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@SUNMAN said:

@fatalsniper728 said:

i feel like team 2 might be a little too fast for team 1, but lets hear what you guys think!

That's not saying much. Master Chief and Samus are both fast, but the other fighters aren't. Besides Solid Snake is the weak link on this team, Samus has to pull all the weight

Woah, wait a second......

Vader possesses far faster reaction and combat speed than either John-117 or Samus. He's moved so fast that Jedi Knights/Masters with Force enhanced speed and reflexes haven't registered his movements. Keep in mind that an average Jedi Master can cover a distance of 100 meters in a second when augmenting their speed with the Force.

That would mean, by logic, that their reflexes would have to be operating at a similarly heightened state. Vader has to be at least a few times faster in burst speed to overwhelm a Master's reflexes to the point that they cannot react to his movements, given that most, if not all trained Force Users have battle precognition.

Vader solos the team. His raw telekinetic power is enough to crush Snake and Samus with ease. Or he could simply speedblitz

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#2 Posted by steelhound56 (1076 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll give it to Zuko and Zhao. What I took away from Zuko and Azula's Agni Kai in the series finale is that Zuko was every bit Azula's equal in firebending mastery, mental state or not. Learning from the Sun Warriors and the last Dragons seemed to progress his firebending tremendously.

After learning from the Dragons, we have three encounters as far as Azula v. Zuko is concerned.

1. Boiling Rock, Azula v. Zuko and Sokka.

Here we see Zuko fighting Azula briefly with Sokka's assistance. Here we see how Zuko's firebending style is beginning to change. He's far less reckless with his strikes, and is beginning to adopt more of a "counter" strategy to Azula's attacks. We see him using various moves to block and cancel out Azula's firebending with his own. Sokka helps out in some capacity, but his assistance is limited in value against Azula, who has more than held her own against multiple opponents many times.

Azula > Zuko

2. On top of the airship, Azula v. Zuko

Here we see what could very well be a perfect draw between the two. Zuko is able to surprise Azula with his newfound prowess, and they both end up being knocked off of the airship IIRC. Azula escapes on her own merit, Zuko get caught by Oppa and the Gaang.

Azula >= Zuko

3. Agni Kai, Fire Nation. In essence, Azula v. Zuko

The final fight between the two has them pitted against each other in a fire duel during Sozin's Comet. Both Azula and Zuko's firebending power is greatly amped. There are several little points in this fight that suggest to me that Zuko had surpassed Azula in skill at this point. Granted, Azula is unhinged at this point, but bear with me...

A. Zuko was able to control the center of the field.

We have Zuko matching Azula in raw power during this fight, with their generic sheets of flame basically clashing and sliding off of one another. We also see Zuko using innovative counter bends and some highly advanced bending moves, one of which forces Azula to adopt a look of shock, and forces her to dodge the attack instead of meeting it head on. When she begins to "fire skate" about, blasting Zuko with various attacks, Zuko remains balanced and continues to counter her moves, as well as knocking her to the dirt with a AoE firebend that catches her off guard.

B. Zuko is far less fatigued by the confrontation.

Here is where we see Zuko's change in style really shine. After altering his technique and refining his style, he appears to expend far less energy as opposed to his Book 2 self.

Essentially, he focuses on redirection and countering attacks, waiting for an opportunity to strike, rather than trying to overwhelm an opponent with offense.

This is highlighted in his Agni Kai with Azula. He forces Azula to expend more energy defending herself and trying to gain an upper hand than he expends defending and countering her attacks. Azula is shown breathing fairly heavily prior to forcing Zuko to take that lightning shot. Zuko is even comfortable enough to taunt Azula while appearing to remain fresh and energized.

C. The "feel" of the fight was leaning heavily in Zuko's favor.

Unhinged or not, Azula was outclassed by Zuko in the Agni Kai. By a pretty considerable margin. Zuko was clearly the superior firebender in the confrontation.

Azula was going to lose that fight pretty handily prior to taking advantage of Katara's prescence in the field. In my opinion, Azula being bats*it crazy during the fight didnt have as much of an impact on her skill as we are led to believe.

I dont think her being in her normal state of mind was going to make that big of a difference during this fight, as Zuko had largely let go of his anger and frustration, something that Azula had used to unbalance Zuko in their prior confrontations.

End of Series Zuko >> Unhinged Azula

End of Series Zuko >= "Sane" Azula.

Zuko will at least be able to keep Azula occupied, while Zhao may be able to get in a few hits. If Zhao gets taken out early by Azula (which is probably what will happen), I think Zuko takes this a very, very tough fight.

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#3 Posted by steelhound56 (1076 posts) - - Show Bio

Grundy in a curbstomp

Even Grundy on an average showing is much, much stronger and more durable than Waylon is.

And given that Croc isnt known for his h2h skills, this degenerates into a brawl.....

Grundy takes Croc's head off with a single punch

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#4 Posted by steelhound56 (1076 posts) - - Show Bio

Depends on who gets the jump on who. I give Prophet a slight advantage in stealth due to his cloak not shorting out in water.

If Prophet can hit the Predator first, and recloak before Pred can get a lock, I give this to him.

IMO, Prophet in suit = Predator physically speaking. Prophet may be a little bit stronger.

Dont know how that nanosuit of his is going to handle a predator's standard loadout though. Plasmacaster, Razor net, smart discs etc....

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#5 Posted by steelhound56 (1076 posts) - - Show Bio

Pretty sure Depa has this one in the bag.

Going by Mace's inner dialogues in Shatterpoint, Depa's bladework and proficiency in Vaapad rivals his own mastery of the form. That alone definitely seals her a win in a lightsaber duel.

She was a High Council member before her breakdown on Harrun Kal, so I would assume her Force abilities are more potent than Asajj's as well.

Depa takes the majority

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#6 Posted by steelhound56 (1076 posts) - - Show Bio

@theONEtaichou: That's not exactly how Roy's alchemy works. The ignition cloth in his gloves creates the spark. Roys alchemy hyper concentrates oxygen in the air to create instantaneous explosions.

There's more to his alchemy, for example, he can boil the fluid in someones eyeballs, create Sozin's Comet size sheets of flame (when not holding back), and breakdown water into its constituent elements, hydrogen and oxyen (both are incredibly volatile) and use the gas to create a massive explosion. He also possesses incredible combat reflexes.

Roy wins all three with relative ease.

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#7 Posted by steelhound56 (1076 posts) - - Show Bio

@michaelthemighty17: That would be assuming that Grievous had metal based circuitry. Since his circuitry is crystal based, he shouldn't have a problem with Azula's lightning. Not to mention that I'm sure when they were building him, they probably installed some sort of grounding device or insulation against electric shock and EMP bursts. Otherwise any average trooper with an EMP detonator or other electronic/ion based weaponry would have taken him out.

@Kingjohnrocks: Easily. It's just fire. Grievous' armor is durasteel plate most commonly used in starship construction. The Episode III novelization states that his armor can withstand a turbolaser shot IIRC. If his armor can protect him from a superheated particle beam, I'm almost certain it can take a couple of sheets of fire that burn at no more than 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Assuming that Azula's blue flames burn at Bunsen burner flame temperatures.

Grievous speedblitzes her regardless. He's crossed a room so quickly he's appeared to teleport to normal humans before. Granted, Azula's not a typical human being, but she still possesses no more than above average human reflexes. Not to mention his massive strength advantage. He's yanked up an entire command console and hurled it like a paperweight, tossed human beings and Jedi around like ragdolls (literally), and completely shattered skulls with a single strike.

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#8 Posted by steelhound56 (1076 posts) - - Show Bio

If Bubbles gets pissed, its over for Kara and Power Girl.

PPG take a slight majority

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#9 Posted by steelhound56 (1076 posts) - - Show Bio

Jack with ease. Snake Eyes gets speedblitzed

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#10 Posted by steelhound56 (1076 posts) - - Show Bio

@ThatGuyWithHeadPhones: It's been awhile since I watched Evangelion. From what I remember of the series though, each Angel didnt possess nuke level attacking power. Durability, sure (given the AT field)

I stand by the stalemate. Although if Supes could theoretically tear through each angel's AT field, he should wreck them. He's far stronger than any EVA unit, and EVA-00 decimated more than a few angels physically

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