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Generation X: Where Are They Now?

...or at least, where are the ones that're still alive? And/or the graves of those we've lost. -_- I just wanted something to bring them all together again, even if it's just a list. Feel free to suggest additions, I'm probably missing stuff.

This list is meant to chronicle the post-GenX lives of the original GenXers. It's listed in more or less chronological order, but it's not 100% accurate nor 100% complete.

List items

  • This is a short digest magazine with profiles on various Marvel topics. Generation X as a whole was covered in issue #8, and I believe I've seen covers that indicate additional articles on Emma Frost (#11 profile about the White Queen, #14, #33), Jubilee (#75 as Jubilee, #79 as Vampire Jubilee), Monet (#145, #153: "Monet St. Croix: Doing Penance," #155: "Monet St. Croix: Generation X"), Penance (#135 profile about Hollow and #153 profile about Monet), Artie & Leech (#144) and even the fake Chamber (#104). You can double-check here; I've already glanced at #1 through #171:

  • This is a digital comic series that began in 2021, but features throwback tales expanding upon past eras, hopefully to include Generation X. In Chapter 1, Jubilee appears in a tale set around 1994, likely before Generation X Vol. 1. In Chapters 7 through 9, Jubilee teams up with Wolverine in a tale set during the Larry Hama era, which I seem to recall also predates Generation X Vol. 1. In the first twelve chapters, there's a total of four Jubilee appearances and two Omega Red (Gen X villain) appearances. This is getting relaunched with a new #1 on 5/18/22.

  • M was in X-Factor. PAD has said he wanted to bring Penance (now called Hollow) in as a guest star, but C.B. had reserved her for Excelsior (now called The Loners). I'm hoping we'll see more of M's family -- and Hollow -- in this, eventually. Banshee's biological daughter, Siryn, is one of M's galpals. An alternate universe Banshee was briefly in this volume, as well haunting/hallucination his daughter shortly before she was upgraded to become a real Banshee.

  • Penance's first appearance after the end of Generation X; here, she was given the codename of Hollow by Fujikawa Industries from when they held her captive.

  • Penance (still known as Hollow) makes an uneventful debut amongst the other remaining Loners at a school in Los Angeles in issue #21. It remains to be seen what focus, if any, is put on her. She shows up again in issues #30 & #31. Sadly, the series ended with #39.

  • Emma Frost was with her boytoy Cyke and other X-Men.

  • Skin's misspelled gravestone was last seen here; he's got a proper (but empty) one his mother in Los Angeles visits, too.

  • During the Necrosha event, Banshee, Skin, and Synch were briefly resurrected by the Transmode Virus to serve as part of Selene's undead army. The fates of Undead Skin and Undead Synch remains unknown. Also, Blink was serving Selene at this time, though not necessarily in this volume.

  • After Necrosha, Blink reappeared as a peppy 'porter whose personality definitely leaned fully into the "manic" portion rather than the "depressive" portion we'd seen in the much more somber Necrosha event.

  • After Necrosha, Banshee was temporarily resurrected once again for this storyline.

  • Banshee is resurrected here only to be one of the Apocalypse Twins' bad guys. He's later defeated and put in statis until they can figure out how to remove the Death Seed from him and make him good again.

  • Future Foundation is where Artie and Leech have ended up, alongside their fellow former Generation X ward, Franklin Richards.

  • The new writer of Ultimate Comics X-Men was a former Generation X writer and fan (Brian Wood), so he brought Ultimate Husk into this.

  • If you count alternate realities, Monet St. Croix and Emplate have been in this series on-and-off for a while, with Monet (dubbed "Penance" here) promising to serve as a major part of the storyline. This volume (and possibly the AoA universe as a whole) came to an end in April 2013. It was resurrected for Secret Wars in Summer 2015, but with a rebooted continuity.

  • You might've heard of a little thing called No More Mutants / Decimation. Well, this title was around in the wake of it. Both Chamber and Jubilee made appearances in it because both were depowered as a result of M Day.

  • In issue #9, Chamber is rescued / kidnapped from his hospital bed by Clan Akkaba and turned into Apocalypse, Jr. Chamber's none too thrilled about this, walking out on them, but they seem pretty sure he'll be back at some point. Unfortunately, this plot was never followed up on.

  • An Apocalyptified Chamber and Jubilee, having been depowered by M Day, join this resistance team with new technology-based powers under the codenames of Decibel and Wondra. The less said about it, the better.

  • In issue #2, which takes place sometime after the New Warriors disbanded, there is no mention made of Jubilee's New Warriors tech when she journeys to San Francisco to visit the current mutant homeland of Utopia.

  • Jubilee was a member of Cyke's side post-Schism in this title. Oh, and she's a "teenage vampire." Yup, you heard right. She was last seen leaving the X-Men to explore her new identity as a vampire with The Forgiven. Meanwhile, Chamber was in this series starting #40 & #41 as part of the new cast (#41 was the final issue).

  • Jubilee has been made a vampire and has appeared in various guest-starring spots as such, but this is the best miniseries about how she spent those early days learning how to deal with being a vampire.

  • Jubilee and Monet are in this volume together, following Jubilee's guest-starring stints in various books and following Monet's long tenure in X-Factor.

  • Emma's running a school and a team with Scott Summers here, but they're not dating anymore. Or are they back on again? Did she get her telepathy back? I expect this is where you'd find your answers. In issue #30, Emma Frost dies: she asks Matthew Malloy about Scott's death in the previous issue, gets upset by Malloy's answer, and slugs him (probably because Malloy didn't save Scott). Malloy then retaliates, shattering her into a million diamond pieces. Fortunately, Eva Bell corrects the timeline and she is resurrected.

  • Chamber's new Legacy home, apparently; the writer is a fan. He made appearances in the previous X-Men: Legacy volume as well, starting with teaching/defending a class called "Dealing with Physical Changes" in #264, and even worked with Husk once. Blindfold also seems to be important to this volume of X-Men: Legacy.

  • Husk was a teacher here; she'd continue to guest star despite quitting the school, until she finally gets a job back at the school. This is also the volume in which she had some emotional problems, problems with her powers, and problems dating (Toad, anyone?). Chamber makes the occasional appearance as he's faculty as well (though everyone but him seems to forget that fact). Sadly, Jason Aaron treated the X-Men like a joke. Among other things, the former Apocalypse, Jr. a.k.a. Chamber never shared scenes with current Apocalypse, Jr. a.k.a. Genesis.

  • Although this comic was cancelled at #12, Chris Claremont was kind enough to remember that at this time A) Monet, Husk, and Chamber are all at the same school and B) Husk and Chamber actually know each other and work together. In issue #3, M, Husk, and Chamber appear in a wallpaper cameo. Then, in issue #4, Husk and Chamber cameo again in a fight scene, where they speak to each other and work together to help defeat the enemy. Later, in issue #7, Banshee appears via flashback.

  • SECRET WARS (2015): Alternate versions of Jubilee, Chamber, Emma Frost (as a villain), Artie & Leech can be found in this Secret Wars series. The last issue (#8) contains a cameo by Husk, Monet, and Skin.

  • SECRET WARS (2015): This is the print form of the X-Men '92 digital comic. Each issue has two digital chapters within it.

  • The continuation of the SECRET WARS storyline, brought into its own much larger universe. Jubilee and Chamber are the biggest Gen X presence in this book, but Monet gets a line, too, and cameos are seen of Penance, Synch, Skin, Husk, Artie & Leech, and possibly even Mondo. Blink has a cameo appearance, as well. And that's just issue #1! Keep reading to see more.

  • SECRET WARS (2015): Banshee, Penance, Skin, and Maggott all appear in cameo roles in issue #3 as X-Men, along with many others; Chamber, Banshee, and Maggott appear again briefly in Inferno #5. Penance can also be seen in a tube on the cover of issue #4. Also of note: the Jubilee of the Runaways Secret Wars book also originates from this reality.

  • SECRET WARS (2015): Wise-cracking leader of the Night Witches gang comes from the Battleworld Domain called Limbo, a.k.a. the same reality from which we've seen a few of her former Generation X friends in the Inferno book. She is bisexual and was in a relationship with Pixie.

  • SECRET WARS (2015): Alternate versions of Emma Frost, Husk, and Blink can be found here; Banshee appears in a flashback battling Apocalypse with Storm and Sunfire. In a large battle, Emma and Blink can be seen on Magneto's side, while Husk is on Cyclops's side. In an interview, it was stated that Husk is a part of the Elite Mutant Force, Mr. Sinister's police force. Emma used to go by Marvel Girl, wearing Jean's X-Men: First Class uniform. Emma is now married to Magneto.

  • SECRET WARS (2015): Banshee was brought back from the dead (not Earth-616 Banshee) in this volume, so he's now a part of the X-Men again.

  • SECRET WARS (2015): Here, an alternate version of Emma helps lead the X-Men with Cyclops.

  • SECRET WARS (2015): Emma Frost appears as both her Age of Apocalypse version and Old Man Logan version in this volume.

  • SECRET WARS (2015): There are some inconsistencies in this book, so at the time I'm writing this, we're not sure if it's Earth-616 Emma Frost in this book or some artificial creation of Emma Frost in this book, but either way, Emma is in it in a minor role.

  • SECRET WARS (2015): Emma Frost appears a Boss in this series, called Boss Frost. From the Boss Cadet's Manual: Mutations beyond standard level are considered a crime against the Genetic Decency Act. However, an exception is made for mutant children with enough telepathic talent to enroll in the Boss System's Psionic Division. Psi-Bosses are an invaluable asset to the city -- both on the streets and during interrogation.

  • SECRET WARS (2015): Emma Frost joined Tony Stark's side of the Civil War. She helped provide credentials and papers so She-Hulk could sneak into Captain America's territory. She is referred to as "the most talented telepath in the world" by Tony Stark.

  • SECRET WARS (2015): Emma Frost is seen briefly with Black Bolt and Scarlet Witch in issue #3; she has telekinetic powers that are put on display in issue #5. Monet St. Croix is seen teaming up with Spectrum to take down some zombies in issue #5; Jubilee is also in the issue.

  • SECRET WARS (2015): In Secret Wars Journal #1, there was an Egyptia story with cameo appearances by many X-Men-related characters, such as Emma Frost, Blink, Chamber, and maybe Banshee (orange hair and eye patch):

  • Secret Wars #9: The reason Artie & Leech won't be in ANAD Marvel (2015) is because they've gone with their Future Foundation friends to explore the new multiverse... that Franklin Richards will be creating. The old Marvel multiverse was destroyed at the beginning of Secret Wars.

  • This one-shot special came out right between Secret Wars and All New All Different Marvel relaunch and is an alternate reality tale that isn't connected to either SW or ANAD Marvel. It posits the question of what if the Infinity event had gone another way. In this case, what if the Earth had been destroyed during the Builder War and the only survivors were a small crew of mutants... who then meet a small group of Avengers who have survived, too. Husk, Monet, and Chamber are all in this, but don't have much to do. Still, it's nice to see them again -- and actually interact with each other, a bit!

  • Alternate reality five-issue miniseries. Banshee and Jubilee are in it. Skin shows up in the last issue, decades later, at a party at a table specifically devoted to the "Worst X-Men Ever."

  • This miniseries takes place during the eight-month gap after Secret Wars ended and before ANAD Marvel. Therefore, it takes place in the new multiverse created by Franklin Richards and Molecule Man. Emma Frost is in this alongside her Uncanny X-Men teammates.

  • ANAD Marvel (2015): Following the All New All Different Marvel relaunch, the first Generation X member spotted was Jubilee, who had a cameo appearance in issue #3 of this volume. She was seen taking a selfie with Doom and apparently still a vampire due to the presence of fangs.

  • ANAD Marvel (2015): In issue #8, Jubilee guest-stars in this post-Secret Was title to provide some emotional support for Old Man Logan during a night out in Madripoor. Jubilee died in OML's timeline and Logan died in Jubilee's timeline, so OML had been avoiding Jubilee, but now the two hug it out and drink beers with Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Puck, and Teen Jean (probably drinking soda). In issues #14-15, Jubilee goes missing because Dracula has called all the vampires to him; includes a cute Jubilee-Shogo-OMLogan scene at the end of issue #15. In issue #23, Jubilee has a very brief cameo when Logan is traveling through his past, in particular a scene involving the X-Men playing baseball.

  • Civil War II (2016): Monet continues to grieve some unknown loss (later revealed in the Death of X flashback miniseries to be Madrox) as a member of Magneto's team in this Civil War II miniseries. Inhumans vs. X-Men (IvX) is the next event in this series chronologically, even though they released the flashback series Death of X after CWII:X-Men and before IvX.

  • Civil War II (2016): Jubilee joins Patsy Walker as her new assistant starting in issue #8, which happens to be a Civil War II tie-in issue. In issue #9, we see that Jubilee is still a teenage vampire mom to Shogo in the post-Secret Wars world. She takes everyone out to Karaoke Night to try to take their minds off the fact that She-Hulk is in a coma thanks to Civil War II. This is the last title Jubilee appears in before ResurrXion begins in Spring 2017.

  • ANAD Marvel (2015): Following the All New All Different Marvel relaunch, the second Generation X member spotted was Monet St. Croix, who had become a member of Magneto's Uncanny X-Men team. Later, in issue #8, Emplate reemerges onto the scene, merging with his sister to become a new Emplate-Monet entity. Sabretooth vows to keep Monet's secret and the two are seen briefly as Psylocke speculates in issue #19 (the final issue of this volume of Uncanny X-Men) about where they could've gone off to together. This is Monet-Emplate's last appearance before ResurrXion.

  • Eight months after ANAD Marvel (2015), thus sometime shortly after Civil War II (2016), it's revealed in IvX #0 what Emma Frost has been up to since Death of X; it includes a meeting with Magneto's X-Men (including Monet, but Em and M don't interact). Emma continues to play a large role in IvX #1, with Monet showing up as part of a large strike force moving against New Attilan on the very last page of #1. Both have significant character arcs in the conflict, but Monet's is found within tie-ins within her volume of Uncanny X-Men, not in the IvX miniseries itself. Meanwhile, the IvX miniseries ends with a new status quo for Emma Frost: she is called the White Queen by Medusa and has apparently gone full villain, having been driven mad by the death of her love Cyclops. It's a very abrupt heel-turn for her and not accepted by many fans, but Emma's villainy and Monet's Emplate-ness are both facets of the new status quo, a status quo that begins immediately after IvX with a one-shot called X-Men: Prime. This new status quo includes a "ResurrXion" of Generation X... in Generation X Volume 2!