Starleafgirl's Best Friends

Please don't be offended if you're not on this list; I care about all my friends. :) That said, here's my long-time, good friends here on the Vine.

List items

  • If I'm the Queen of Combine / Delete, Shatterstar is definitely the King. His dedication to Combine / Delete is admirable and he seems like a decent guy, to boot. I've asked things of him many times and he always pulls through for me. :)

  • Come on, it's G-String, G-Whiz, G-Skrull! What's not to like? He's got to be the coolest guy on the Vine. Here he is, dealing with a huge volume of things every day on this site, but he takes it all in stride and preserves his humorous, witty, helpful attitude all throughout it all. You've really gotta admire him for that. It may be my imagination, but I think, over the many, many months, we've developed a sort of back-and-forth banter and mutual appreciation & respect for each other.

  • A great friend to all of his friends. You can always count on him to be a caring friend willing to listen to your problems and try to help you out. I really admire that about him.

  • Another of my personal CV heroes, Methos is the man. Seriously. And I knew him long before he was a Moderator, so I'm not saying that just because he wields awesome smiting power. Methos is among the most awesome dudes I have ever met in my life and we're into many of the same things (Doctor Who, Highlander, Super Girl, etc.). You can always count on him to post with dignity, wit, and proper grammar, which is always appreciated. ;) He's a funny, entertaining, witty guy, what more can I say? He'd be higher on this list, but we don't speak very often.

  • A fun guy. He's more, ah, abrasive than I am, but it's usually tempered with humor. :) All I have to say is, don't get on his bad side. He's so creative, too. When he and I get together, well-written fun and shennanigans are sure to follow. I love talking to him about stuff.

  • My personal CV hero. Seriously, she's my number one CV hero. She stands up for women in comics (and in general), using her wisdom, wit, and humor. She's everything a feminist should be. And she's a nice person, too! :) I'm glad I met her.

  • Often considered to be my sidekick (or me, his?). In any case, Krypto to my Superman. Hehe. Just a funny / great / entertaining individual overall. I really appreciate his wit and humor. I believe he's the one who first called me Queen of Combine / Delete.

  • My first friend here on CV and one with whom I've exchanged a lot of wacky / witty / entertaining stuff. Great times. :) Though he was my first, he's still my best, even after more than a year.