Marvel Comics Crushes

I decided to split my original "Women in Comics I find Attractive & Why" list up by universe, so this is the list of all the lovely ladies from Marvel Comics that I personally find myself attracted to (in no particular order). As before, I'll do my best to list why I'm attracted to these women and who they are as people, not just how good they look in their spandex/body armor/etc. I mean, looks are nice, but what good is beauty if the person beneath it is a total "rhymes with witches," am I right? (I really need to try and remember where I read that, lol :P).

If their aren't any explanations following an entry on this list, that's only because I haven't been able to fill it out yet. I'll get to it eventually, when time allows. Also, like I've said before, I really wish we could pick the images that go on these lists, since I tend to like prefer certain outfits/art styles than the ones that may be the current page image for these characters.

But, I digress. Bring out the ladies! Feel free to leave a comment if you see fit, and I hope that you enjoy the list as it fills out.

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