DC Comics Crushes

So, I decided to split my "Women in Comics I find Attractive & Why" list by universe, and this one is for the lovely ladies of DC Comics, in no particular order. As before, I'll do my best to list why I'm attracted to them outside of purely physical looks, because personality has a lot to do with it. I mean, what good is beauty if the person is a total "rhymes with 'witches'," am I right? (I gotta remember what comic I read that line in, lol :P).

Anyhow, if there aren't any explanations accompanying a particular gal on this list, then I probably haven't been able to fill it out just yet. Note that I really wish we could pick which images go on this list (like we can do with forum posts), since I prefer certain outfits and art-styles over others. Also, even though there might be a New 52 character or three on this list, be prepared for some amount of Nu-52 bashing (I miss the good old days when DC was fun & not all uber-serious/"edgy").

But, I digress. Time to bring out the ladies! Feel free to leave a comment below if you so desire, and I hope you enjoy the list as it fills out.

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