Mina's Music.

There is not enough I can say about the music I've found here. Where I come from, everyone listens to and makes the same kind of music, devoid of any negative emotions, pessimistic ideas, or political ideology. It's all nice, don't get me wrong, but... there just isn't much variety. That's why I'd like to share some of the music I've come to like in my time as a foreign exchange student. What a wonder it is -- and such creativity!

I have to say, though, that I find it odd that people pay for music here. Where I come from, that would be as profane as paying for sex. Though, where I come from, currency in general is a relic. Hmm.



The Loners, ftw!

I decided to make a little web video of my favorite comic book of the moment, using primitive Earth technology. I'm so proud of myself! Hopefully, all you other perfectly normal Earth beings -- and whatever else we may have living among us here on our home planet of Earth -- will find some enjoyment within it. I know I do. :)

((Video No Longer Available, but please, support The Loners! ;D))


My first entry -- Hello to all here on Earth!

Greetings to all. :) I am very happy to be here. :) (I hope my emotion was correctly conveyed by the miniature sideways 'smilies' I have displayed following each sentence). I am a foreign exchange student currently studying in America, specifically Manhattan, which is a borough of the Big Apple (it has another name but I think this one sounds nicer).

As is the custom, I have created an online log for those who wish to view entries about my daily life. Let me say right now, this is a marvelous custom. I think it brings people closer together. So, once again, hello all! :)

Upon the urging of some of my new friends here in Manhattan, I have taken an "online quiz" which attempts to pair me romantically with a famous hero of Earth based on several points of compatibility.

I must admit the results make me blush! My top result is none other than the Spider-Man and he, as we all know, resides right here in New York City! Oh no, what if he reads this? I would be so embarrassed.

My second result is a man called the Madman. I admit, I haven't heard of this man but, from what limited online materials I can find, I'm not sure that he and I are compatible at all. After all, I would prefer someone who is emotionally stable.

My third result was the Thing. The Fantastic Four, also based in New York, are internationally-renowned, which is always nice, but even so, I know nothing about this man's personality! Coming from a foreign country as I do, however, and having encountered many different peoples of all sizes, colors, and evolutionary backgrounds (in other countries that is, of course), I should inform the reader that his appearance does not disturb me in the least. (Point in fact, I think he's kind of... what's the word... the best word to use here... ah, yes: cute!)

I was rather surprised by my friends' superficial, shallow-minded reaction to his physical appearance. I attempted to correct their error, stating from past experience that what lies within the brain and the heart are more important than a man's physical appearance, but I fear they have turned a deaf ear to my plea.

Nevertheless, if I could in fact meet in person either the Spider-Man or the Thing, you can expect I would be evaluating their prospective potentials as life partners!

My friends, however, told me that the online quiz is just for fun, shouldn't be taken seriously, and that if I'm truly in the market for a life partn--boyfriend (to, in fact, distinguish it from a girlfriend... what exactly do friends have to do with this anyway?), I should be looking a little closer to my place of residence.

I assume this means I should be keeping an eye out for potential life partners in coffee shops and such? I'm afraid that, being from a different country here on Earth, I'm wholly unfamiliar with the way Americans find life partners! Any advice would be much appreciated, People of the Net. :)

Yours Truly,

Mina of the Big Apple, America