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Least Favorite Live Action Marvel Characters

Note: I haven't seen Captain Marvel yet.

List items

  • Dude was pure cheesy in Ghost Rider 2

  • Ugh. Where to start? Tilda is a good actress overall but this was just forced. I feel like MCU Ancient One doesn't have that much depth to the character as he (she) was supposed to. If they really wanted to sex-change him, Kelly Hu or another Asian character could've done it.. Tilda as Ancient One was just far out man.

  • Just LOL

  • Eh

  • Just straight up forgettable

  • (The Wolverine) Just meh nothing special.

  • He was alright. Liked the scary voice but other than that he was a tad forgettable.

  • I loved Logan but idk he was just kind of underwhelming in the movie.

  • Meh

  • She served her purpose as Thor's right hand man and I appreciate that. Overall she just didn't bring enough to the table for me and I'm not a huge fan of Tessa Thompson.

  • I don't think they hyped people enough on the real Mandarin's upcoming appearance on the MCU (yes, this was confirmed by Fiege on a Reddit AMA). Anyway, I did enjoy seeing Ben Kingsley play as the guy.

  • The actor is GREAT and looks perfect as Quicksilver but goddamn. A speedster getting killed by a bullet? xDDD GET OUT. Inb4 lazy writing and absolutely didn't do Quicksilver justice. I love the Fox version though.

  • Idk he just bores me. Feats are quite good.

  • I just started liking him less after AoU. I would've been way better if he didn't go through his Ronan phase in Endgame I thought it was pretty rushed as a whole and didn't really contribute to anything. If he didn't have a family, I'd rather he died instead of Natasha.

  • Again, this is more of an issue with the physical appearance (dont judge lol) of the actress and not the writing. Idk I was underwhelmed I guess.

  • Not a Jlaw fan (preferred Rebecca Romijin). Although her character was written fine I'm just not that keen with Jlaw as an actress.

  • I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a huge ScarJo fan. She had her great moments overall but I still don't like her all that much. Her death scene is one of the greatest in the MCU I'll tell you that.