Generation X Vol. 2: Where Are They Now?

Generation X is back, but there's new kids and a new school... in fact, there's even a new Earth, courtesy of Franklin Richards and Molecule Man in the aftermath of Secret Wars (2015).

The new kids include: Nature Girl, Hindsight, Eye-Boy, Benjamin Deeds a.k.a. Morph, Quentin Quire, Broo (unofficial "honorary member" acc. to author Christina Strain) and Bling!

I probably won't bother to list the post-GenX adventures of the new kids unless I really like them, but will do my best to continue to cover the original Gen X characters' appearances.

List items

  • ResurrXion (2017): The next chapter in mutant history all begins with a super-cute page of Jubilee and Shogo back at the X-Men mansion in X-Men: Prime #1. They're also in a large splash page near the end of the issue. The issue ends with our very first look at Generation X's new school... which is the old school, the classic X-Mansion, but now relocated from Limbo to Central Park in New York City.

  • ResurrXion (2017): Jubilee is here to mentor a batch of new kids; Chamber shows up fairly often as a mentor to a different class of students (likely Future X-Men or Future Ambassadors, as opposed to Jubilee's class of Future Misfits). Monet St. Croix started menacing the students as the new Emplate in issues #3-#4.

  • ResurrXion (2017): The main reason Generation X fans may want to check out X-Men: Gold #1 is because it sets up the world as it currently stands when Generation X Vol. 2 begins. The school is named here -- The Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach -- and the Danger Room is said to be Ver. 10.3 at that time. Other than that, it's much what you'd expect... racism vs. X-Men being heroes and playing baseball. In issue #7, in a Secret Empire (2017) tie-in, it's revealed that the school is repurposed as a safe haven for any human or mutant in need of sanctuary, as Manhattan is besieged.

  • ResurrXion (2017): It's a brand new day but there's some old familiar faces on the horizon. Not only do the young X-Men take down old Generation X foes Black Tom Cassidy and Juggernaut (who gets briefly banished to a dimension that could be like Emplate's pocket dimension, but is referred to as simply Hell), but Emma Frost & Monet also appear in issue #1 on screens behind Magneto as two of his future targets for his team of X-Men, with Monet likely being one of the "comrades who have lost their way" since Monet was most recently on Magneto's X-Men team right before ResurrXion. To top it all off, in the Coming Soon section of issue #1, there was a panel of Chamber, Jubilee, Mondo, Skin, and Synch, meaning the young X-Men will meet some version of Volume 1/Classic Generation X heroes at some point. In issue #7, in a Secret Empire (2017) tie-in, Emma Frost returns, and then sticks around till at least issue #9.

  • Jubilee figures prominently in this alternate '90s/'00s version of the X-Men as they offer Spider-Man's daughter Annie a place at their school. The two-issue storyline is in issues #6 and #7. There's even a Sean Cassidy cameo in #6 and an Emma Frost appearance in #7.

  • Secret Empire (2017): Emma is shown in flashback in #5 stealing a cosmic cube fragment from Shang-Chi, then wiping his memory so that he can tell neither the United States of Hydra nor the Resistance who has it. This is the fragment she holds in her hand at the end of Secret Empire: United #1.

  • Secret Empire (2017): Although previously revealed in Captain America: Steve Rogers #17 that Xorn would be the leader of New Tian, it turns out that it's actually Emma Frost mind-controlling Xorn who leads the new mutant homeland. At this point, Hydra Captain America has taken over the United State and secretly allowed New Tian (northern California) to break away from USA so that the mutants will stay out of his way.

  • Secret Empire (2017): New Tian is also home to former Gen X friend Blink, as seen in a one-panel cameo when the Secret Warriors visit in issue #3.

  • Secret Empire (2017): The secret origin of New Tian was set up in issue #17, but it's not until issue #18 that the true status quo -- that of Emma controlling puppet leader Xorn -- is shown in this comic. Emma is shown in #18 listening to a dictatorial speech by Steve Rogers when the champagne glass she's holding breaks (perhaps telekinetically).

  • Issue #10 features a team from the future that includes Banshee, Husk, and Chamber. In this future, Chamber is able to reform his face and he and Husk are an item, kissing when they aren't fighting Brood or other baddies.

  • Marvel Legacy (2017): Cable #150 features Blink on the cover, but she doesn't actually appear until issue #151, where Selene pulls her out of a portal and says she's the secret weapon she's been sitting on for more than a decade. In issue #152, Longshot notes that this is not the same Blink from Exiles, supporting the theory that this is the Generation X version of Blink -- however, that Blink was working with Selene in the Necrosha plus appeared as a peppy 'porter in a previous New Mutants volume, both of which apparently never happened (or at least the terrible New Mutants vol. never happened) in this version of reality brought about in the wake of Secret Wars (2015).

  • In issue 1, Emma Frost is briefly seen in a flashback to when she was having a psychic affair with Cyclops and Jean Grey walked in on them. Marvel Legacy (2017): In issue #7, some weird adult ghost Jean Grey (possibly really the Phoenix) possessed Teen Jean Grey and flew to Emma Frost, who the Phoenix/AdultJeanGrey then attacked/possessed. In issue #8, it's revealed that the Ghost/Phoenix has taken Teen Jean into the deepest recesses of Emma Frost's mind, where we see a school with students (not Gen X; looks like the time period immediately after Gen X ended a.k.a. Morrison's X-Men book). There, Jean stumbles upon Emma Frost with Cyclops in that same memory shown in issue #1; she refers to herself in the third person as the White Queen. Jean finds a shard of the Phoenix Force that Emma had been keeping in that memory of Cyclops; Teen Jean takes it then Emma wakes up and calls Jean an idiot. In issue #9, Teen Jean is dying and Emma talks with Adult Ghost Jean, pointing out how Ghost Jean definitely doesn't have the moral high ground, but then Emma helps Teen Jean with her current dilemma, explaining to Ghost Jean how she kept that tiny spark of the Phoenix Force in her ever since she was possessed by it because she couldn't 100% let go of that power and she kept it in the memory of Scott because Scott was her love story. In issue #10, the Phoenix Force has arrived; the idea is to cage it, so Emma tries to help on that psychic front, but ultimately the Phoenix Force burns through the minds of everyone except Teen Jean, leaving Emma Frost in a comatose heap and Teen Jean dead at the end of issue #10. At this point, the story switches over to Phoenix Resurrection issues #1-#5, then will conclude in issue #11.

  • POST GENERATION X: Venomized #1 featured the school Gen X Vol. 2 took place in here named The Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach in Central Park, New York. At least two members of Generation X appear: Bling! and Eye-Boy.

  • Annual #1 Story released Jan. 2018.: The new Gen X kids (specifically Nature Girl, Hindsight, Benjamin Deeds, Eye Boy) made a brief appearance in this, chasing and/or being chased by a stork at the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education & Outreach in Central Park, New York City. Nature Girl got to say "Uh, this stork says she's got a special delivery for you, Ms. Pryde."

  • Banshee emerges from his coma in issue #13; this continues into issue #14. Apparently, Beast has had him available as an option for a while, but waited until they were really desperate to use him. When he first shows up in issues #13-#14, he doesn't say anything to anyone or respond in any way to anyone. In issue #15, he takes out a O.N.E. (Office of National Emergency) helicopter that's hunting the group and then flies off, allowing all but Havok and Warpath to be captured.

  • Jubilee returns to Madripoor, this time to hunt down a rumor of Wolverine with Storm, Pyslocke, Rogue, and Domino.

  • Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 reveals the team roster for the group of heroes dedicated to stopping Cosmic Ghost Rider (Frank Castle) from damaging the timestream. This roster includes Jubilee; she doesn't get to say anything, it's just a cameo. This is just the first version of the team, which gets wiped out almost immediately by Galactus, leaving Cable to time travel again and again, bring various other teams to try to kill Baby Thanos.

  • Five-issue mini. In Issue #1, Bling! is seen briefly; Cable helps her get away, telling her that it's important to the future that she makes it back to the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach, which she left at the end of Generation X Vol. 2. The school itself is also seen within the book.

  • Eyeboy and Bling! appear as part of the first meeting of a support group run by Nightcrawler and Domino. The support group is called "Mindfulness for Mutant Appearances" (MMA), a support group for mutants who can't pass as "normal." Other notable mutants there include Marrow, Maggott, Toad, and Stacy X, who is still depowered like she was when she was in New Warriors with Jubilee. Here, Stacy explains that any subsequent appearances by her where it appeared she was re-powered was due to makeup and body paint.

  • Infinity Wars #4 sees Loki visiting the home of the X-Men to see Diamond Patch, an amalgam of Wolverine and Emma Frost. Upon separating them, it's revealed that he has no need of Logan, whom he leaves behind to fight a monstrous beast, but takes Emma Frost with him. She is the first of five recruits, whom he uses to form New Avengers, a team that is actually more like Infinity Watch. Each recruit is given one of the six infinity stones to guard. Presumably, Emma Frost gets the Mind stone.

  • In Iceman #2, Emma Frost finds that her previously human brother Christian Frost is actually now an omega-level mutant. Their father was controlling Christian, but by issue's end their father is dead and Emma assumes control of Frost Technologies as well as keeping her powerful brother close by.

  • The title says it all.

  • CHRISTMAS 2018: This is a 2018 holiday special with three Jubilee stories (actually one holiday story told over four sections, including the Dec. 1 and Dec. 25 bookends), told by the writers of the alt universe "X-Men '92" book. There's also a sad Nature Girl story with art from the main artist of Generation X Volume 2.

  • Chamber and Jubilee attend a party hosted by Rogue and Gambit. Takes place before Uncanny X-Men #1 (2019; of a 12-issue series) and thus, presumably, before "X-Men: Disassembled."

  • Uncanny X-Men #11 (2019): Chamber takes refuge with the Morlocks after the devastating events of this series. This series seems to be what's happening in the main Marvel Universe while most of the X-Men and mutant students are stuck in the mutant utopia alternate timeline "Age of X-Man."