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what kind of flavor do you guys think Atlanteans have?

you know, this f*** question as been on my mind on and off for more the a decade....i am sorry but i just keep wondering just what kind of a flavor do they have? would they have a sweet salmon type of flavor or maybe some other fish's flavor? and if you would eat an atlantean how would you do it? grill it or maybe put it in the oven? ? ? ?

i know how this question looks but give it a go IF you have the mind of it :D


humans virus or not?

here is something i would love to have a well in deep Conversation about that simple Question,simple to ask harder then Diamonds to answer.

follow this video and tell me what you thinking about it:

so are humans a virus on this planet or not? if not why? if so why? give me you're best and yet most Desperate attempt at answering that question.


here is my new Original character

hey guys here is something i want your feedback on. take a look at this please

here is my Original character made by using the hero machine 3 app that is inspired by Billy Batson also know as Shazam.

his name is Sabbac. and here is the name's meaning:

No Caption Provided

S-for Seth god of chaos for magic and Intelligence.

A-for Atlas the titan for outer Strength.

B-Bor father of odin for inner strength.

B-for the goddess bellona for combat skill and Knowledge

A-for Amaterasu the sun goddess of japan for speed of light.

C-for for Chaac the mayan god of rain for weather Manipulation.

that is how i see him look, NOW i know that there is all read a SABBAC from DC so please do not think that i am not know this.


what is morally worst?

behold comic vine! for the evil kitten has return! with one more Question for you to answer!

what is more morally wrong......

KILLING some one


MIND WHIP their memory?

and why please :)

so says your master!


is the apocalypse the embodiment of evolution?

attention! my minions! your master, THE evil kitten has once more a Question.

IS marvel's apocalypse is the embodiment of evolution?

because he talks a lot of about the "The strong survive and the weak die" and that is an Element in the theory of evolution.

so what do you minions of to say to your master?

let your meows be heard!


how awesome are berries?right?!

okay guys this is how awesome berries are any berry and type be it food or drinks or comics films or whatever, it is simple really, you and i are going to post pics or stories about berries of any kind.

i start:

barry allen, he is an awesome hero. and here are some pics to prove this

No Caption Provided

here is one that shows hes General connection to the speedforce (no a scan of some kind of feat)

now you try

give us some berry love

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who is YOUR favorite robin? and why?

okay guys, this is an easy one.


my pick is WHO:Tim "over awesomeness" drake.

WHY?: well lets start by what Ra's al Ghu said about tim drake: Tim Drake is not Bruce Wayne. He isn't Grayson, or even Damian. Drake is different. Look behind his eyes. I suspect he's already won

that says a lot about my favorite robin. and that is good Enough for me.

what about you guys and girl? who is your favorite one?

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how good would they taste? ?

hey guys! and girls!! we have our self...a Question that i would love you to answer....okay ready?

how good would the atlanteans would taste like? do you think that they would taste like sushi? or what?

enjoy the answering this question boys and girls :)

because the evil kitten said so! :D

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