxygen to thrive.

Human weaknesses (other)- While Feral Nova does have durable bones, that doesn't mean she isn't prone to internal bleeding. Bullets, knives, swords, a punch to the chest, all of these are still painful and effective on Feral Nova. However, for physical hand to hand combat, its harder to hurt her if you do not have some sort of super strength.

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