Bruce Wayne Return=who will be who?

If Bruce Wayne returns, who will be who? Will Dick continue being Batman, or will he go back to being Nightwing? Will Stephanie Brown be fired from being Batgirl by Bruce, or will she go back to being Spoiler? Will Damian keep being Robin, or will Tim Drake come back and be Robin? And how does Cassandra Cain fit in? Hopefully DC manages to sort all that out, which will be a lot of work. Just wondering, but who do you think would be best as each superhero?


Saddest DC death?

A lot of people have died in the history of DC Comics, but which one was the saddest? Personally, I think it's either Superman or Jason Todd (yes, I hate him too, but his death was actually really sad!)

Stephanie Brown=Bad character

Does anyboy else really dislike Stephanie Brown? She ruins everything and is just too whiny and pointless to be liked. The most important moment in her life was being killed. Seriously, why is she even alive??!! And now she's Batgirl? How the hell did that happen?!!