Characters I want to talk with over coffee

As the name suggests, this list is of characters I would love to sit down with and just chat with about themselves and their lives over a cup or two of coffee, or a pot of tea some time. There are things about each one that I find really interesting that I would love to learn more about outside of the complicated life-style they lead as a superhero, a supervillain, a literal god, a mercenary, or whatever adventurous occupation they've chosen, or had thrust upon them. I'd like to think that getting to know them better would expand my knowledge of them as people, and that maybe a friendship or two would form from such an encounter.

List items

  • What is it like to wake up one morning in the body of a woman, but with the memories of having lived your whole life as a man? How do you cope with something so jarring, so life-changing? How do you come to terms with such a change, and embrace this new femininity you've found yourself thrust into, without any say in the matter? And what do you do with the male memories you've retained from your "previous life?"

    These are questions I would love to ask the Ultimate Universe' Spider-Woman over a cup of coffee, as I think they were glossed over after her initial introduction during the Ultimate Clone Saga. I want to know what it was like for Jessica in those first few months after her "birth" and her escape from her former masters, how odd it must've felt to have male memories and a female body, and how she came to terms with who she was and started living as a woman. There was a lot of potential for her story that I felt got glossed over by Marvel, and I would love to learn more about it from her.

  • More of a conversation for the sake of personal betterment more than understanding, admittedly, I'd love to chat with Remy about how he's so confident, and how I could try and move towards something like that with my own personality. That, and I'd like to know what living in New Orleans is like from the point of view of one of the greatest thieves in Marvel Comics. If at some point in the conversation, the cards came out, I'd definitely up for a game or two with him for the sake of passing the time, having fun, or just the chance to say I played cards with THE Gambit!

  • Like I said in one of my other lists, I wish we could pick the images for these things, as I prefer Zinda's design from the Pre-New 52 Birds of Prey series by Gail Simone.

    Zinda is someone I feel like I might actually have a connection with in comics, at least as far as musical tastes go. I would love to sit down with her and just listen to some jazz music while we talk about her career as a pilot in WWII with the Blackhawk Squadron, and how she's been adjusting to life in our timeline. Since she can order alcohol in 30 languages, I don't think coffee would be on the menu, but I'm not such a teetotler that I don't enjoy a glass of rum & coke every now and then.

  • What's life like for a talking raccoon/alien/cyborg that travels the galaxy fighting badguys and kicking ass? What was his life like before he became an intergalactic hero, and now that he is one, what's the best part about the job? It's questions like these that make Rocket an interesting person to share a drink with, and I would love to hear more about him. Part of me also wants to know more about how he views humans as an outsider to Earth culture, and what the galaxy thinks of us as a whole. Do we have a good reputation with them? Are we preceived as backwards savages? Do they think of us as children, gradually coming into our own on the galactic stage? Or do we really even want to know what they think of us, and are better off not knowing?

  • Like I said before in my other list, I've developed an interest in cyberpunk over the years, and the Motoko from GitS: SAC comes from a reality that's much more glowing than it's grimdark counterpart. I would love to know what its like to be a full-body cyborg, how it feels to immerse yourself in the vast and infinite sea of information that is the Internet, to be connected to everyone you know and love with just a thought, and to be practically immortal. I would also like to hear more about her past, since the anime and the manga never really touched on it all that much. From what we did see, however, she's had an interesting life, and I would love to hear more about it. There's this mystery to her that I find incredibly intriguing.

    Another thing I would like to know about Motoko is how her full-body prosthetic works, especially in terms of how she feels sensations and gets nutrients. We know from SAC that there's special food for cyborgs, but what does it taste like? Can you change it's taste by altering how your brain perceives the information? Inquiring minds want to know! (Well, mine at least, lol :P)

  • Like I said on another list, I have a lot of respect for Karen as a person, and as a hero, businesswoman, and scientist. I also think that she is underestimated too much because of her personal appearance, when in reality, she is just as smart as she is beautiful. While I do admit that I wouldn't mind seeing that beauty up close and in person, I would also like to talk with her as another human being, see what makes her tick, and what her normal life is like. We already know that being a superhero AND a CEO on top of that is tough, I want to know what it's like for her, and how she deals with the pressures of either work environment. What gets her through the day? How does she cope with all the leering stares and smart remarks? What does she like to do to unwind when she actually gets a breather?

  • Another one for the sake of personal betterment, I'd like to sit down with Trauma and see just what it is that I'm really, truly afraid of, and how I can overcome it. I have some things that make me uncomfortable, but I don't really know what that one thing is that terrifies me beyond all else, and I think meeting meeting him would make me stronger because of it. Not only that, but as the son of Nightmare- and having been possessed by him for a short time- he's had a chance to see literally the stuff that dreams and nightmares are made of, and that sounds to me like it's something worth talking about.