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I think John has got this one in the bag...

Speed wise, John >>> Zero. SPARTAN II's are genetically superior specimens even before the SPARTAN II Program. Dr. Halsey screened each SPARTAN II candidate based on certain genetic markers indicating physical and mental superiority. At 14 years old (the time where John and the rest of the SPARTAN II's were subjected to the augmentation procedures), Dr. Halsey remarked that John, at 14 years old, "had the body of an 18 year old Olympic Athlete, and a mind the equal of any Naval Academy's Honors Graduate". I'd say that puts John in the top 1% of the human population pretty easily.

Then, John was subjected to the SPARTAN II Augmentations. This included several surgical and hormonal alterations of his body. These augmentations included...

Cermanic Carbide Ossification- Advanced material grafting onto his skeletal structure to make bones virtually unbreakable.

Muscular Enhancement Injections- Protein complex is injected intramuscularly to increase muscle density and decrease lactase recovery time. John, after rehabbing from his augmentations, was able to single arm curl 40 kilos (approximately 88 pounds), at the age of 14, before the augmentations to his physique really had time to pay dividends. During the same gym session, John fights, and accidentally kills 4 ODST Hell-Jumper Commandos in hand to hand combat.

He likely got far, far stronger as time went on, as we have incidents of him breaking Sanghelli necks with punches later (Elites are physically on equal footing with SPARTAN II's).

Catalytic Thyroid Implant- A platinum pellet containing HGH is implanted into the thyroid to further boost growth of skeletal and muscle tissues. This augmentation likely worked in sync with the muscular injections, and turned John into a titan of a man, standing well over 2 meters in height and weighing approximately 290 pounds.

Occipital Capillary Reversal- This augmentation provided John with a marked visual perception increase, and allows him to virtually see in the dark, even without his gear.

Superconducting Fibrication of Neural Dendrites- This is probably the game changing augmentation. This augmentation boosted John's reaction time to about 20 milliseconds, although Chief Mendez stated they are impossible to chart with any accuracy, and believes the SPARTAN II's reaction times are significantly faster in combat situations. We have evidence of that increased reaction time by John dodging a stun round fired by a trainer at point blank range during a training exercise.

This isn't counting the MJOLNIR MK. VI armor that John wears. The armor, coupled with Cortana's onboard interfacing with the armor and John, further increases John's strength, speed, reflexes, and durability. The Mark IV armor doubled John's strength, which was already pretty impressive, considering that all of the SPARTAN II's could lift double their weight (I'm assuming over their heads), which was double the norm due to the enhancements of their physiques. I can only assume that as the newer versions of MJOLNIR became available, the amplification of his abilities increased as well.

John takes this due to the massive physical disparities between him and Zero, and John's own remarkable skill in hand to hand and ranged combat.

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Mace Windu wins because he beat Palpatine in Episode 3(until Anakin showed up) and Palpatine is Darth Maul's master so......yea.

Palpatine threw that fight on purpose in order to cement Anakin's defection to the Sith. Think about it.....

Somehow, Palpatine is able to kill Agen Kolar, Saesee Tiin, and Kit Fisto in the span of a few seconds, with Agen and Tiin going down so fast that Kit and Mace couldn't do a single thing to prevent it from happening.

A few seconds after that, Kit goes down. The Jedi were on their guard, so it wasn't a sneak attack by Palpatine.

Palpatine was simply so fast that he was able to close the distance from across the Chancellor's Office and kill two extremely accomplished Jedi Masters and duelists before Mace and Kit could raise a hand to stop him.

And somehow, Mace is able to overpower Palpatine in a 1v1 confrontation?

No, just no. Palpatine NEEDED to appear helpless and weak before Anakin in order to legitimize the claims he made about the Jedi Order and strengthen Anakin's resolve to do what needed to be done to save Padme from his premonition of her death.

Palpatine was never in real danger from Mace. Palpatine is out of Mace's league.

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I always come to these Spawn threads and hope to see some feats so i can get a sense for his Power levels with all the different versions. Rarely do i see anything.

Indeed. Divine Spawn should likely win this bout. More ability with magic and other esoteric qualities than RKT.

I have the entire Armageddon arc stashed away somewhere, I need to find them so I can get some quality Spawn scans on this site. Simmons is a pretty darn powerful character.

God Spawn >> Divine Spawn >> Omega Spawn >> King of Hell Spawn >>>>>>> Spawn (metamorphosis) >>> Spawn (Original Suit)

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@xxgin said:

Constantine.. not even a competition

Seconded. John Constantine should top this list pretty easily.

2. Thanos

3. Lex Luthor

4. Dr. Doom

5. Loki

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Mace should take the majority here.

Maul held off Qui Gon, who was past his prime in TPM, and Obi Wan, still a Padawan and not nearly as good as he was later on in his career. Once Maul isolated Qui Gon, it didn't take him very long to dispatch him. Although I chalk Qui-Gon's death up to more of Qui-Gon being past his prime, dealing with fatigue, and fighting an opponent with an unfamiliar weapon more than Maul being a better duelist.

Mace is in his prime during the prequel trilogy, and wields a far more effective technique of lightsaber combat for fighting Sith/Dark Side Force Users than Qui-Gon does.

I would say in terms of sheer combat prowess

Mace >= Maul.

I see Mace as being the slightly better duelist when compared to Maul. Defending himself against a semi-serious Palpatine is a major feat in his favor. Along with being able to duel a presumably younger Dooku to a practical stalemate, his fights against Grievous and others in The Clone Wars, he have a better idea of his skill than we do of Maul's.

But, in terms of Force Ability

Mace >>>>>> Maul.

We have feats of Mace holding up a hillside with TK while actively trying to free people from a steamcrawler in Shatterpoint. That feat alone gives him a massive edge in Force Power over Maul, who was trained to be an assassin, and not properly schooled in the other aspects of the Dark Side by Palpatine.

That, combined with Mace's unique ability to perceive and manipulate Shatterpoints in situations/ people, gives him the win here.

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Based on what I know of the two universes.....

Anakin could win if he goes into blitz mode. Starting out, he's far faster than a normal Clare is. His faster starting speed/ reaction times, combined with his raw Force ability/ TK to use projectiles should allow him to overwhelm Clare.

Now if Clare begins to Awaken, this fight gets much, much closer, with Anakin still holding the edge until Clare can get a handle on her newly acquired abilities.

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Vader should likely win. Anakin was able to defeat Durge on his own merit. I see Vader as being more powerful than Anakin if we're talking prime versions. Anakin is the faster and more agile swordsman, but he lacks the knowledge and understanding of the Dark Side (and the Force in general), self control, and experience that his older self possesses.

We have examples of Vader collapsing cathedrals, throwing small spaceships, and overwhelming high level Force users with his raw Force power, engaging and defeating multiple Jedi at once in lightsaber combat without showing any strain on his abilities, and showing that he can take a lot of punishment himself due to his mechanical limbs and other cyborg implants.

Not to say Durge wouldn't put up one hell of a fight, his Gen'Dai physiology would enable him to take a LOT of punishment before he fell in combat. But Vader, in my opinion is more deadly due to his extremely potent command of the Force, his willingness to use it to gain an edge in combat, and his overall efficiency in eliminating threats to his person give him the win here....

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The Asari Commando with biotic powers should shred the competition in a straight up fight....

Conditions being the way they are..... it comes down to the Yautja and the Asari...... a SPARTAN II isn't going to last long in the conflict, as he/she has no defense against biotics, and the armor's energy shield wont be able to take more than a few hits from a Yautja plasmacaster....

The long starting distance gives the Yautja plenty of time to set traps/ use stealth to plan an ambush. Although granted, active camo is something the Asari has seen before, given the conflicts with the Geth forces during the Mass Effect series ...

Other factors, like age, can really make a difference here. Asari can live for over a thousand years, and their biotic powers develop in potency as they age. Same goes for the Yautja, as they have long lifespans, and continuously develop their skills as they age.... How old are the Asari and Yautja?

It really boils down to if the Yautja can take down the Asari via. ambush or traps before she shreds him with biotics.....

I'm leaning Asari on this one, unless someone can convince me that the Predator can set a trap that will kill the commando before she shreds him with a biotic Warp or Singularity....

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Marceline should take this

She a 1,000 year old vampire/demon hybrid, whose Dad is essentially Satan in the AdventureTime verse.....

That, and a slight toonforce power makes her beyond Blade's ability to kill IMHO.

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Watch FMA: Brotherhood, or read the FMA manga.... be amazed at the awesomeness....

That manga/anime beats any storytelling I've seen from Marvel/DC to date (even Kingdom Come)