Favorites I'm Following

These are the favorites for which I'd buy a comic, potentially.

List items

  • My #1 Favorite I'm Following. Good Lord, I would follow her to the ends of the Earth (and, knowing comics, back from the ends of the Earth, too). I don't normally consider myself a collector, but I've made an exception for this character. Besides being just plain fun to look at, it's an interesting character that I hope Marvel uses more.

  • Ah, yes. Many was the time I'd buy a comic just because she was on the cover, haha. She's not as prominent as she used to be, though, making following her easier on my wallet nowadays, but I'm still concerned that she's purposefully being miswritten and pushed to the sidelines by writers who just don't understand her complexities. We finally got to get an ongoing starring Storm! Started July 2014.

  • Chamber appears in "Wolverine & the X-Men" and "X-Men: Legacy" (until that book gets relaunched in November 2012). Hopefully we'll see him in more stuff soon.

  • She's moved down the list a bit since she disappeared after turning into a vampire and supposedly running off with that vampire cult called The Forgotten. I hope we see her again soon, though.

  • Gotta love M. Or is that love to hate her? ;) Anyway, I bought some early X-Factor for her, but I probably won't get into it again unless it brings some of her family into the mix or it's a totally-over-the-top-awesome Monet-centric storyline.

  • Congratulations to Husk of "Wolverine & the X-Men" (earlier, "Generation X") for finally making a return to the Favorites I'm Following list. Thanks to her post-AoX difficulties and close proximity to other characters I'll follow in "Wolverine & the X-Men", I'll now follow Husk as well.

  • How could I have forgotten Felicia?! Oh, that's right, they only had that short (but tri-awesome) Darkstalkers series by UDON, which was never properly followed up upon. Still, if she's in something else, I'll buy it. :)

  • Dani Moonstar has been on my radar as a kick-ass fem for a while now, but never as a character to follow, since the New Mutants have never caught on with me, as a whole. But it was recently revealed that her Valkyrie powers activate in the presence of the dead, compelling her to collect their souls, and frankly, that combined with her being a leading female Native American character with super skills makes her worth following.

  • Like Dani Moonstar, Siryn has danced at the edge of my perception as a "cool female character, but not quite cool/interesting enough for me." Thanks to her recent upgrade to Goddess of Death and her long-standing status as Sean Cassidy's daughter, she's finally made my list.

  • Blindfold, originally a creation by Whedon, has quickly become my favorite of the new kids. I'd say I'd follow her anywhere, but wouldn't that be the blind leading the blind?

  • He's mostly wallpaper in "Wolverine & the X-Men" these days, but he's one of my favorites and one of the few students I'd like to see get more facetime

  • I didn't think I'd like Genesis as much as I do, but now I check issues just to see if he's in them. Hope he doesn't turn into a supervillain. If that happens, I'll stop paying attention to him.

  • Poor, poor Phil. I'm not really willing to buy his appearances as the Hobgoblin/Nora's stalker, but I'm still following the developments through websites. Let's see how it all turns out! UPDATE March 2018: to bookend his first appearance in Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man (killing Roderick Kingsley), Phil Urich has been killed in his presumably last appearance in Dan Slott's ending tenure on Amazing Spider-Man (Source: Amazing Spider-Man #797).

  • Lightspeed (Julie Power), Ricochet, Turbo, Darkhawk, and Red Ronin (Namie). Although they've lost most of their appeal since the exit of Phil and Hollow, I'll still follow their developments. Also could be included here: their nemesis, Ms. Fujikawa of Fujikawa Industries.

  • Well, if he was in something else, in the future, I'd buy it, lol. Also could be included here: his butler, D.O.A.

  • Well, if they were in something else, in the future, I'd buy it, lol. Also could be included here: their parents (Cartier St. Croix or Dead Mum) or their mentor Gateway (killed).

  • What're the chances of her or the rest of the Children of the Vault ever popping up again? Still, if she makes her return, I'd like to see it.

  • *General Dead Marvel Characters Page*

    I first heard about Echo on an online messageboard. I decided to look her up and discovered how awesome she was: swift martial arts fighting, deaf, Native American, and I liked her attitude, too. Not to mention, she's not bad-looking. As you can probably imagine from my top choices of Storm and Hollow, I'm drawn to powerful, interesting-looking women. So, Echo's a new favorite of mine. Really, really liked her in New Avengers #39 and it was a fair characterization of Wolverine, too, and they explain the Secret Invasion plot for newcomers, so it was definitely worth the money. Sadly, Bendis killed her off in his Moon Knight series. Just yet another reason to hate Bendis, folks. Originally placed at #7, she's been moved down as the chances of seeing her ever again are slim. Same goes for Wither or any dead-or-limbo'd Generation X characters, though the chances of that are so slim that there isn't any point in creating separate entries for all the dead Marvel characters for which I would buy comics.

  • Noa's cool. I'll buy stuff with her in it. It's a pretty simple formula. ;)

  • I stopped buying Street Fighter comics because they weren't in color, but it looks like that's changing: http://streetfightercomics.com/

  • I've bought a lot of stuff recently in the name of Sheena and continue to be on the lookout for more. Everyone needs a jungle girl, why not the one with an interesting backstory? ;) More recent volumes haven't been as interesting to me, though. I might check it out again someday.

  • Mostly done with DC Comics since the New 52, but I have this tradition of buying Supergirl #1 that I'll keep up as they continue to reboot the character.

  • Mostly done with DC Comics since the New 52, but I'll still flip through the occasional Catwoman book.

  • Mostly done with DC Comics since the New 52, but I'll still flip through the occasional Batgirl book.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 was a great success, but I think I'll be tradewaiting "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9" and associated spin-offs.

  • As gorgeous as the (albeit fictional) man is, I think I'll be tradewaiting "Angel & Faith."

  • Kaylee! That's right, I'll buy for Kaylee content, lol. My interest in Firefly/Serenity comics has dwindled, however.

  • I'll occasionally check in to see what Dollhouse comics are around.

  • So frellin' awesome, but there are so many comics that I don't really know if I want to buy everything, so I'll just put this here as a general "I might go out and buy Farscape today!" notice.