WANTED: Davian
WANTED: Davian "Stalker" Thule

Name: Davian Roboute Thule
Alias: Stalker
Height: 5'10
Weight: 182 lbs
Hair Type: Brown Short/Long
Eye Color: Light Green
Convicted Of: 2 Counts Armed Robery, Several Counts of Murder, Possession Of Weapons, Possession Of Pirated Copy Of American Gangster, Seductive Charm, Throwing A Pie At The President Of The United State's Face, Being An UnpopularHero.
Danger Level: High
Warning: Suspect Is Armed With High Caliber Weapons, Likes To Flirt With Females, Has No Respect For Authority, Will Throw A PIe, Genetically Altered With Several Special Organ Implants.
Reward: $250, 000
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I'm not sure why but he is the only villain which really pulls off the red and purple as an imposing clash of colors. Its that this costume makes a statement, at first it doesnt seem too "dark" and "evil" but after witnessing his power you cant forget his appearance.

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