Women in Comics I find Attractive and Why

Exactly what it says on the tin (lol :P). But in all seriousness, this is a list (in no particular order) of the gals of comics- heroic or otherwise- that I find myself drawn to, & why I find them so appealing. Some reasons are in depth, others not so much, but I'll do my best to try and give one outside of "dur-hur, boobies."

I should add that "attractiveness" is a subjective opinion and may not be to everyone's liking. Also, I wish that we could choose which images would appear on list for each character, because some art-styles/incarnations of a character are more appealing than others (cough, New 52 sucks, cough, cough).

But, I digress. Bring out the ladies! Feel free to leave a comment below, and I hope you like the list as it fills out.

List items

  • With Inhumanity and Inhuman, I've rediscovered my love of the Inhumans as a people and as characters, particularly Medusalith. A few reasons as to why I find her so attractive include her great patience and kindness, her strong sense of duty and honor, her fierce loyalty to her people and those closest to her, and something that every relationship needs: her capacity for understanding and listening. Before his disappearance, Medusa and Black Bolt had one of the strongest, most interesting relationships in comics, especially when it came to communication. Medusa knew Blackagar inside and out, and understood his expressions, subtle gestures, body language, and formed an ENTIRE language from it to act as his interpreter. Being able to understand your partner on such an intimate level speaks to the strength of one's relationship with them, and that Medusa possesses that kind of understanding conveys a woman of strong character and affection.

    Were I in the Marvel'verse (and anywhere near her radar), she'd be one of the firsts on my list as "girlfriend/wife material."

  • It's no secret that the Exiles was by far my favorite title Marvel Comics has ever release, nor is it any secret that they're my favorite superhero team of all time. Part of the reason I love them so much is due largely in part to TJ, and how invested I was in her story along with the cool worlds she and the gang would visit.

    "Chicks dig the fuzzy dude," is a phrase that many associate with Nightcrawler, and the inverse can be said about TJ, "Guys dig the fuzzy chick." Freaky is cool, and the Wagner family is the coolest there is. Her blue skin/fur, her cute elfin ears, that gorgeous athlete's build, and that infectious smile all make TJ a glorious sight to behold. She has an amazing powerset, and I rarely see characters that astral-project/possess that can use that ability in combat to the degree TJ does, in tandem with her superhuman agility.

    Aside from her beauty and abilities, there is a real strength to TJ's character that speaks greatly of who she is as a person. Reading the series, it tore me up inside to see all the terrible stuff she was put through. From losing her and Thunderbird's baby- after having to leave him behind, and thus go through that on her own- to that terrifying stroke she suffered while on Excalibur, TJ's life has been one struggle after another. And yet, she endures, she perseveres, and she never stops living life to the best of her ability. That kind of strength is something to be admired, and I truly admire that about TJ. Regardless of how messed up her life has been, she still finds a way to smile, laugh, cry, and soldier on.

    In this reality or any other, you can bet I'll be cheering TJ on with whatever she's up to at the moment. Rock on Fuzzy-Girl, rock on! Another for the Marvel 'Verse "GF/Wife" list.

  • This one you can blame on Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Justin Gray's awesome series.

    Before this, I never really liked most of the Superman Family on principal, since I find most Flying Brick type characters to be way too OP for their own good. Still, after reading the trio's run on PG, I found myself in love with their version of Karen.

    Power Girl is so more than just a lovely pair of breasts. Karen is intelliegent, strong, confident, funny, inventive, compassionate, kind, and most of all, incredibly human. This is something most writers tend to either focus on too little or too much, which creates either an apathetic demigod, or a whiny teenager with enough power to flatten a continent. Jimmy, Justin, & Amanda managed to find a perfect balance that showed off just how powerful PeeGee is, while reminding us that she's still a normal person underneath it all, without bogging her down with the self-pity/loathing most incredibly powerful characters are want to be given. She's a good friend, a smart businesswoman, a compassionate philanthropist, a good neighbor, and a role-model for aspiring heroines everywhere.

    Like Medusa, she's on the DC 'Verse version of the "girlfriend/wife list"

  • The current Avatar of the ATLA universe, and memetic hearthrob since audiences everywhere got a look at her, the term "Korrasexual" has now become synonymous with most fans of "The Legend of Korra," myself included.

    Korra cuts an impressive figure from a physical standpoint. Unlike most waspishly thin superheroines, she has a naturally lithe musculature and curviness to her that comes from a healthy diet and regular strenuous exercise, both from crime-fighting and her bending training. Her strength is nothing short of impressive, able to lift a grown man several times her height over her head with no visible effort, toss around people with more mass than her like they're made of papier-mache or lift several people off the ground for a bearhug with similar ease.

    Personality-wise, Korra is not without her faults, which in a way, is what makes her very likeable. Sure, she isn't the most responsible of heroes, and yes, she does act impulsively and is very hot-headed, prone to getting into fights and outbursts of anger. But, like all people her age, Korra is learning to rein in that anger, to think things through, to step back and take a breath before rushing head-first danger. Aside from her impulsiveness, Korra also possesses an extraodinary amount of compassion and tenderness, especially towards the people she cares about, as well as the people she's been entrusted to watch over as the current Avatar, and the beginning of a new cycle of reincarnation. Not only that, but her willingness to forge her own path, even though she would lack the guidence and collective knowledge of the previous Avatars, and her decision to keep the portal the Spirit World open, shows her maturing towards a desire to create her own destiny, and try to bridge both worlds for a shared one of understanding between man and nature. That kind of insightfulness is rare, as is the will to follow through with something so massive an undertaking.

    Big in heart, strong in body, and working towards wise in mind, Korra is a welcome addition to this ever-growing list, and has more than earned her place in my heart.

  • Another one to blame on Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Justine Gray's Power Girl series, as well as her own "Terra" title.

    Were I to choose one word to sum up Atlee, it would be "utterly adorable" (okay, two words, but you get the point). She's cute, curious, energetic, loves new things, is a little naïve at times but has a good heart, and has a strong sense of responsiblity when it boils down to it. Though Atlee hasn't been on the surface long, she's managed to make quite an impression on readers and heroes alike, and BFFs with Power Girl as well. Not bad for a girl who spent most of her life underground. Sure, she's a little too innocent at times, but she has a good heart, and is trying her best to fit in, and that's what counts.

    Physically, do I really need to say it? Not only does she have a specatcular figure, but it's obvious from Amanda's artwork that Atlee works out on a regular basis. Girl's got some serious abs, and those biceps/thighs look like they could snap girders in half! Not only that, but as mentioned before, she is just so adorable. Her button nose, those sparkly blue eyes, that raven hair, those full lips, Gah! I just wanna hug her and buy her all the ice-cream/cinnamon buns ever! (lol :P)

  • By far my favorite character from Adam Warren's "EMPOWERED" series, Kozue is just a joy to read.

    She's fun, she's energetic, she kicks copious amounts of ass, she's free-spirited, she's strong-willed, & she's not opposed to hot, sweaty, "animal coupling" (to quote the Demonwolf). While I'm not all that partial to alcohol myself, I do enjoy a glass of rum every once in a while, &would love to knock a few back with Kozue. Not only that, but I can't help but look at her backstory & marvel at how well she copes with the Hell she's been through, & how well she turned out. True, she has her flaws, but she's doing her best to turn her life around & not go down the path that her bastard father tried to steer her towards. Whenever she breaks down in the comics, I just want to grab her up in a big hug and tell her she's okay, that she's a good person & a great friend, & that she's a Hell of a lot stronger than she thinks she is.

    Forever the "Tippling Tigress," "Boobless Boobie," and "drunk unto a mustelid," Ninjette has a secure place on this list.

    ... Also, dat ass. (lol)

  • Let's just get this one out of the way right now, shall we? I kinda have this thing for girls that are taller & stronger than me. Okay, I said it, happy now?

    That being said, that's not the only reason I like Jen. There's something about the Green Gammazon that really grabs me outside of her gorgeous figure and kickassitude. From the minute she got her powers and got them under control, Jen never bemoaned being She-Hulk. In fact, she embraced it, & even enjoyed it more than being Jennifer Walters. That kind of ability to adapt and make the most of what many would considered a bad situation is something you have to admire about someone. Not only that, but she is REALLy good what she does, so much so that she's represented everyone from superheroes to literal gods in court.

    Outside her profession, Jen is very strong-willed & likeable, & has a great personality. She's fun-loving, she gets along great with most people, she's good with kids, & she never shies away from a fight when people she loves are in danger. Not only that, but she has a strong sense of who she is and her own self-worth, being able to take the knowledge that she's a comic-book character without having a complete mental breakdown.

    She may not get a solid ongoing title, but Shulkie always has a hold on my heart.

  • A perfect example of why I wish we could pick which images appeared on these lists. Seriously, this New 52 redesign, it's just... Not the Zinda Blake I fell in love with. The peaked cap, tunic, skirt, combat boots and white gloves? That's the look that works for her, not this uber-serious spec-ops getup.

    But I digress, we're not here for my ranting against the New 52. Zinda Black, alias "Lady Blackhawk," is a woman of action, intrigue, and adventure. Given how beautiful she is, it's no wonder she was a pin-up girl in WWII before she decided to buck the norm and become a flying ace along with the rest of the Blackhawk Squadron. And you know what? She's just as capable as the rest of them, even moreso in my honest opinion.

    Gail Simone's writing for Lady Blackhawk is a big factor as to why I like her so much, especially in terms of her personality. At a time when women were just starting to get integrated into the workforce, Zinda stood her ground and let everyone know that she wasn't going to be satisfied with being just another pretty face. She wanted to be part of the war-effort, on the frontlines, and she proved herself time and again on the field of battle. Zinda's fun-loving attitude, adventurous spirit, caring nature, and friendly disposition make her an ideal candidate for this list, on top of the fact that she's actually lived through one of my favorite era's of music.

    I love jazz, big band, swing, and ragtime, and if anything else, I feel like Zinda and I could have a connection in that aspect, or at the very least, be able to use it as a conversation starter. Not only that, but I've had this fascination with aerial combat and dogfights of the World Wars and the action in the skies. I would love to chat with Zinda about not just the battles she's fought, but also just the joy she gets out of flying. Plus, being able to order booze in 30 different languages ensures we have a good drink to go with a great conversation. Independent, fun to be around, and sashaying straight out of the Jazz Age, Lady Blackhawk is a shoo-in for this list and the DC 'Verse variant of the "GF/Wife" list as well.

  • Goddess of the Skies & Weather, thy name is Ororo Munroe. Her current design is one of my favorites by far, especially when it comes to her hair. I loved the mohawk look back when she first decided to rock it, & I'm so glad she brought it back, because it looks fantastic on her.

    Storm has always been one of my favorites, ever since I was a kid & I would watch X-Men: Evolution afternoons after school. Not just beautiful in body, but in spirit as well, Ororo seems to embody the boundless spirit of the winds themselves, gentle as the breeze that caresses your face on a clear day, but as strong & powerful as the hurricane that drives wood through stone. She is a goddess & a queen who values her freedom & her independence, & will fight to keep it, as well as protect her family.

    Ever the Windrider, Ororo ensures that those she loves will always see a sunny day, & her enemies face the harsh powers of nature. Come rain or shine, Storm is a beautiful force to reckoned with.

  • Of all the characters from the Agents of Atlas series, the one that had my attentions the most was Namora. Sure, Venus was pretty, but Namora has that "Amazonian" beauty that I'm weirdly attracted to for some reason. Tall, strong enough to benchpress tanks, able to fly with ease, and possessed of otherworldly good-looks that the Sub-Mariner's family is known for, the Avenging Daughter is as beautiful and strong as the oceans she calls home.

    Physical attractiveness and strength aside, I find Namora's full name to be very beautiful, and befitting for someone of her stature and ability. "Namora Nautica Neptunia"; has a powerful, ethereal ring to it, doesn't it? Not only is she strong in body, but also in character and spirit as well. I admire a woman with confidence and personal strength, and Namora has both in spades. Like most of Marvel's heroes, her humanity is one of her strong points, and that she is protective of her friends and loved ones, in light of having lost so much already, is something I admire in her, along with her willingness to let them see her at in a more vulnerable state. Emotions are powerful things, and we can't let them build up, or they'll eat at us from within. That she is willing to let people see her cry, to let them know she's not invincible, shows that she trusts them a lot, and trust and emotional support are key parts of a healthy relationship. I also respect someone who gives due to the dead, and though she found his braggart nature annoying, Namora honored Hercules' passing and spoke highly of him. It's something about her as a warrior I find very endearing, and that I greatly respect.

    Personally, I'd love to take a tour of Atlantis, and if Namora were my guide, I'd be all the happier for it. Another addition to the "GF/Wife" list on the Marvel side of things, I wouldn't mind having to have a pool were we to live together... Or some very long showers together (lol :P).

  • The Daughter of Galactus, bearer of the Power Cosmic, The Ultimate Foodie.

    Needless to say, I love good food, and good food can open up a whole new world of tastes and experiences you would've never discovered if you hadn't taken that first bite. In regards to Galacta, those are more than just words for someone with cosmic awareness who sees literally everything as food, right down to the calorie count. This is someone I would love to go out to dinner with, as I would love to know what Earth quisine tastes like to a nigh-immortal cosmic deity who has the capacity to eat planets. I'm sure it would be an experience I would never forget.

    Aside from possessing a cute human form, Galacta is fiercely independent, and fights her hungry and desire to consume everything so that she doesn't become her father. Instead, she turns what should be a negative into a positive, and eats things that would be detrimental to the people of Earth. Not only that, but she has shown the potential for selflessness that goes beyond norm human conventions, willing to give up her own life if it meant she wouldn't become a Devourer of Worlds like her father. That kind of sacrifice is to be admired in someone so young(?), even if there's a better way.

    Constantly hungry, Galacta is one cosmic being I wouldn't mind sharing a meal with as a fellow food-lover.

  • "Those fingers in my hair, that sly come-hither stare, that strips my conscience bare, its Witchcraft." - Frank Sinatra.

    Paul Dini lucked out when he married the real-life version of the Mistress of Magic, & his series on Zatanna is what made me fall in love with her. Thanks to the JLU series, whenever I read a comic with Zee in it, Jennifer Hale is the voice I hear in my head. In terms of a physical appearance, Zatanna is what TVTropes would call a "Fetish Fuel Station Attendant." Fishnets, legs for days, healthy hips, toned waist, a generous bust, long black hair, a sultry Italian accent, & eyes like deep pools of endless mystery.

    Personality-wise, Zee is not only charming & good-humored, but wise beyond her years, having earned her place as the mystic of the JLA & Justice League Dark many times over. While as much afraid of her library as I am the Adams Family's, I would love to browse through it & see what treasures & ancient knowledge await therein... With her supervising, of course. I have to respect her craft as well, as maintaining a public image as an entertainer on top of being a known superhero definitely has to come with it's ups-and-downs, & not shortage of headaches in either aspect of her life. That being said, I've been told I give good massages, & would be more than happy to ease those troubles away as she vented about her day.

    Magical, beautiful, & wise, Zatanna has a spell over me that I don't want to break.

  • One half of the infamous "Daughters of the Dragon, mission control for the latest incarnation of the Heroes for Hire, and long-time friend of the Immortal Iron-Fist, Mercedes "Misty" Knight has earned her place on this list many times over. A former NYPD officer, Misty's martial arts training, detective skill, technological know-how, and incredibly powerful bionic arm make her more than a match for any threat.

    Physically, she cuts quite the figure. That martial arts training has really paid off, giving her a lithe yet powerful musculature, and keeps her in top form, and looking fantastic. Her bionics give her look an exotic angle, and make a statement of who she is and what she can do. That afro of her's is equally charming, as you don't see many ladies out there who can rock that particular style as well as Misty.

    Outside physical attractiveness, I've always loved the name "Mercedes." It just comes of as very exotic and mysterious to me for some reason, and give the woman bearing it an air of mystique. Personality-wise, I admite Misty's tenacity and strong character, say nothing of her ability to adapt and overcome adversity. That bombing should have been the end of her, and even with the bionic arm, her days on the force could've been over. Instead, Misty accepted her new arm and decided to make the most of what life had given her. As long as she was a live and capable, she could still contribute to the cause of justice, and she would never stop doing the right thing. She's fought villains and cosmic threats that by all rights, should have been the end of her a long time ago. Instead, Misty continues to endure, and prove that you don't need superpowers or a brightly-colored costume to be a hero.

  • No two ways about it, Doreen Green is simply fun personified. She's the bright ray of sunshine in an industry that takes itself far too seriously sometimes; the breath of fresh air amid the dust of the latest "Crisis" event; & the chipper reminder of how comics used to be fun.

    Doreen is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, yet she never really brags about it. That kind of humility seems like it'd be common among the superhero community, & yet, she seems to be the one that stands out as a prime example. She's also good with kids, she enjoys helping people out, she's very active and energetic, she loves the outdoors, & she's always got a platoon of squirrels at her beck-and-call for when things get hairy. She's also positively adorable. Those cheeks, that slight overbite, her athletic figure (equal parts genetics & tree-climbing), & that big fluffy tail! I can only imagine how soft that thing is, & what it would be like to snuggle with it wrapped around us on a cold night in winter.

    Cute, cheerful, & all around awesome, Squirrel Girl is definitely a mainstay for this list.

  • Again, I really wish we could pick the images for these lists.

    The version of the Major that I find the most attractive is the one from the TV show, "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex," voiced by the ever-talented Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Not only is she just as strong a combatant, as skilled a hacker, and as beautiful a cyborg of her caliber can be, but she is incredibly intelligent to the point where it boggles the mind. Then again, if your brain was constantly linked to the Internet, you could afford to sound as smart as you wanted, since all the information was/is right at your mental fingertips. Intelligence is incredibly sexy, so long as the person in question is not snobbish or stuck-up about it, & the Major is neither of those things. If anything, she's quite humble, & takes her job as a anti-cybercrime specialist very seriously. She's also the reason why I've developed an obsession with the post-cyberpunk genre.

    Time will tell if we'll ever reach the point where we have full-body prosthetics, but until then, Motoko is a reminder of a future we can look forward to with rapt anticipation.

  • The greatest mom in comics, Sue Storm is by far one of the most memorable women in the Marvel Universe, not to mention the most powerful hero on Earth. It's no secret how beautiful is, and she's been pursued by heroes from Namor to Black Panther for her looks as well as her intellect. Few people can keep up with someone like Reed Richards, and that she is one of them says a lot about her as a scientist.

    From a personality standpoint, what I admire most about Sue is her incredible capacity for patience, and her ability to rein in the rest of the first family of Marvel that is the Fantastic Four. To have put up with the insufferable "genius" that is Reed Richards for all these years, say nothing of the myriad of times he's nearly gotten them killed or violated their trust, is nothing short of amazing, and suggests the patience of a saint! This also helps her as a mother, and we all know how much she adores Franklin and Valeria. That she's managed to find a balance between heroics and family life is nothing short of amazing, and she should be be consider a rolemodel and inspiration for mothers the world over.

    Insanely powerful, compassionate to a fault, and sweet as can be, Sue Storm has a solid foothold on this list as a very attractive heroine of the Marvel Universe.

  • Blame Gail Simone & the JLU cartoon for this one. Huntress has an awesome design, a killer backstory, & no shortage of martial-arts training & gadgets with which to beat down anyone in her way.

    On the personality side of things, I like that she's driven for the cause she's taken up, not to mention how loyal she is to her friends in the Birds of Prey, regardless of how questionable her methods are. Sometimes the angels need sharp swords, & Helena isn't afraid to be the sharpest in the DC Universe' armory. True, she has a reputation as a "spinster," but at her core, she's a good person, & beneath that tough exterior lies a kind, gentle, compassionate soul. Not only that, but the two of us are both looking to better the world by molding young minds as teachers... She just has her degree already is all. Plus, she is a huge Mama Bear when it comes to those in her charge, and won't hesitate to beat you within an inch of your life if you threaten "her" kids.

    Violent though she may be, the world needs more people like Helena in it, & that's why she has a place in my heart & on this list.

  • First off, her name is just enchanting. "Tonaja." It kinda rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Secondly, as will Nocturne, I find her alien appearance to be very attractive for some reason. The most visible of ther uniqueness that intrigues me is her wings. Tonaja was the first flier Inhuman born in 60 years, and in Attilan society, that made her a very important person. The design of her wings is simply marvelous, and the fact that they retract begs the question of what exactly they're made of if they can pull into her like that.

    What drew me to her the most, however, was her love of flight, and how she described it to a human classmate of her's at the University of Wisconson. "It's a lot like swimming, actually but... you're freer. Freer than anything." Not only is she a fierce fighter and strong person, but Tonaja gets to experience something humans have dreampt of for millenia, and loves that feeling more than anything else.

    If only for a short while, I would love to know what that feels like. And with Tonaja, I could possibly experience it first hand, with her as my guide through the skies.

  • Literally the only reason I read BLEACH at all. Period, end of story.

    Super speed is by far one of my favorite superpowers, & as a speedster, Yoruichi is one to beat. After all, they don't call her "The Goddess of Flash," simply because she doesn't like wearing clothes. She developed a whole fighting-style around shunko, not to mention possesses the ability to transform into a cat, an arsenal of mystical items and hidden weaponry, & knows more kido than you can shake a cat-toy at.

    While incredibly sexy in terms of appearance, Yoruichi also has some personal characteristics that make her just as attractive in my honest opinion. She has a great sense of humor, & isn't afraid to mess & play with people if she thinks it'll be fun. You tease the ones you love, after all, & Yoruichi loves & cares for her friends & students with a fierceness all her own. She's very easy-going, & doesn't sweat the small stuff, prancing around Urahara Shoten in nothing but her birthday suit or underwear most of the time. But when she gets serious, BOY does she get serious. Even though I'm allergic to cats, I'd be willing to put up with it for her sake, since she is cute in either form.

    Fast on her feet, brilliantly tactful, & a borderline nudist, blink and Yoruichi will leave you in the dust.

  • Tabby is one of my favorite characters from the X-Men: Evolution show, so again, another character I wish that I could choose the image for with this list. Like with Storm, Zatanna, and Motoko, I have a specific voice in my head whenever I read Boom-Boom's lines in comics, at that's Megan Leitch.

    Free-spirited, fun-loving, devil-may-care, and mischievous to the core, Boom-Boom was a joy to watch on the show, and a joy to read in Nextwave, even if I felt the latter dumbed her down a bit. Still, she's no less a formidable opponent than any of the other heroines in the X-Men or Marvel Comics as a whole, and her time-bombs make for a nasty surprise for anyone foolish enough to mess with her. That being said, her backstory is really saddening, and like Ninjette and Nocturne, I'd love to give her a quick hug and tell her she's not alone any more, and that part of her past is gone now. She's among friends and family, and that's never going to change.

    I'm not the most outgoing person, but with Boom-Boom at the wheel, I wouldn't mind too much being dragged along for the ride, regardless of what shenanigans she might have in store.

  • Not many women in comics with the name "Doris," are there? Interesting factoid aside, this is another instance where I wish we could pick the image we want for our lists. The Giganta style I prefer is the Terry/Rachel Dodson version with the unitard that had the zipper in the front and cheetah print on the inside.

    But, esthetics aside, Giganta is one of the few villains on this list because, unlike most villains, we got a chance to see her outside the criminal element, making a legitimate effort to go straight and have a normal life for a change. We saw her as a teacher, trying to better the world by educating the next generation, which is something I'm aiming for with my degree as well. She also had a chance to have a normal relationship with the second Atom, and I really hated to see it end the way it did.

    Never the less, Doris sought justice for Ryan in the end, and that kind of devotion is something to be admired in a person, especially considering she chose to honor Ryan's memory by letting the proper authorities deal with Dwarfstar, instead of simply killing him like she wanted. That speaks to a great amount of restraint on her part as well, which is impressive and shows some character growth, suggesting that her relationship with Atom changed her for the better.

    I haven't caught up with her story in the New 52 yet, but I sincerely hope they've been kinder to her than circumstances prior to the reboot were. For someone who did her best to turn her life around, Giganta deserves some kind of happiness in the end.