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Generation X Vol. 2: Where Are They Now?

Generation X is back, but there's new kids and a new school... in fact, there's even a new Earth, courtesy of Franklin Richards and Molecule Man in the aftermath of Secret Wars (2015).

The new kids include: Nature Girl, Hindsight, Eye-Boy, Benjamin Deeds a.k.a. Morph, Quentin Quire, Broo (unofficial "honorary member" acc. to author Christina Strain) and Bling!

I probably won't bother to list the post-GenX adventures of the new kids unless I really like them, but will do my best to continue to cover the original Gen X characters' appearances.

List items

  • ResurrXion (2017): The next chapter in mutant history all begins with a super-cute page of Jubilee and Shogo back at the X-Men mansion in X-Men: Prime #1. They're also in a large splash page near the end of the issue. The issue ends with our very first look at Generation X's new school... which is the old school, the classic X-Mansion, but now relocated from Limbo to Central Park in New York City.

  • ResurrXion (2017): Jubilee is here to mentor a batch of new kids; Chamber shows up fairly often as a mentor to a different class of students (likely Future X-Men or Future Ambassadors, as opposed to Jubilee's class of Future Misfits). Monet St. Croix started menacing the students as the new Emplate in issues #3-#4. Generation X Vol. 2 ended with a "Marvel Legacy" storyline in late 2017 that spanned three issues: #85-#87.

  • ResurrXion (2017): The main reason Generation X fans may want to check out X-Men: Gold #1 is because it sets up the world as it currently stands when Generation X Vol. 2 begins. The school is named here -- The Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach -- and the Danger Room is said to be Ver. 10.3 at that time. Other than that, it's much what you'd expect... racism vs. X-Men being heroes and playing baseball.

    Secret Empire (2017): In issue #7, it's revealed that the school is repurposed as a safe haven for any human or mutant in need of sanctuary, as Manhattan is besieged; Jubilee and Chamber are spotted in a "senior staff" meeting about the Darkforce bubble that has encapsulated Manhattan. Also in issue #7, shortly before Generation X Vol. 2 issue #4 was released, Eye Boy seen playing baseball, then later attacked by X-Cutioner.

    Marvel Legacy (2017): In issue #14, released on the same day as Generation X #7, Eye Boy and Nature Girl are seen watching the Mojo reality TV channel as the X-Men are stuck behind on Mojo TV, forced to relive their greatest hits/greatest tragedies. Emma Frost's appearance in the issue seems to be confined to monitors displaying such things as Nightcrawler lying on the ground (surrounded by Emma and other X-Men) and Emma Frost reliving the moment she lost the adult Cyclops in IvX; there's no evidence that she's actually stuck behind the force shields.

    In issue #30, for the occasion of Colossus and Kitty's wedding, Quentin Quire, Chamber, and Jubilee are seen at the rehearsal dinner, as well as in the seated crowd for the actual wedding. This takes place after Generation X #87, as Jubilee talks to Nightcrawler at the rehearsal dinner about how psyched she is to be de-vamped. There's a note that Husk appears in this issue, but I'm not sure it's true; she's possibly the blond woman in the yellow dress at the wedding, as yellow is the color Husk has been wearing almost exclusively during this time period. After the Colossus-Kitty wedding doesn't happen, Jubilee is seen at the would-be reception talking to Ink about the food and drink not going to waste. Jubilee also watches as Gambit proposes to Rogue and she accepts, effectively hijacking the wedding.

    This volume's story ends when the "Extermination" mini begins, then there's "Uncanny X-Men" (2018-2019).

  • ResurrXion (2017): It's a brand new day but there's some old familiar faces on the horizon. Not only do the young X-Men take down old Generation X foes Black Tom Cassidy and Juggernaut (who gets briefly banished to a dimension that could be like Emplate's pocket dimension, but is referred to as simply Hell), but Emma Frost & Monet also appear in issue #1 on screens behind Magneto as two of his future targets for his team of X-Men, with Monet likely being one of the "comrades who have lost their way" since Monet was most recently on Magneto's Uncanny X-Men team right before ResurrXion; Emma Frost could also count as losing her way, as she's gone a little crazy after losing the adult Cyclops in the IvX (Inhumans vs. X-Men) event. To top it all off, in the Coming Soon section of issue #1, there was a panel of Chamber, Jubilee, Mondo, Skin, and Synch, meaning the young X-Men would meet some version of Volume 1/Classic Generation X heroes at some point. For Generation X fans, this tease comes to fruition in the time-traveling arc in issues #16-#20. The teenage original X-Men figure out that their presence in the present is screwing up time, so they use a time machine Magneto built to send themselves back to their own time, but they end up skipping through time instead; it's in issues #17-#18 that they come across an alternate "recent past" Generation X: Penance, Husk, Synch, Skin, Chamber, Jubilee, Mondo, and Monet being raised by Sean Cassidy and Emma Frost in what is pretty much a refugee camp after the X-Resistance lost to the original X-Men, who have turned on mutantkind for some unknown reason. In the initial battle, Monet and Penance are the only ones able to resist Jean's telepathic stun; later, the students all hang out together in the rec room talking, until it's revealed that the school has been destroyed and they've all been living in a Danger Room simulation. In issue #20, Generation X returns to help the X-Men take out the real time-meddlers: the Future Brotherhood of Evil Mutants; with that accomplished, this version of Generation X fades from existence.

    ~The Rest of the Issues~: In issue #6, there is a single panel of a woman wearing white drinking wine, described as an enemy who believes they're in the right; this is likely Emma Frost. In issue #7, in a Secret Empire (2017) tie-in, Emma Frost is featured in her role as part of the ruling body of New Tian; the strike force she sends against the X-Men: Blue team includes the likes of Mondo, Marrow, and Toad. In issue #8, the White Queen's mental instability is on full display as she tries to recruit the teenage Cyclops to the New Tian cause; Banshee briefly appears as an illusion during a fight. In issue #9, Emma's mental manipulations have paid off and the teenage Cyclops fights his friends; Mondo also returns as part of Emma's fighting force. At the end of issue #9, it is revealed that the White Queen, Miss Sinister, and Bastion were using New Tian to collect mutant genetic material for something called Mothervine (meant to create new mutants so mutantkind can be the dominant species, but under Mothervine's control), in a story that's continued in issues #23-#28; #31-#32.

    This volume's story ends when the "Extermination" mini begins, then there's "Uncanny X-Men" (2018-2019).

  • Jubilee figures prominently in this alternate '90s/'00s version of the X-Men as they offer Spider-Man's daughter Annie a place at their school. The two-issue storyline is in issues #6 and #7. There's even a Sean Cassidy cameo in #6 and an Emma Frost appearance in #7.

  • Secret Empire (2017): Emma is shown in flashback in #5 stealing a cosmic cube fragment from Shang-Chi, then wiping his memory so that he can tell neither the United States of Hydra nor the Resistance who has it. This is the fragment she holds in her hand at the end of Secret Empire: United #1.

  • Secret Empire (2017): Although previously revealed in Captain America: Steve Rogers #17 that Xorn would be the leader of New Tian, it turns out that it's actually Emma Frost mind-controlling Xorn who leads the separate country within the United States that serves as the newly established mutant homeland. At this point, Hydra Captain America has taken over the United State and secretly allowed New Tian (northern California) to break away from USA so that the mutants will stay out of his way.

  • Secret Empire (2017): New Tian is also home to former Gen X friend Blink, as seen in a one-panel cameo when the Secret Warriors visit in issue #3.

  • Secret Empire (2017): The secret origin of New Tian was set up in issue #17, but it's not until issue #18 that the true status quo -- that of Emma controlling puppet leader Xorn -- is shown in this comic. Emma is shown in #18 listening to a dictatorial speech by Steve Rogers when the champagne glass she's holding breaks (perhaps telekinetically).

  • Secret Empire (2017): Emma Frost appears in issues #4 and #5 of this five-issue mini. Here it is revealed that in addition to being New Tian's secret puppetmaster ruler, Emma keeps people in line by erasing memories of "the underground," a movement of young mutants and humans against "the establishment" in New Tian, in issue #4. In issue #5, Emma Frost is trying to enjoy a day at the beach when Domino fails to assassinate her; Emma is aware of the attempt and who's behind it, but doesn't seem worried.

  • Secret Empire (2017): Following the overthrow of Captain America/Captain Hydra's fascist rule, the humans are celebrating. They've also decided to demolish New Tian. Emma Frost considers going to war for New Tian's continued freedom, but Beast councils her against it. Emma laments the end of New Tian, saying the humans who are celebrating the end of Hydra's rule don't understand that mutants have always lived under fascist rule. Beast says that Emma should be proud of what she built here, that it gave an entire generation of mutants an idea of what could be -- a true mutant homeland -- a dream that seems to come to fruition later in "Dawn of X" (2019) with the establishment of Krakoa as a new mutant homeland.

  • Issue #10 features a team from the future that includes Banshee, Husk, and Chamber. In this future, Chamber is able to reform his face and he and Husk are an item, kissing when they aren't fighting Brood or other baddies.

  • Marvel Legacy (2017): Concurrent with her duties as school counselor in Generation X Vol. 2, Husk appears here. She explains to them that she was moonlighting for S.H.I.E.L.D.'s non-human resources department when things happened; she's described in further issues as a "former S.H.I.E.L.D. employee." She helps Spider-Man and Deadpool in this volume for a total of ten issues, starting with issue #24, into the mid-30s, and one more time in issue #40. She displays computer skills, gathers intelligence, and husks into a stony form. It was drawn by original Generation X artist Chris Bachalo.

  • Marvel Legacy (2017): Cable #150 features Blink on the cover, but she doesn't actually appear until issue #151, where Selene pulls her out of a portal and says she's the secret weapon she's been sitting on for more than a decade. In issue #152, Longshot notes that this is not the same Blink from Exiles, supporting the theory that this is the Generation X version of Blink. Blink ends up entwined with Selene (as she was in the previous Necrosha storyline), keeping in mind that this version of reality was brought about in the wake of Secret Wars (2015). After Blink beheads the main threat, Cable tells Blink to stick with Longshot in #154, of which is the last Blink is seen in this book. Blink next appears in Exiles (2018), but that appears to be the Earth-295 a.k.a. Age of Apocalypse Blink, not the Earth-616 Blink that's connected to Generation X.

  • Marvel Legacy (2017): In issue #1, Emma Frost is briefly seen in a flashback to when she was having a psychic affair with Cyclops and Jean Grey walked in on them. In issue #7, some weird adult ghost Jean Grey (possibly really the Phoenix) possessed Teen Jean Grey and flew to Emma Frost, who the Phoenix/AdultJeanGrey then attacked/possessed. In issue #8, it's revealed that the Ghost/Phoenix has taken Teen Jean into the deepest recesses of Emma Frost's mind, where we see a school with students (not Gen X; looks like the time period immediately after Gen X ended a.k.a. Morrison's X-Men book). There, Jean stumbles upon Emma Frost with Cyclops in that same memory shown in issue #1; she refers to herself in the third person as the White Queen. Jean finds a shard of the Phoenix Force that Emma had been keeping in that memory of Cyclops; Teen Jean takes it then Emma wakes up and calls Jean an idiot. In issue #9, Teen Jean is dying and Emma talks with Adult Ghost Jean, pointing out how Ghost Jean definitely doesn't have the moral high ground, but then Emma helps Teen Jean with her current dilemma, explaining to Ghost Jean how she kept that tiny spark of the Phoenix Force in her ever since she was possessed by it because she couldn't 100% let go of that power and she kept it in the memory of Scott because Scott was her love story. In issue #10, the Phoenix Force has arrived; the idea is to cage it, so Emma tries to help on that psychic front, but ultimately the Phoenix Force burns through the minds of everyone except Teen Jean, leaving Emma Frost in a comatose heap and Teen Jean dead at the end of issue #10. At this point, the story switches over to Phoenix Resurrection issues #1-#5, then will conclude in issue #11.

  • Marvel Legacy (2017): This story takes place during the Generation X Vol. 2 time, because Jubilee is still a vampire. In issue #1, she uses her vampiric abilities to taste a guard at the former Hellfire Club, determining that the guards aren't human. Prior to being on that team, she and Chamber are seen at a meeting, seated separately. Elsewhere, Banshee is seen at a diner where Jean Grey works, in an odd situation that may or may not be real (the dead Scott Summers later shows up, looking alive and well). In issue #2, Jubilee is once again a part of a meeting to discuss the possible Phoenix situation; Chamber is later seen in a larger group shot (once again, standing nowhere near Jubilee) where Kitty tells everyone the Phoenix is coming back. In issue #2, Chamber is seen on Team Yellow, bantering with Iceman (who describes him as a "grumpy British hipster") and fighting an old-school-looking Magneto who mysteriously disappears as he's transported to Jean's diner. In issue #3, the waitress Jean Grey has a bit of a freakout at a grocery store; Gateway is a manager who tries to tell her to wait for the doctor and Skin follows her and asks her if she's all right, but the scene ends there, as the next scene is with "Mr. Patch" the mechanic (seem to recall Wolverine was dead at the time of this comic, too). The other two people at the grocery store in the Skin scene may have been Synch and Mondo, both also dead at the time. Issue #3 is also when Emma Frost appears, as she helps Kitty Pryde's team locate Jean Grey. Issue #4, Jubilee and Chamber are seen separately in a group shot before X-Men go through the portal to Jean's dream world. Issue #5 of the five-issue mini, Jubilee asks where the giant flaming bird went as part of a group shot, but then the large group of X-Men are forgotten as Jean vs. Phoenix is ultimately Jean's fight; Jean rejects the Phoenix Force.

  • POST GENERATION X: Marvel Legacy (2017): Venomized #1 featured the school Gen X Vol. 2 took place in here named The Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach in Central Park, New York. At least two members of Generation X appear: Bling! and Eye-Boy.

  • Annual #1 Story released Jan. 2018.: The new Gen X kids (specifically Nature Girl, Hindsight, Benjamin Deeds, Eye Boy) made a brief appearance in this, chasing and/or being chased by a stork at the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education & Outreach in Central Park, New York City. Nature Girl got to say "Uh, this stork says she's got a special delivery for you, Ms. Pryde."

  • Jubilee returns to Madripoor, this time to hunt down a rumor of Wolverine with Storm, Pyslocke, Rogue, and Domino.

  • Banshee emerges from his coma in issue #13; this continues into issue #14. Apparently, Beast has had him available as an option for a while, but waited until they were really desperate to use him. When he first shows up in issues #13-#14, he doesn't say anything to anyone or respond in any way to anyone. In issue #15, he takes out a O.N.E. (Office of National Emergency) helicopter that's hunting the group and then flies off, allowing all but Havok and Warpath to be captured. In issue #17 (the last issue of the series), Banshee is fighting with the other X-Men until an adaptive A.I. from the Reavers hijacks the nanotechnology that Beast injected into Banshee to "siphon energy" from the "evil virus" affecting the Apocalypse-Death-Seed-infested "undead" Banshee. Ultimately, Banshee regains his power of speech and seems more or less fine by the end of the series.

  • Following her appearance in Generation X #85-#87, Monet St. Croix appears here as a member of a cult led by Mentallo, a mind-controller, in issues #22-#27. She is quickly freed from his control thanks to injected nanobots in issue #27, but the arc ends in tragedy for Sabretooth (with whom Monet was in somewhat of a relationship before Generation X Vol. 2).

  • Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 reveals the team roster for the group of heroes dedicated to stopping Cosmic Ghost Rider (Frank Castle) from damaging the timestream. This roster includes Jubilee; she doesn't get to say anything, it's just a cameo. This is just the first version of the team, which gets wiped out almost immediately by Galactus, leaving Cable to time travel again and again, bring various other teams to try to kill Baby Thanos.

  • Eyeboy and Bling! appear as part of the first meeting of a support group run by Nightcrawler and Domino. The support group is called "Mindfulness for Mutant Appearances" (MMA), a support group for mutants who can't pass as "normal." Other notable mutants there include Marrow, Maggott, Toad, and Stacy X, who is still depowered like she was when she was in New Warriors with Jubilee. Here, Stacy explains that any subsequent appearances by her where it appeared she was re-powered was due to makeup and body paint.

  • Infinity Wars #4 sees Loki visiting the home of the X-Men to see Diamond Patch, an amalgam of Wolverine and Emma Frost. Upon separating them, it's revealed that he has no need of Logan, whom he leaves behind to fight a monstrous beast, but takes Emma Frost with him. She is the first of five recruits, whom he uses to form New Avengers, a team that is actually more like Infinity Watch. Each recruit is given one of the six infinity stones to guard. Presumably, Emma Frost gets the Mind stone. Emma Frost is in four issues total of this six-issue mini.

  • In Iceman #2, Emma Frost finds that her previously human brother Christian Frost is actually now an omega-level mutant. Their father was controlling Christian, but by issue's end their father is dead and Emma assumes control of Frost Technologies as well as keeping her powerful brother close by.

  • The title says it all.

  • In issue #6, Chamber and Jubilee attend a party hosted by Rogue and Gambit. Takes place after X-Men: Gold #30 and before Uncanny X-Men #1 (2018; of a 22-issue series).

  • CHRISTMAS 2018: This is a 2018 holiday special with three Jubilee stories (actually one holiday story told over four sections, including the Dec. 1 and Dec. 25 bookends), told by the writers of the alt universe "X-Men '92" book. There's also a sad Nature Girl story with art from the main artist of Generation X Volume 2.

  • This volume started in 2018 before Age of X-Man, continuing the story set up in the Extermination (2018) mini.

    Uncanny X-Men #1 (2018): Jubilee is named on the team roster page for X-Men and seen fighting the multiple Madroxes in Jean's initial vision. In reality, she's attending a speech by a politician about mutants with Bishop, having smuggled in tomatoes to throw. When Kitty's supposed to give a speech and instead a bunch of Madrox dupes show up, Jubilee is among those fighting them.

    Uncanny X-Men #11 (2019): Chamber takes refuge with the Morlocks after the devastating events of this series. This series seems to be what's happening in the main Marvel Universe while most of the X-Men and mutant students are stuck in the mutant utopia alternate timeline "Age of X-Man."

  • Uncanny X-Men side story (2019): Three-issue mini side story taking place between issues #15 and #16. Banshee and Chamber appear in it.

  • Mid-2019: While the X-Men dealt with Uncanny X-Men and Age of X-Man, Artie and Leech could be seen as part of the Future Foundation five-issue mini, set in space. Franklin Richards appeared in flashbacks in issues #2 and #3. In issue #5, Leech explains his friendship with Franklin Richards to Rikki Barnes, a friendship that goes back to Generation X Vol. 1 / Daydreamers days; Artie is also shown next to Leech, projecting the image of Invisible Woman.

  • Age of X-Man was an altered reality tale. Similar to how the original Generation X was in Age of Apocalypse, many of the second Generation X kids popped up in various Age of X-Man titles. Nature Girl, in particular, seems to appear a lot; she's the only GenXer to appear in AoXM: Alpha.

  • With covers by original Generation X artist Chris Bachalo and a focus on the younger generation of mutants, this is the Age of X-Man title that would appeal most to Generation X fans. Nature Girl appears in three issues, Bling! appears in three issues, and Husk appears in two issues of this five-issue mini.

  • Presumably the flagship title of the Age of X-Man, Nature Girl appears in all five issues of this five-issue mini. Emma Frost and Jubilee make an appearance in one issue each, in issues #4 and #5, respectively.

  • Jubilee appears in all five issues of this five-issue mini, in which Department X does shadowy stuff to protect the world from threats they'll never know. Nature Girl appears in issue #2.

  • X-Man's utopia for mutants is one where no one knows love. The unlikeliest of revolutionaries has created a group to teach the ways of family and romance: Apocalypse. One of his rebels is Eye-Boy, who appears in all five issues of this five-issue mini. Nature Girl appears in issue #2, while Jubilee appears in issue #4.

  • Nature Girl appears in two issues of this five-issue mini; Bling! appears in one issue. This is the least amount of Generation X-related content of any of the Age of X-Man minis, aside from AoXM: The Amazing Nightcrawler, which has none.

  • The end of Age of X-Man. Jubilee, Nature Girl, and Eye-Boy appear in it.

  • Following the events of Uncanny X-Men (2019), House of X and Powers of X were two six-issue minis meant to lead into Dawn of X. Emma Frost appeared in four issues, Husk appeared in three issues, and Monet/Penance appeared in three issues (only one as Penance), Banshee appeared in two issues, and Emplate appeared in one issue. Emma Frost is on the ruling body of Krakoa, the Quiet Council. Issue #6 included Emma Frost, Banshee, Jubilee, Skin, and Synch, most if not all of which were seen as cameos in the big celebration party at the end.

  • Following the events of Uncanny X-Men (2019), House of X and Powers of X were two six-issue minis meant to lead into Dawn of X. Emma Frost appears in two issues, Banshee appears in one issue.

  • This is a general page that will help me keep track of what issues are included in the X-Men's brave new status quo on the Krakoa island. The solicitation for X-Men/Fanastic Four #1 states "KRAKOA. Every mutant on Earth lives there," which, if true, means Penance must also be on Krakoa somewhere. EMPYRE: X-MEN #1 OF 4 (May 2020) features Monet-as-Penance on the cover; this is likely continuing from X-Men #10 (April 2020) which features Monet on the cover on the Moon (EMPYRE: "The Kree and the Skrulls have united under a new emperor – and their war fleet is on a collision course for our world." Also check EMPYRE HANDBOOK #1). The next wave of DoX titles includes: X-FACTOR, CHILDREN OF THE ATOM, CABLE, HELLIONS, JUGGERNAUT (5-issue mini).

  • Dawn of X (2019): This is the flagship book for the new Dawn of X initiative that followed House of X/Powers of X. Emma Frost and Gateway are in issue #3 (Gateway helped transport Emma to the Savage Land). Notable stories include: Synch being sent into the Vault for 500+ years in issue #5 - followed up by Synch's point of view issues #18-#19; Husk, Skin, and Emplate witnessing Melody Guthrie's crucible in #7. In issue #12-#13, Banshee agrees to help escort Summoner across Otherworld to Arakko. In issue #21, Synch is elected to the X-Men -- Skin and Mondo are happy for him, while Monet gives side eye; Jubilee and Banshee were somewhere; Emma is also there to host the Hellfire Gala.

  • Dawn of X (2019): Chamber and Mondo are in this volume, newly resurrected thanks to the Krakoan status quo. In issue #1, Monet is seen scolding the M Twins, who have taken Penance form. In issue #7, new GenXers Quentin Quire, Nature Girl, and Eye Boy can be seen.

  • Dawn of X (2019): Excalibur is a magic-focused title with Jubilee in the main cast; Shogo Lee is shown from time to time, too. Maggott and Marrow also show up in the first issue.

  • Dawn of X (2019): Emma Frost funds the Marauders with her Hellfire Trading Company as they smuggle Krakoan drugs around the world. Gateway shows up in issue #2. In Issue #27 in January 2022, the last of this volume, Emma Frost reflects on how she came to be a part of and help build Krakoa, deciding to quit the Marauders and focus on others things that may not make Mr. Sinister very happy.

  • Dawn of X (2019): Husk and Bling! manage to show up here before this six-issue mini-series ends. They appear in issues #5 and #6.

  • Dawn of X (2019): This is the mutant CIA. In issues #1-#6 & $9, Quentin Quire of Gen. X Vol. 2 is in this, as is former Generation X villain Black Tom Cassidy (Quire doesn't appear in issue #1 and Black Tom doesn't appear in issue #4); both appear in issues #10-#11, where Black Tom shows up to rescue Quire's team. Emma Frost is in issues #1 and #4. Banshee and Jubilee are seen briefly in a group shot in issue #2. Gateway is in issue #5. Monet-as-Penance, Emplate, Banshee, and Emma Frost, are in issue #9 at a party at the Green Lagoon (Monet is at the bar with Maggott, looking like they might be a couple, Emplate is watching a Dazzler concert with a big guy, Banshee is drinking at a table with others and Emma is strolling in like a boss). Jubilee and what could possibly be Emplate appear briefly as part of a large battle in issue #11. Further appearances continue in issue #12 and beyond, but I stopped checking. Later, in July 2022, issue #30 featured Monet-as-Penance in a background panel of Deadpool talking at the green lagoon bar.

  • X-MEN/FANTASTIC FOUR four-issue mini-series will be the story of Franklin Richards, who was a ward of Generation X Vol. 1. Issue #1 featured Quentin Quire and issue #2 featured Emma Frost.

  • Title says it all. A team-up to save Storm. This is the first of five such "essential X-tales" meant to showcase great artists, with X-MEN: GIANT-SIZE - MAGNETO #1 (March 2020) being the second and GIANT–SIZE X–MEN: NIGHTCRAWLER #1 (April 2020) being the third and GIANT-SIZE X-MEN: FANTOMEX #1 (May 2020) being the fourth.

  • 2020 series. Issue #1, Bling! and Emma Frost are in it. Emma in issue #5, #7, #16-#18. Synch in #12 (Hellfire Gala) and #16, #18. Quentin Quire in #12 (he tries to stop the Hellions from crashing the Hellfire Gala). Others with cameos in #12 are Jubilee in her gala gown and Franklin Richards.

  • 2020 series. Issue #1 included Gateway and Quentin Quire as members of Wolverine's team as well as two former Generation X Vol. 1 villains, Omega Red (as a dark mirror of Logan) and Dracula (as Wolverine fights vampires in Paris). Quire is also in issues #2-#3, Omega Red (#4-#5 and #8, #11-#12), Dracula in #5, #11-#12. In issue #13, in a Hellfire Gala tie-in, Quentin Quire and Emma Frost both appear -- Emma Frost also appears in issues #14, #16. Black Tom Cassidy appeared in issue #16. Bling! appeared in issue #17.

  • Dawn of X (2019): This was Eye-Boy's 2020 book (issues #1-3, #5-10), but other Gen X Vol. 2 people who were in one issue each were: Nature Girl (issue #9, attending a concert), Quentin Quire (issue #10, Hellfire Gala), and Bling! (issue #5 -- part of a New X-Men reunion). Emma Frost cameo'd in issues #1, #4-#5, #10 (#5 was a nice introspective on Emma still feeling like she's failed the children when one of them dies), Jubilee and Shogo were in one issue (issue #10, Hellfire Gala, asking Kyle when there's going to be playmates for Shogo), M was in issue #4 as part of an X of Swords crossover (but it was only a short conversation) as well as issue #10 (Hellfire Gala), Synch (issue #10, Hellfire Gala), Banshee was in issue #7 (briefly, being informed that Siryn has died a lot recently). Speaking of banshees, this investigative book also included Siryn for seven of its ten issues, finally dealing with the whole Morrigan death goddess status quo of it all in issues #6-#10. Cancelled at issue #10 in favor of the "Trial of Magneto" event miniseries.

  • I stopped reading comics for a while, but as I understand it, Dawn of X crossed over into an event called Empyre and had its own event called X of Swords. Following that, a new status quo called Reign of X began, with Monet-as-Penance and Emma Frost featured in the main art.

  • This is one of the series that leads into the creation of S.W.O.R.D. Monet St. Croix as Penance is in it, along with Banshee, Emma Frost, and Siryn, though I can't guarantee they have any scenes with Monet.

  • 2020 series. Emma Frost was in eight issues. In issue #7, set after X of Swords, Mondo (first Generation X) and Quentin Quire (second Generation X) show up in one panel to watch the sunset and "remember Gorgon."

  • Placeholder for a reading list. The order seems to be Dawn of X, X of Swords, Reign of X:

    Following Reign of X, the Second Age of Krakoa will begin in 2022 with "Destiny of X":

    Destiny of X: This new era will kick off with new titles such as IMMORTAL X-MEN (continuation of Inferno), KNIGHTS OF X (continuation of Excalibur), LEGION OF X (continuation of Way of X), and X-MEN RED (continuation of S.W.O.R.D.); continuing titles: X-MEN, X-FORCE, NEW MUTANTS, MARAUDERS, and WOLVERINE.

  • Reign of X: (2021): Once again, I haven't been keeping up with comics, because of the whole Monet-as-Penance thing, but I have to mention S.W.O.R.D. First off, Wiz-Kid is in it as the head of the Tech Team and he was previously seen with Penance/Hollow at Avengers Academy, so clearly it's possible to get to Krakoa from there. Secondly, it also has Blink and Gateway, two Generation X side characters, as part of the Teleport Team for mutant space exploration. Wiz-Kid, Blink, and Gateway appear in issue #1 (and Wiz-Kid is in many more issues). Thirdly, Emma Frost shows up in issues (#2, #5), Banshee's in issues #2-#4 fighting symbiotes (and losing) as a part of Knull's invasion of Earth. Fourthly, Issue #6 at the Hellfire Gala is when Storm is revealed as the new Queen of Mars (Planet Arrako) and Arrako is declared by the Krakoan mutants to be the new capital of the Sol system, NOT Earth (June 2021); issue #7 is where Storm schools Doctor Doom on her supremacy via a dinner date. Wiz Kid continues to be an important part of the team until the series' cancellation with issue #11. The story continues in "X-Men Red" in 2022, with a focus on Storm's rule of the red planet formerly known as Mars.

  • Reign of X: (2021): Five-issue miniseries picking up the plot threads of X-Factor (2020). In issues #1-#5, Eye-Boy appears in his X-Factor capacity. In issues #1-#4, Synch appears as an X-Men. In issues #1 & #5, Emma Frost appears as a member of the Quiet Council. In issue #2, Synch gives a tour to the Avengers and Emma distracts them to keep them from learning Krakoa's secret of resurrection. In issue #4, Synch and Husk are among those fighting giant kaiju, while Emma Frost stands at the front of a group of mutants to hear Scarlet Witch's explanation of everything that's happened. In issue #5, Emma Frost threatens Scarlet Witch with death if she ever lets slip the secret of Krakoan resurrection, while Banshee helps a newly resurrected Thunderbird get acclimated. At the end, Toad is exiled (claiming he killed Wanda for Magneto and the Brotherhood) and Elysium Fields are created that allow Cerebro to scan all of time and space to queue anyone who ever was or would have become a mutant. As a result of Scarlet Witch's ritual, 20 million dead mutant souls were added to the resurrection queue and those who are still alive can enter themselves into the resurrection queue to get their powers back, too, just by walking into the Waiting Room (a pocket dimension between life and death), eliminating the need for a Crucible. Additionally, the story told at the campfire to the little kids about Wanda the Pretender becomes the story of Wanda the Redeemer thanks to the gift she's now given to mutantkind.

  • Reign of X: (2021): Five-issue miniseries in which some plot threads of X-Men #7 (concerning Nightcrawler's idea of a Mutant Religion based around the Crucible) are addressed again; another Crucible is seen, another story about Scarlet Witch is given to mutant children around a nighttime campfire, etc. just like in X-Men #7 back in 2020. In issue #1, Banshee, Blink, Jubilee -- Blink is a part of Nightcrawler's team (saying to Pixie it's no big deal to die and then come back), while Banshee and Jubilee are merely standing together at a bar scene; Legion shows up to comment on Blindfold's death due to their previous relationship in X-Men Legacy. In issue #2, M appears in a wordless cameo in her Hellfire Gala dress. In issue #3, Banshee and Jubilee appear next to each other in a similar wordless cameo in their Gala outfits and Emma Frost is seen hosting the affair. In issues #4-#5, Blink has a wordless cameo in a bar scene where everyone is manipulated into killing each other in issue #4 and then in issue #5 are resurrected, with no real characterization along the way. In issue #5, Emma Frost briefly oversees the sixty-three resurrections; she needed to do so because Xavier himself was among the resurrected.

  • Reign of X: (2021): This one-shot is basically issue 6 of Way of X. Blink (almost a Generation X Vol. 1) and Quentin Quire (Generation X Vol. 2) show up. At the end of Way of X, it was theorized by Nightcrawler that Onslaught is eating the little bits between a mutant mind getting recorded and a mutant mind getting resurrected, inserting himself to fill the gap. The idea at the end seems to be some sort of giant murder party called the Cruci-ball. Blink is among those saved early by Nightcrawler's and Legion's team, so she joins the team to help. Quire is merely among the large crowd attending said murder party. The end implies a future team called the Legionnaires, to supposedly include Blindfold among its members.

  • Reign of X: (2021): This was a six issue miniseries about a group of kids who dress up like the mutants they idolize. Maggott was in issue #1, to give the young ones props for taking down the bad guys and to answer questions about his powers. There's still a law against having teenage superheroes from a while back (Kamala's Law), so the young people do their best to avoid the cops as well. An interesting look at how young human fans of mutants in this Krakoa era are handling things. In issue #2, Storm sticks it to the Avengers over their law as it pertains to the "Young X-Men / Children of the Atom" running around New York City, while Husk shows up as part of Storm's team to break up the fighting (she even says a line to Toad, with whom she shared an infamous romance in "Wolverine and the X-Men"). In issues #4-#5, Maggott shows up again as part of the team that has to rescue the teens from the U-Men who want to take the useful parts of the "mutants" (not really mutants) and dispose of the rest. In issue #6, the Hellfire Gala happens and the following are seen in attendance: Banshee, M, Synch, Jubilee, and Eye-Boy (of Gen X Vol. 2), who shows the newly awakened mutant Gimmick around.

  • Here's where Monet-as-Penance has landed in 2021. Perhaps they'll explain why she and Penance are fused together once more? Or if this is just Monet's hidden Penance-ness drawn out via Krakoa resurrection tinkering. In the end of this five issue mini-series, nothing of consequence was revealed.

  • The nation of Krakoa decided they should elect their X-Men fairly and, amazingly, Synch ended up being one of the ones elected (in the previous X-Men volume issue #21, Synch was shown being promoted while Mondo and Skin congratulated him, but Monet didn't look pleased: Let's hope this 2021 comic can show folks what Synch is capable of.

  • X-MEN UNLIMITED: LATITUDE #1 in March 2022 will collect Chapters 1 through 4. Chamber briefly shows up in Chapter 4 captured by A.I,M. but rescued by Nightcrawler & Wolverine, at which time he blasts all the A.I.M. members at that Antarctica base at once -- and also Wolverine, unintentionally. Later, Nature Girl goes on a multi-issue one-woman crusade to save the planet from humanity in "X-Men Green," which ends in Chapter 12. In Chapter 18, Emma Frost is shown unconscious when The Human Adaptoid unleashes a psionic assault on all mutants -- in Chapter 20, Eye-Boy is shown as one of the ones still unconscious. In Chapter 21, M shows up to help out the Madrox-Miller family on their interrupted picnic, as Madrox is one of M's X-Corp employees. In Chapter 24, Cannonball shows up to help save Husk from A.I.M. (same group that had Chamber in Chapter 4), who also appears but is unconscious in a stasis tube until Chapter 25, when she busts out. Also in Chapter 25, she and Skin save Wolverine from a collapsing A.I.M. base -- and Skin has actual spoken lines of dialogue, talking to Wolverine and calling Husk by her first name Paige. Chapter 26 is a St. Patrick's Day special, addressing what happened to Cassidy Keep after Banshee's traumatic death in X-Men: Deadly Genesis limited series (issue #2 - 2006) -- it was bequeathed to Siryn (who was in X-Factor with Monet at the time); Black Tom also co-stars.

  • Emma Frost plays a key part in Inferno, where she's the one who tells Mystique and the newly resurrected Destiny the truth about Moira MacTaggert. She also provides the gun that allows Mystique to turn Moira from a mutant into a human, to prevent the universe from resetting when Moira dies. In the end, Moira runs and the Quiet Council decides to keep the truth of it all to themselves, with Emma having told them what Xavier and Magneto were up to all this time in conspiring with Moira. The story of the Quiet Council continues in "Immortal X-Men" March 2022, but this can be considered an end of sorts for the initial saga of the Krakoan era.

  • Devil's Reign (2022): Emma Frost plays the good angel to Elektra's bad angel for Mayor Wilson Fisk, who decides to clear out all vigilantes and may want to take down the X-Men's New York base, a giant Treehouse in Central Park. Synch also appears, since he's an X-Men at this time.

  • This is a 2022 one-shot devoted to the losers of the X-Men Election 2021. Former Generation X headmaster Banshee costars alongside former Generation X foe Marrow for some secret mission involving the Shi'ar somehow.

  • X-Terminators series that comes out on Sept. 21, 2022. That book will heavily feature Jubilee.

  • Placeholder for Hellfire Gala 2022. Although former GenXers Monet-as-Penance and Bling! were both up for the big X-Men vote, it went to neither of them. However, there's going to be a digital-exclusive "X-Men: Hellfire Gala Confessionals" #1 and X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic starting with #50 that features a Secret X-Men arc. Both of those should have both Monet and Bling! in them, along with the other "losers" of the vote.

  • 2022: A.X.E. is the latest event and includes some Gen X (new and old) cameos, including issue #4 when Monet and Chamber were pictured side by side in the psychic Uni-Mind.

  • Chamber and Husk have some great dialogue in issue #8. There may be some stuff with them in other issues, not sure.

  • Emma Frost was featured in a story, Jubilee reunited with her Aunt Hope in another story, and all of Generation X made a cameo appearance in Charles Xavier's photo album in yet another story.

  • 2023: I have a hard time keeping up with comics these days due to lack of interest, but I will note this particular time in Marvel -- after the Fall of X (fall of Krakoa era) -- where Penance/Monet was on a team where Monet was getting her revenge for the fall of mutantkind with Pyslocke while Emplate was on a Dark X-Men miniseries team. Penance's gravestone was imagined in the fifth/final issue during a speech by the evil clone of Captain America, but referred to Monet-Penance, who in this mini got into a relationship with Quicksilver.

  • 2023: I have a hard time keeping up with comics these days due to lack of interest, but I will note this particular time in Marvel -- after the Fall of X (fall of Krakoa era) -- where Emplate has some sort of debt to repay to Azazel on behalf of the St. Croix family (this connection was previously noted by Monet to Azazel in another comic) while Penance/Monet was on an Avengers unity squad called Uncanny Avengers. There's no explanation for why Emplate looks so Penance-fied in this mini, but there is a nice line in the fifth/final issue about Emplate: "Not all monsters can be redeemed."

  • 2024: Jubilee is in it. Dead X-Men by the same author as Dark X-Men, I think. There will also be X-MEN: HEIR OF APOCALYPSE in 2024 by Steve Foxe as well, which will feature Penance-Monet and may reveal more about the St. Croix family.