My Young Avengers Dream Team

Having been a fan of the Young Avengers since the first series, I've always considered creating a dream team of some of the youth of the Marvel Universe on par with them. Since "Avengers Arena" is slowly killing off our favorites, I thought it was high time I give my favorites a place in the limelight, so that they can be remembered for the awesome guys and gals they were. And who knows, maybe somewhere in the Marvel Multiverse, this team actually exists.


List items

  • In my opinion, every team needs someone to act as "Mission Control," to give them intel and direction in the heat of battle. Knowledge is power after all, and while he may have lost his ability to siphon knowledge after M-Day, David still retains enough technological and tactical know-how to give the team a hand in taking down the toughest baddies the Marvel Universe can dish out.

  • Arsenic and Old Lace were two of my favorites from the Runaways series, particularly because of Gert's abilities and her closeness to the deinonychus. Gert is a prime example of how you don't have to be model-thin to be a successful super-heroine, and in that sense, I think she could be a great role model for kids who might look up the the Young Avengers. Her costume would most likely be the one seen in the "What If" back-up stories from the Fallen Son- Secret War alternate realities.

  • Arsenic and Old Lace go hand in hand, so it only makes sense she be included here as well.

  • "Come with me if you want to be awesome." No other reason needed.

  • If her boyfriend is going to be on this team, then Kate needs to be as well. Besides, an archer is always a valuable asset to any superhero team.

  • It's just not the Young Avengers without Wiccan on it. The kid's been here since the beginning, and he's more than once earned his place on the team.

  • If Billy is going to be on the team, then Teddy has to be here too. You couldn't pull these two apart with a black-hole!

  • Every team needs a speedster, and a speedster who can shapeshift into a more powerful form as she uses her powers is definitely a bonus. Transonic hasn't seen a lot of action since Utopia closed it's doors, so its high time she get to shine again.

  • Besides his awesome costume, Kevin's mace and superpowers make him an invaluable asset to the team. If the gods of Asgard believe he is worthy to share the power of Thor, then he is definitely worthy of having a bigger role in the Marvel Universe.

  • Personally, I hate how they put Xavin on a bus at the end of the Runaways series. You rarely see transgendered characters in comic-books these days, much less transgendered superheroes! Her relationship with Karolina was just so sweet and wonderful, it was a shame to have it destroyed the way it was. And thus, she comes back as a member of my team, to right the wrongs of the past!

  • If her beloved is going on to be here, Karolina is sure to follow. She and Xavin deserve to have happiness after the Hell they've been put through in their lives.

  • What he lacks in superpowers, he makes up for in intuition and technological know-how. He's no Iron-Man, but given enough time Chase has the potential to become a great hero in his own right.

  • Thunderstrike might bring the Asgardian firepower to the team, but for a savage berserker, Troll is a must for this roster. Plus, she's just so cute and likable as a character, you can't help but have her around.

  • One of my all-time favorite characters from the Academy-X era of the X-Men lore, Soorya needs a lot more love, as far as I'm concerned. She has an awesome skill set, a great personality, she sticks to her beliefs even when it's not the most popular thing to do, she's polite, she's fierce, etc. She's one of the most human characters I've ever come across in comics to date.

  • The whole Necrosha debacle left me thinking, "Where the hell was Jay during all of this?" If they were reviving dead X-Men heroes and villains, shouldn't they have brought him back? And if a couple of them managed to continue to live, shouldn't he have as well? If not that time, then certainly during the Chaos War. He and Dust had such chemistry, it was a shame to tear that apart for the sake of drama.

  • Every team needs a strong guy, and with his powers, Santo is one of the strongest and most versatile of them all. Plus, when the going gets tough, he doesn't abandon his friends.

  • For some reason, this character has been one of my favorites since the beginning of "Wolverine and The X-Men." I mean, a were-shark? How cool is that?! Plus, not all missions take place on the ground of in the air, so an underwater hero is definitely a must for any superhero team. And since her were-shark form seems to be amphibious, she isn't pigeonholed into that singular role, and can be just as useful on land.

  • Let's face it, you see some pretty messed up stuff in the superhero world, and you more often than not have to end up doing some pretty messed up stuff as well. If you let that eat away at you inside, it's going to end badly for everyone. Trauma's role as a therapist in the Avengers Initiative has given him a better handle on his abilities as Nightmare's son, and has given him a constructive outlet that isn't combat-oriented that allows him to continue using his powers for good. He might be a "staff" member of the team like Prodigy, but he still plays a vital role in keeping them others in fighting shape.