Favorites List: The Creators Edition

In the beginning, there just weren't enough favorite creators to justify their own list. Now, I'd like to separate the real people from the imaginary people who live in my head (Kidding! Or am I?).

List items

  • Original co-creator of Generation X (and Penance)! Therefore, near-singlehandedly responsible for my lifelong comic book obsession. He's got an old school sensibility when it comes to comics and, like me, he isn't crazy about these "modern" (of the year 2000+) comics.

  • Though, if we're being honest, it's Bachalo's fantastic '90s art that first drew me to Penance and Generation X, so maybe I should hold him responsible? Hehe. Happy to see Chris Bachalo's still getting work. Whenever I randomly see something that I think is just plain awesome, I find out later it was done by him. I've bought an entire X-Men arc just for his art (and because I thought my sis would enjoy seeing Rogue leading an X-Men team, but it turns out she's outgrown comics).

  • Generation X was one his first writing jobs and he did feature Penance fairly regularly during his run on it, but he never really stood out to me. He's known more for independent stuff, but now that he's jumped back into X-Verse with X-Men #30 and Ultimate Comics X-Men #13, both of which came out June 13, 2012, he's definitely on my radar! His portrayal of Storm in X-Men #30 feels like the first real Storm we've seen in YEARS and he said he's going to bring a GenXer into UCXM #15; combine all of that with the overwhelming praise I've heard about his stuff earns him a spot on my Favorite Creators list.

  • Not only did Gage bring back the Loners (Penance with them) in Avengers Academy, but he also did a fantastic job on Angel & Faith and brought Chamber back in X-Men: Legacy. He did research for Chamber that hopefully led to a greater appreciation for Penance and all of this will lead to some major panel time for her. At some point. Hopefully. We'll see. If not, we'll always have Angel & Faith!

  • The man responsible for the words in Bachalo's fantastically drawn "Wolverine and the X-Men" comics, I've quickly come to love his quirky, funny style. It reminds me of the early Lobdell-Bachalo issues of Generation X, but even more off the wall.

  • Not only did Mike Carey bring back Emplate after Generation X, but he also repowered Chamber through his excellent Age of X arc! I'm sure others have plenty of other reasons to like this guy's work, too, but those are the main things for me. Oh, and Penance made an archival video appearance in the Emplate arc, too, and got talked about. Carey didn't have to do that, but he did, and I love him for it!

  • The creator who attempted to fix Larry Hama's wrongs. He made Penance her own person and even gave her a mysterious moment of ice-carving that will likely remain unsolved forever. Or until I become a comic book writer (a.k.a.: forever).

  • Peter David does fantastic stuff, not the least of which was bringing Monet back and giving her a voice and regular team after Generation X ended.

  • Terry and Rachel Dodson created some of my favorite Generation X panels, excluding Bachalo's work.

  • Technically, Chester should be higher on this list. I mean, he brought Penance back in a big way, responded directly to my questions on Newsarama, and is the first comic book creator I got to meet and take my picture with in real life. But I hear that he eventually would've revealed Penance as having a new person inside of her (a move that would no doubt destroy the character once and for all; we need to leave that "shell" business behind) and (though he is loathe to ever admit it) really botched the ending of the Loners mini-series, delaying it in order to make it MORE open-ended in anticipation of a full series. That's not the way to end a mini. Also, I heard that his "hold" on the Penance character prevented her from being used in an arc by Peter David(!) and for years after the Loners ended. I can't say whether the Peter David thing is true, but I do know that he wanted to use Penance at some point and couldn't because she was being held somewhere and never showed again until years later in the Loners. So it's a bit of a mixed bag with C.B.

  • I need only search the word Whedon for some of my favorite creators and it's all thanks to this guy and a little show called Buffy: the Vampire Slayer (and Angel...and Firefly...). If we were talking favorites overall, Whedon would probably be Number 1 on any list, but we're mainly going by comic book contributions here.

  • Thanks to Whedon and a webseries called Dr. Horrible, I got introduced to Felicia Day and another great webseries called The Guild! She's my favorite geek celebrity.

  • Also thanks to Whedon and Dollhouse, I know of this geek chic woman. Long live Kilo! She gives back to the franchise by writing for it.

  • Co-creator of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, a writer on Fringe, etc., everything this guy does is awesome.

  • Dollhouse writer and all around cool guy.

  • Marjorie Liu is a creator I admire from afar. I like her stuff, particularly how she writes Storm, but I never really got into any of her main properties.

  • She's done some fantastic art, gotta appreciate.

  • See: Alina Urusov.