Titans UK

Just an idea I had a while back, based off the fact that, over the course of the team's history, the Teen Titans have had multiple teams across the United States, and members from around the globe. So, why haven't some of these international Titans ever decided to form their own version of the team? And thus, the Titans UK was born! The team consists of five heroes, but I also took the liberty of adding regular villains to the list as well, thinking of the idea in terms of what might happen if it followed a similar structure to the original Teen Titans cartoon.

List items

  • Beryl acts as the "Robin" for the group. She's the team's leader, and the heart and soul of Titans UK, having been a hero for a long time and the partner of Britain's most well-known hero, the Knight.

  • The Cricket is the team's Beast Boy, jovial, upbeat, and light-hearted. While he might bemoan his freakish appearance from time to time, Jeramey tries not to let it show, and does his best to keep the team in high-spirits.

  • The team's answer to Raven, Ystin is Titan UK's go-to for all things magic and mythology. Ystin is a proud knight, and takes her honor very seriously, holding strong the codes of chivalry even though they have gone out of style. She sees Beryl as a rival of sorts, and likes to pit her skills against the Squire in their training sessions.

  • Titans UK's answer to Starfire. As a wielder of the Firestorm Matrix, his nuclear abilities make him an invaluable asset to the team. He also acts as the Titans' government liason.

  • The Titans UK's tangent for Cyborg, Jenny's powers as a Century Baby make her one of the most powerful members of the team. While she herself is not integrated with advanced technology, her abilities allow her to access any and all technological devices and databases within Britain, as well as the world as a whole. She's also notably a lot younger here, but still just as hardcore as she is as a member of the Authority. Her bloodthirsty attitude towards criminals is a point of contention with the other Titans, and more than once they have to hold her back from killing someone.

  • A regular villain that faces off with the Titans UK, an annoyance on par with Control Freak.

  • The answer to Blackstar for the Titans UK's rogues gallery.

  • A darker, scarier villain, Blackbriar Thorn takes the place of Mumbo Jumbo in the rogues gallery for Titans UK. However, he nowhere near as whimsical and incompetent.

  • The "Trigon" of Titans UK, she is one of their more serious villains, and a great threat to Britain and the world in the grand scheme of things.

  • The "Slade/Deathstroke" of Titans UK, King Snake has a particular interest in Squire, one that borders on obsession. He sees her potential to become a great fighter, and longs to bring out that potential to turn her into the ultimate opponent.

  • Titans UK's version of "Mad Mod."

  • A master thief, known throughout Britain for his high-profile heists and daring escapes. Takes the place of Red X in the Titans UK's rogues gallery.

  • "Not too this, not too that, juuuust right." Goldilocks serves as the Titans UK's version of Kitten, minus her connection to another villain like the former's with Killer Moth.