The Administrators

Also known as "The Singularity Corps." From the far reaches of the multiverse, heroes of all shapes and sizes from futuristic realities and time-lines are gathered together to form a complex organization with a single purpose in mind: to ensure that mankind, across all of time and space, is allowed to achieve it's full potential as a species, be that through biotechnology, biomechatronics, cybernetics, or any other technologically-based means. If humanity in some corner of reality faces extinction, or is on the brink of a forced singularity from an outside party, the Admins step in to ensure that mankind's fate rests in their own hands. Humanity will achieve a singularity through their own means, learn to stand on their own two feet, endure, and transcend expectations and preconceived notions of life and sapience. That is the goal of the Adminstrators.

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