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Tony Stark and the Fate of Atlantis 2

Tony Stark and his crew have set off on their new quest: find Atlantis and a legendary power source.   The goal is to use the super-conductive metal to power the Iron Man suit, which is revealed to be Howard Stark’s dream to end war.   Yet another issue passes where there is actually no use of the Iron Man suit, and I wonder how they plan to use it in the future. We get introduced to Captain Namor, the most famous and successful ship captain who Tony has hired to bring him to Atlantis.   He has ...

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Africa Isn't a Country? 0

I was really looking forward to this book.   I just finished the current Astonishing X-Men run that started with Joss Whedon’s stories, so I had high hopes for this.   It did not live up to those expectations. First of all, I did not care for the art.   In some panels, the characters just look terrible.   Emma in particular is drawn almost as a caricature, accentuating her breasts in literally every panel that she is in.   In fact, sometimes her breasts are the only part of her in the panel.   H...

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Fallout and Frustrations 0

 Spoiler Alert: If you have not read earlier issues in Second Coming, this review may contain spoilers.   (I try to avoid naming names where possible).   You have been warned! First off, coming back to Uncanny X-Men after reading X-Force is like getting punched in the face.   The art in Uncanny is much more cartoon-like, and X-Force goes for a very realistic look.   I prefer X-Force personally.   The art does not necessarily work against this particular comic, however, because there is not much...

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Kingpin Conclusion 0

Caution:   This review may contain plot spoilers. This issue has two plots operating at once: the Punisher continuing his fight against the Mennonite, and Wilson Fisk trying to take out his former boss, Don Rigoletto.   The Punisher continues to fight the Mennonite, who is proving to be a really strong opponent.   Frank lures him into one of his safe houses, and the Mennonite takes the bait along with his horses and carriage.   The Punisher has a claymore set up, but the horses shield the Menno...

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Fisk and the Five Families 0

Caution: Review may contain spoilers. The hit man that Rigoletto was waiting for is finally in town, and he is: the Mennonite.   Mennonites are similar to Amish people, and do not use mechanical devices.   He refuses to use a gun, instead opting for tools that his religion allows him to use.   Wilson Fisk is evacuating his family from their regular apartment, but Frank Castle is hot on his trail and demands a showdown.   Fisk tells the Punisher that it was nice working with him, and the Mennoni...

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Frank vs. Fisk 0

We finally get a bit of a showdown between Frank Castle and Wilson Fisk!   Mamma Cesare (wife of Don Cesare, killed in Ennis’s Punisher Max #1) calls Vanessa Fisk and tells her that she knows what Wilson is up to.   Wilson decides to pay her a visit.   Meanwhile, the Punisher is starting to feel that the Kingpin smoke might be a decoy for something bigger.   All he can find out is that someone is spending a lot of money, and Fisk is involved somehow.   He decides to pay Mamma Cesare a visit as w...

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Creating the Kingpin 0

Wilson Fisk continues his plot to bring the crime “Kingpin” to New York.   Only thing is, the Kingpin doesn’t actually exist!   Everyone in the crime world believes that he was just a myth, even the Punisher.   So how exactly can he be made real? Fisk sets out to create the impression that the Kingpin is coming to town by renting a posh office, hiring some hookers and guns, and creating a fake businessman’s identity.   The Punisher is hot on his tracks, and he begins to hear the rumors of the Ki...

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Kickoff with the Kingpin 0

I read a few Ennis Punisher Max books, but this is going to be the first that I’m reading the series consistently.   Bear that in mind while reading this review. The basic plot (possible spoilers) is that the Punisher has been wreaking havoc on the crime families, and they are looking for a way to stop him.   He is hot on their trail and torturing a man to get information on their meet.   Meanwhile, Rigoletto is pitching an idea to the other families: what if the Kingpin existed?   Not for real,...

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Stark Reassmebled! 0

Stark has been through a lot recently.   Since the Civil War, he’s been one of the more hated characters in the Marvel Universe, but the movie hit and his popularity soared.   How do you solve this disparity? Well, Stark Disassembled provided a great way to erase the last few years: erase Stark’s memory and reboot him with a pre-Civil War build.   His company has also completely collapsed (earlier in this run), leaving him without much more than Pepper Potts. The premise of this arc is that Star...

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One Will Die... 2

 So this is the big death issue!  I will do my best to not spoil it for anyone, but I will say this:  it's a great scene.This book has some awesome art and inking.  It's probably the best that we've seen so far in Second Coming.  The colors pop off the page in places, and the characters are drawn amazingly.Picking up from part 04, the X teams are spread out trying to get Hope back to Utopia.  The book starts with Bastion saying it's time for him to go out and fight.  Wolverine's team and Cable a...

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Good introduction, but lacks action and art 0

 To preface this review, I have never read a Magdalena story and I have absolutely no familiarity with the character.   I picked it up mostly because of other reviews and the cool cover. The premise of this story is that Jesus’ line was passed from Mary Magdalene through the ages.   Each girl wields the Spear of Destiny and serves the church.   The current Magdalena, Patience, had a falling out with the church and they are seeking to replace her.   Someone objects and they give him one chance...

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Better than other Marvel Noir books 3

 Iron Man Noir is an interesting take on a familiar character.  Stark and Rhodes are depicted as adventurers who are looking for a Mayan mask while chronicling their journey for a magazine.   This book sets up the basic villains, involving the creation of Madame Masque and an encounter with Zemo.  It also foreshadows where the book is heading in issues to come, and I can already tell you it is going to be interesting.It looks like Pepper Potts will be more of a side kick for Tony.  I'm intereste...

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